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  1. It’s cool to see the H-pin tires again. Those will make a Lazer ZX-R rere a bit easier..
  2. The Coyote came in RWD, FWD and 4WD variations. That box pic is for the RWD version..
  3. This sale was too good to pass up, I ordered 3 sets. Been wanting to do a 6 track Konghead with 4ws for a while..
  4. I did not need to see this sale…
  5. I can help you out with one.. not a complete chassis but all the major parts.
  6. Received these tires today and they look great! ..and super fast service & shipping!
  7. These tires are available to purchase now. I just ordered 2 sets for my JJ Ultimas.
  8. Where are the details of the Black Clod? Is this a reissue of the “Limited Edition” one from a few years ago?
  9. That is a great video and it was an inspiration for my build..still unfinished though.. https://www.rc10talk.com/viewtopic.php?t=48744
  10. Wow..first time I’ve heard of non removable metal shields. Do you know what brand they are?
  11. I’ve been wondering the same thing..I’m getting impatient though. The #UTW015 JJ Ultima chassis tape/protector is in stock at Kyosho America.. I have a few of those on the way. https://kyoshoamerica.com/ultima-jj-60th-chassis-tape-utw015.html
  12. I’m still working on that! I would restore and shelf queen that Red Fox..it’s nice! A red Sharpie is great for touching up scratches on the red anodized aluminum parts.
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