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  1. Thanks everyone. I'm set with Avante and will place preorder for Terra scorcher then.. I assume Avante will come with ball bearings? so I just need radio, servo, and batteries/chargers.. if I want it to run..
  2. Hi! I've been lurking during the past 2 years on and off.. growing up with Tamiyas, I'm feeling nostalgic and wanted to get into building RC again. Back in the days, I don't have enough money to buy many kits, but I saved up enough allowances and gifts, etc for 1 kit plus radio-servo-charger-battery. heading to the hobby store that day was one of the best day of my life. During the buying process, I was so undecided on which one to get(too excited), mom had to leave me at the Hobby shop for the day.. at the end, I chose.. the Super Sabre - it was the newest and I liked the stance, the modern look, etc.. Kyosho Optima was a bit out of the range.. so while it was suggested by the shop, it's out of the question. I never regret it.. I build it from scratch, all standard equipment and had a blast for several years.. never get into racing either.. no $. Now.. I'm again.. undecided on Avante - Thundershot - Terra Scorcher - Hotshot back then, I don't want Hotshot as there are only 2 shocks.. and the body might be hard to clean.. Thundershot is similar to the hotshot line - so I liked it My main concerns are: what are the build experience for Avante and Terra Scorcher? is it better than the Shots line? or worse? in terms of difficulties, I'm very handy and don't foresee any issues.. I just don't want to regret the build that is too simple.. what I'm looking for a kit that build the whole thing from the drivetrain and around it.. just like the shot series... quite involved but rewarding build experience. As for the other items I need like servo, radio, bushings, place to buy on COVID-19 era(I'm in PA, US), I'll browse the other posts.. (or if any of you would give suggestions, that would be great too!) This will be an occasional use vehicle...sitting pretty at the shelf most of the time but it'll run on a nice day. Thanks and I'm glad to have found this forum!
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