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  1. I'm looking for a cheap on road project, since I've got some electrics left over from a previous speed project and I'm kinda curious what they'll do in a more stable platform. Ideally need something as cheap as possible and I'd favour a TT-01/TT-02 kinda chassis. Inbox me with what you have.
  2. My entry, Tamiya DT02 Holiday buggy, entering RWD class. 48mph/77kph, sorry my speedo doesn't record .X HobbyWing 10BL60, Turnigy Trackstar 5.5t, Zeee 5200 7.4v 60C, stock spur 17t pinion, stock front tyres, I got the rears for free off a friend, there's no branding, they are approximately 8mm taller than stock tyres, designed for 10th scale buggies, hope this is okay.
  3. Here is Episode 3 of the Holiday buggy speed car project, in this video we smash the previous 43mph record... Okay maybe not by a huge margin, but on this chassis and body, it's a decent achievement! Hope you enjoy, subscribe to follow along with the project and wait for the next episode!
  4. So, a little fettling on the HB this evening after chucking the Kraton on the wardrobe in annoyance Lowered it 12mm more on the rear and I believe 18mm on the front, she now sits nice and low. I noticed last time out it seemed to want to steer left a tiny bit. In my haste, I'd added 2mm more spacer to the right, it was causing the steering issue, all fixed now. I've also gone up to a 20t pinion, since I was let in on a little 'hack' to have the motor only held in with one screw, it actually allows for a 20t pinion, winner winner, gone up 3t, that should see some improvement on the speed. I also noticed, really weirdly, my glue must be mega strong, the wheels is actually cracking all the way round on both sides but the tyre is still intact never seen this before!! Hopefully going to a new place tomorrow, I should be able to hold it flat out for longer and not uphill, like Episode 3, which is coming very soon! And added a lightened main drive gear, think it was 4g lighter, probably won't make any difference but well y'know... And added my freebie red wheelnuts, they add at least 5hp!
  5. I am enjoying the 2s challenge anyway for now I also have smashed that previous 43mph run, so be sure to subscribe and follow along She knows she rocks lol
  6. New body and mounts fitted today, along with a Schumacher mini wing, thanks to DMS Racing for helping me with one that would fit between the arches. Then tested out my new Zeee 2s 7200 80C and I have set a new PB with it AND an unofficial world record and that's going very slightly uphill as you'll see in the coming video and episode 3 of the WR HB project 😄 And my long suffering girlfriend has just said I can buy some bits and pieces on her, expecting it to be a few connectors and whatnot, I asked what my budget is and she said £299... New motor and ESC ordered for this, also on the lookout for some more buggy wheels and tyres that will fit it. I also really want to try the current set up on perfectly flat and smooth ground sometime, with no wind.
  7. Yeah, it's what I want to do it with, it's just a bit of fun really. Anyone who has the money could go and buy an Arrma or something and plug batteries in and go 80+ But to me that's not fun, overcoming the issues you face as you go along is the fun part of it for me I could also just put a 3s in it, but again, it kind of takes away some of the fun and challenge, but as I previously mentioned, I might go 3s once I am 'finished' with where I want to get to on 2s, just to see what the gearbox will take.
  8. Episode 2 of the world record Holiday buggy build. We hit a new record, not by a big margin, but it is forward progress! UK rain and wind isn't making it easy at the moment, but we will hit the world record, I have no doubt!
  9. That's some good information about the Fastrax adapters, it really seems rather stupid they didn't just make them correctly in the first place though, I guess it's a budget brand and all, I kinda expected them to need something, because of the unconventional way the Tamiya fronts rotate. Already drilled the wheels out so they do slide on, I will have a look for those shims and get some ordered. That will open things up a bit for me with regards to wheels and tyres certainly. Although doing some reading up a bit more on GPS and a few people have said they sometimes read a tiny bit low. One chap put two GPS's on his car, his Traxxas one read 65 and the SkyRC read 63, not a huge amount out, but still, when all I need is a couple of mph, that couple of mph might be screwing me lol. Might have to order a Speed Flea and run both, just to be sure and check them against each other. And yeah this HB won't be used for bashing again, once I beat the current HB WR, it will either retire or continue getting faster.
  10. So I picked up some of these bearing to 12mm hex conversion hubs from Fastrax. Unfortunately, they are quite poor, not a very good fit on the axle and not a very tight fit on the hex of the wheel, tried for several different wheels, they were all loose, my guess is it seems they are machined to a about 11.5mm then they 'hope' anodising adds the 0.5mm... It didn't! I took a quick picture with the new wheels and tyres mounted, unfortunately until I find a fix for the hubs or something, I will be running stock fronts and new rears. I think it looks really cool though! The extra height should definitely help me. I think set about work on the shocks, I have shortened the rear by 8mm, then added a 5mm bump stop, so they have very limited travel, I am yet to do the fronts, but will get around to it, picture below demonstrates the difference. The current wheel/tyre set up. After doing some more testing tonight, a new body and body posts for the rear have been ordered, because, well.... And I am very happy and proud to now officially be on the speed run list.
  11. I have a very empty road quite local, maybe 5-6 miles away, which could be a good location, the road isn't super wide, but it's just grass either side, so I don't think getting out of control would result in anything too extreme in terms of damages. It's also very good visibility and nobody really goes down it besides farmers, but the surface is still quite nice too, fingers crossed it turns out a good location. If not, there's two more potentials, both under 10 miles from home.
  12. I just need a better location, the road is too bumpy, but I was eager to test my new gps lol.
  13. Yeah man, I was quite surprised, super happy with 42, I think it has maybe another 1-2mph in the current set up, even more if I lower it down, get the shocks set up right and figure out a custom motor mount for larger pinions, but right now I can't. Although I have just ordered some front hex adapters, so I can run some 10th scale 'normal' buggy tyres and wheels, I think they are 1-2mm taller and they might balloon slightly more too which might push it to 45mph.
  14. The first speed run with my DT02 Holiday buggy, quite surprised at the speed I achieved, looking forward to messing with this more to squeeze more speed out of it, hopefully take it to a better more secluded location very soon. Hope you enjoy, feel free to sub 😃
  15. The footage of the speed run as promised, super happy. From my research, the fastest Holiday buggy is 47.3.. So 48 is now my current goal, if that is achieved, I will aim for 54, so I am in the top ten fastest Tamiyas in the world
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