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  1. I’ve sort of managed to get the cables in such a way that I can bunch them up enough to fit beside the receiver, it’s just the receiver itself that doesn’t want to go in there with the battery pack. Rather baffled. Unless the minor size difference of a 4xAA holder is really all it takes... hmm.
  2. I appreciate the photos, thank you. I’m absolutely stumped with mine, here are some photos of what I have. The pack I have only seems to be mm wider than some AA batteries squashed together so it doesn’t make sense to me how this still doesn’t fit...
  3. I saw your build thread, you’ve done a great job! I have a question for you about it though; how did you fit the receiver and receiver battery pack in there? I have a tiny receiver and battery pack and I’m really struggling to get it to fit and I’m not quite sure why, as when I had my original Nitro Thunder some 15 years ago I’m sure I had a gigantic Acoms receiver and 4x AA holder and everything went in fine but for some reason now, I can’t get it to go in there. I’m just waiting for a switch to arrive for the receiver and then I’ll be starting mine for the first time. It’s an oddly nice feeling to know I’ll be the first person to start it up ever haha.
  4. Nice work on the restoration. I do have one question; how have you installed the receiver and receiver battery pack? I’ve not long acquired a brand new one of these Nitro Thunder’s and am in the process of fitting new radio gear and servos, but can’t for the life of me seem to get the battery pack and receiver to fit in the box with the servo cables (even though it’s a small receiver and battery pack). With it never having had radio gear in it before I can’t seem to work out how to get it all to fit. Cheers
  5. Thank you. I didn’t, it came to me like this. I do remember the original Nitro Thunder wheels being red with knobbly tyres, so I’d imagine the original owner used the Nitro Blaster wheels with on-road tyres. I prefer it this way though to be honest, the white looks good against the blue body to me! It’s a 1/10 scale, but I believe uses certain parts you’d normally find on 1/8 scale such as the larger wheel nuts and drive shafts.
  6. Hi guys, I’m new to the forum but not to the hobby. I used to have a vast collection back in 2004 to 08 and used to race twice per week for several years before selling everything and getting on with other things in life. I’m now slowly getting back into the hobby again and starting with an NDF-01 Nitro Thunder that I recently acquired, brand new and never been run. Hasn’t ever had a drop of fuel through it, tyres aren’t even glued to the rims! I used to have one of these in my collection back in 2005 but never got round to using it properly; it never used to run right after buying it second hand from a fellow racer, not entirely sure what happened to it after that. Heres a few photos. Will be running the engine in as soon as I get the chance to and adding radio gear and maybe upgrading the servos that are currently in it. Not entirely sure I want to use it with it being in pristine condition, but we shall see! Was more of a nostalgia purchase than anything as I mainly used to race electric touring cars.
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