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  1. Again, thanks for all the advice. I ordered a couple of brushless motors and ESCs from Banggood. Let’s hope they don’t take too long to arrive. Next question, the ESCs will have deans connectors. I have a number of nimh batteries with tamiya connectors on them. I know the cars will run better with lipos (I have one which I use in the Impreza) but was wondering if I picked up a deans to tamiya adapter, will the Nimh be safe to use with the brushless motor?
  2. Thanks for all the advice. It seems those 13.5T bluebottles are from China, so I’m guessing it’ll be quite a while before I see them. Is the Tamiya Sport Tuned a reasonable upgrade? Might throw one of them into my sons Dual Ridge for now. Or if there’s something cheaper and just as good/better and easily available, I’m all ears. Thanks all.
  3. I have been a long time fan of Tamiya RCs but up until about 18 months ago, I never had my own. I came across a used TT02 Impreza for sale locally with some upgraded parts, bought it and have thoroughly enjoyed it. My son showed an interest so Santa brought him a RTR Dual Ridge which he has really gotten the hang of and is certainly ready for some more power. I also rescued a Lunchbox that my older brother had left sitting up for 20+ years. I put all new electrics in it but tbh, not finding it that much fun to have out. The steering is all over the place, so probably needs a bit more work. Brief spec of each is as follows: Impreza - Racestar 13.5T 3100kv motor, Racestar brushless esc, DHK 9kg servo, tamiya aluminium driveshaft, 2s Lipo Dual Ridge - all standard RTR kit, includes Torque Tuned motor and TEU-105BK esc Lunchbox - Tamiya torque tuned motor, Mtroniks Auto Sport Tuned esc So this brings me to the reason for my post. I’ve just bought a TT02 Neo Scorcher kit. I’ve never built one so very much looking forward to it. It comes with the TBLE-02 esc and Torque tuned motor. Seeing as I’m used to the brushless motor in the Impreza, and the fact I find the Torque tuned motor in the dual ridge slow, I’m guessing I won’t be happy with the power. What’s recommended? I don’t mind going brushless, but are there any brushed motors that would be recommended? I don’t race these, just bash them around with my son, sometimes in the local car park but would like to get them off road a bit more. I’d like to keep costs down, so if I can get away using the TBLE-02, then great. Any other recommendations? I’m getting a ball bearing kit. I would have bought the Tamiya aluminium driveshaft but it seems to be out of stock everywhere. For now, the plan is to take the servo from the lunchbox and use it in the Neo Scorcher. It’s the one I got with the Carson FS X1 radio kit, which I’ll also be using. The torque tuned motor I put in the Lunchbox seems quicker than my sons Dual Ridge, is this down to the esc? I want to upgrade my sons motor, was considering the Tamiya Sport Tuned and will use either the Mtroniks esc from the Lunchbox, or the TBLE-02 from the Neo Scorcher if I end up with a different one.
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