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  1. Are these what you mean by ‘rear diff outdrives’?
  2. Hi Guys, I’m after a little Help, I’m thinking of putting a 17T brushed motor into my DF03 (with NiMH). Do I need to change the spur/pinions or will the stock ones cope? I’m not wanting to race or anything but also don’t want it to break the first time I put my finger down.
  3. Evening All, After finally completing my Holiday Buggy I feel like another lock down project and wondering people might recommend. I would like another off road buggy, but not looking to race or anything just to have fun, and looking for something that will be a little challenging and provide future upgrade possibilities. And of course, not wanting to break the bank :-) Cheers All.
  4. Update for everyone. Through everyone’s help I diagnosed that it was a blown receiver unit. Got a replacement off eBay, which arrived today. Finished off the body and soon had running round the garden.
  5. Your probably right. I have actually managed to swap over the crystals into my other car & transmitter and they work fine. So I now know what needs to be replaced, the receiver unit. Do you need to match the brand of the receiver unit to the brand of the transmitter or are they interchangeable?
  6. Thanks for everyone’s help, I think I have at least diagnosed where the problem sits. I have another Tamiya RC car that I had built before, many years ago that I know works fine. I therefore tried the transmitter & receiver from the old car and plugged the ESC, servos etc from the Holiday Buggy into the old cars receiver, and hey presto everything worked. So I at least know it is the receiver (or the transmitter, but that all turns on ok) that is not working. Unfortunately the 27mhz crystals are different shapes so I can’t try swapping them over. Looks like it would be a new receiver, unless there are any other final ideas on how I could test the crystals or can you even buy replacement crystals?
  7. The only thing I haven’t tried is looking at the crystals. I have assumed that as it is all part of the same kit it would be correct. How would I check the crystals?
  8. I think you may be right. Even with connecting it as you suggest, nothing was happening.
  9. I had another go at connecting the x4 AA battery pack, with the main battery pack disconnected, but still no power anywhere, no beeping light. Do you think this means the receiver is blown?
  10. I believe so. I purchased everything together. The receiver came with the transmitter.
  11. I saw that post earlier, it’s how I found the forum. I tried the AA battery pack that came with the transmitter and that didn’t do anything. I even tried trimming the red battery connector from the ESC to ensure it fitted correctly. Still no joy.
  12. Evening All, Due to isolation I have decided to finally getting round to finishing my Tamiya Holiday Buggy that I started many, many years ago. long story short, when I have connected the receiver, ESC and the battery, turn everything on I am getting a continuously flashing LED (plus the alarm when the motor is connected). I believe this may be due to the receiver not getting power but everything is connected, and with a brand new battery. Can anyone shed any light on what I may have done or what is going wrong? if it helps the components are and all brand new: Tamiya TEU-104BK ESC Hitec HP-2RNB AM Receiver.
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