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  1. I hope this post is allowed, I see other sales threads with non Tamiya items, if not please remove, thanks. Pictures copied from my Facebook advert, hence the real name not username, can upload new ones if necessary, or plenty of people will vouch for me as a seller. **UK SALE ONLY** Some more surplus items I am clearing out. All items include free UK tracked postage, but not PayPal Buyers fees if using G&S, bank transfer is also fine or cash on collection from the Kirkby Stephen. Willing to do deals on multiple purchases, trades I am currently looking for, powerful standard size servo, HW 1080, Holmes brushed motor, 1.9 Pro-line Krawlers, Hyrax or Trenchers, maybe some Element Enduro upgrades. TGH-HH Sherpa sport kit, with forward motor mount, dual servo tray and spur locker. Hard-RC links (will require custom panhard link) Vanquish Method 101s (the red ones, blue Bullys no longer available!) Holmes Revolver V3 2040kv Snubnose. Dravtech/Traxxas 96mm shocks, will require your own choice of oil. A few 3d printed goodies included as well and some carbon 67mm chassis braces. This now comes WITHOUT any wheels, I am also willing to split this if someone wants just the chassis kit or axles or something. Asking £500 as it sits, which is way less than it would cost to import/buy the bare chassis kit and axles alone. Vanquish Incision 90mm scale shocks, very lightly used, one tiny mark on a shock collar, otherwise mint throughout, will require your own choice of shock oil. £65. Brand new sealed Vanquish Incision 90mm scale shocks. £70. Vanquish Incision portal overdrive gears for SCX10III/Capra portals, may fit others. £35. 1.9 black beadlocks, can't recall the brand, they feel nicer than the cheapie Amazon/eBay specials, the anodising also feels nice. £40. New mocked up Axial Capra shocks, I've added a 6mm spacer inside so they are 90mm instead of 96mm, could be reverted back. Spare springs for tuning options. £40. Vanquish Method 101s in red, was going to keep these for my comp rig but eh, I'll sell 'em. Mint overall, few very minor marks on the outer rings, no marks on the wheels, fronts weighted, can easily be removed. £120. 1.9 Pitbull Growlers. Mint condition, mocked up, bit dusty but mint. Would benefit from some nice dual stage foams, current ones a bit soft. £70. 1.9 blue rims, not my thing, might suit your build, some hardware missing, but wheels are straight, tested all the threads. £20.
  2. Am I way off on price? Theirs around £200 into this build.
  3. Well I feel like I am at the end of my speed quests, having hit far beyond what anyone thought possible with this little buggy. I have hit 66mph on GPS, but it has more in it, I just don't have a suitable place to get more from it and other things need to take priority at the moment, I should say this is a UK sale only. So, it's a DT-02 chassis kit, running 10th scale buggy wheels, I forget what the bodyshell is, I know it's from another Tamiya but the model evades me. She's running a Hobbywing 120a, with a SkyRC Ares Pro 4.0t, Savox 0253 servo, no radio gear or batteries included, motor is currently held in with a single bolt to allow for a 20t pinion, the top of the spur cover has been trimmed for bodyshell clearance. I am confident this little buggy has 70+ in it, no question, with a long flat road. Theirs a whole host of original spares and such included, including the remaining 2 aftermarket shocks, I put them on the rear only because I got the fronts running how I wanted them. Theirs also a little custom made diffuser, which does a surprisingly good job of keeping the car stable. It's overall not immaculate, but nothing is broken, few screw heads have some very light surface rust from it being sat doing nothing for around 6-7 months, just being honest. This one is a bit difficult to price, so I am going to say £125 posted, theirs a lot more invested, not including my time.
  4. On another note, just seen Speedys post, has anyone else now taken this over, or has a fresh thread been created that I missed?
  5. Sorry I didn't see this. So, you just remove the top motor screw and run with a single one to fit a 20t pinion, this is allowed as per the rules. I don't know anything about motor timing though, I assume mine is still set to 0 or however it came from the factory. It's definitely nerve racking doing these speeds with a rwd buggy that was definitely never supposed to go anywhere near this fast, theirs also very little grip, the road isn't flat (has centre camber) but I've had some quite huge crashes with my buggy, some on video, some not, the worst I have done is smashed a wheel (which wasn't Tamiya branded) and broke a shock tower. Many slides on the roof did ruin a couple of bodies and mounts, but that's to be expected. I also broke my home made diffuser, but again, easy to replace, I've now made a hopefully much improved one and plan to get back out in the coming weeks and knock Stew off the top spot
  6. Yeah you are getting charged twice, it's why I don't order from RCmart anymore to be honest. I would contact either Royal Mail or HMRC and explain what's happened. Royal Mail have let me off with charges a couple of times, based on the fact they don't want to be liable to return the item safely. But it was much smaller amounts than yours.
  7. Up for sale are some surplus brand new sealed items. First up is a Castle Mamba Monster 2, bought for a 6s speed run car which I am no longer doing, so it's surplus. Retailing at around £145, I'm asking £125 posted. Next up is a brand new sealed Savox 2290, absolute monster of a servo, but just no longer needed. Great for such a wide range of vehicles. Retailing at around £120, I'm asking £100 posted.
  8. Another entry into RWD class with my Tamiya DT02 buggy. 66mph/106.2kph. HobbyWing 10BL120, SkyRC Ares Pro 4.0t, Turnigy Nano-Tech 3000 3s 30C, stock spur 20t pinion, Schumacher wheels/tyres, sorry I don't recall the exact ones, got them cheap on eBay. Not a huge jump in speed but pushing ever closer to that top spot!
  9. @speedy_w_beans - just in case you missed it above, my places need adjusting please from 58mph to 65mph.
  10. To be honest I'd rather just keep it than lose a fortune on it, I am around £240 into it so I thought for a basically brand new car £175 was fair. I don't do eBay either, too many idiots, would rather just keep it or maybe offer it as a roller and electrics separately or something.
  11. I would really appreciate if you could tag me or shoot me a message if they work good and fit and any modifications needed. I really need a more reliable solution. Fastrax is absolutely trash.
  12. Which conversion kit are you using for the hex conversion? I would avoid the Fastrax ones, it's very poor, the hexes aren't deep enough so you have to run washers on the rear and front of the wheel, then when you tighten them up the wheels become stiff and work themselves loose, then your steering goes all over the place. I use it on my speed buggy and have to tighten them up after every 4-5 passes. I wish there was a better alternative.
  13. I know some who are using this, not sure if it has the space/compartments needed but it appears to be bigger by the dimensions for more storage and nearly £20 cheaper too. https://www.makeitbuildit.co.uk/corally-pit-case-4-assortment-box-drawers-universal-precut-foam-92556?gclid=Cj0KCQiAkNiMBhCxARIsAIDDKNX8JTienoMD3QHoJbrZmRoWY12svTp9qdhWV9q4qN8-KH_oQy_iUiEaAhFTEALw_wcB
  14. Yeah it should, we used to bash them pretty hard, well, for the limited speed they were doing back then anyway. If you're still on the 380 I'm guessing you're only doing around 7-8mph maybe, so I wouldn't worry.
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