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  1. And right there is what you need to do, old skool!
  2. I will be interested to know how well those 15mm standoffs hold up..alotta leverage going on there. Don’t dismiss the AmPro stuff..it is 3D printed nylon, not ABS. And Shapeways does a great job.. I have been very impressed by their work and haven’t broken any of their nylon parts yet. If you can’t find the Parma parts, the Ampro ones are a close second.
  3. The Parma steering blocks are raised 15mm. A center mounted steering servo will help too.
  4. Welcome! I avoid Amazon.. Check your LHS first if you have one. Hobbywing is great for motors & esc’s..there are many more.. For your Lunchbox and other Tamiya builds, be sure to check out AMPro on YouTube and his parts at Shapeways. Great stuff!
  5. Hot of the press.. Just got the Quadtrack. Looks awesome! No plans to build it yet, but getting it while you can!
  6. Yeah, I like the Red Prince..working on two of them. I really haven’t tried out the Trinity sway bar.. That build is a shelfer, of course, and trying to keep it vintage. The new design does look like it would be more effective. I would like to hear what you guys think of it.
  7. I haven’t tried that one but have the Ampro along with a Trinity sway bar on my Hot Trick Monster Beetle. The Ampro piece is engineered very well to go over the screw bosses on the arm for more strength and they look a little nicer. I used a machine screw & nut like you mentioned.
  8. Not sure how I missed this build.. but, ****! That looks awesome Frog Jumper! It’s a Cyberman Frog! Ha.. I have Hot Trick Blackfoot and Beetle builds going..Don’t need any ideas for a third money pit! Looking forward to the body..
  9. How low you want to go? There are some 3:1 & 4:1 planetary gear reductions that will go on the end of a 540.
  10. I get mine from eBay..lol.. Maybe someone else can direct you to another source.
  11. You are off to a great start..especially with that MIP diff! I would also recommend aluminum steering blocks and rear wheel drive hubs. Then center mounted steering servo with bump steer corrections.
  12. Yes, the 5x8mm bearings are for the counter gear.
  13. I wouldn’t consider the 2.0 an improvement over the EP...they are just different. The EP is a slightly upgraded version of the EV, both using the single 540 motor and differential braking. It is better for going fast vs the twin 380 motored 2.0. The twin motor design is better for plowing snow, scale/realism and is more indoor friendly. Both vehicles have basically the same chassis and suspension. The motor and gearbox are the big differences.
  14. There probably is a minor balance issue with the tires but the rear is probably from the driveshafts being at such a sharp angle. Try raising the ride height and see if it improves.
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