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  1. Haha, no not fully original. Just original style hubs and CVD's. However I do have a re-released DS that I will keep original and eventually sell.
  2. Yes its quite negative. I wanted to show you guys how it looked. I cant adjust it any more because the CVD's will pop out. Most likely I will not keep it this way. I just want to drive it once like this and then I will go back to the original.
  3. I thought it would be cool to compare the old (Dyna Storm) with the new (TRF 201)
  4. Mostly finished. Just waiting for a speed controller and I can test it out!
  5. I will check this out. Thank you.
  6. Nice catch. Thanks Tom!
  7. Kinda what I was worried about. Also the stance is a off. I will upload some pictures with the wheels on. I will try it at least. I am not sure what motor I will use. I will start with the Pink Acto first and then move up to a brushless.
  8. So I decided to try a different approach with the rear hubs and CVD's. I am not sure if I will leave it but I will give it a go. I used 53793 Alloy Hubs and 53791 CVD's. Not so sure about the fitment. The CVD's fit but just barely. I will try it out and if it does not work I will go back to the original CVD's and hubs.
  9. Yes the front stance looks amazing!
  10. I started with the Diffs and Transmission. Next up was the steering knuckles. These are from Shapeways. I removed the old pin. Perfect fitment. No issues. Now to the front arms. From Shapeways as well. New bulkhead, Kydex bumper and Kickup Carbon shock tower. Perfect fitment again. P Front end sorted.
  11. Hello All, Like many of us I always wanted a Dyna Storm. So back in February I purchased this original DS. Due to its age alot of the parts were very brittle so I decided that I wanted to make a more robust chassis. If you are a Dyna Storm / Dyna Blaster fan and you frequent this site you would have seen Collin's numerous posts and you would also have seen all the work he has done creating re-production parts for the DS and DB. So I reached out to him and he made me a heap of parts. So over the past few months I have been slowly acquiring parts. I think I finally have all the parts I need to make a small build thread. Here we go...
  12. Looking forward to building this!! I appreciate all the hard work and help you gave me Tom. Once I receive all the parts I will put together a small build thread.
  13. I Love my XV-01. Great car. Looks like you have all the same hop ups I have. Have you decided on what shocks you will use?
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