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  1. Well that didn't take long. Cant start till i finish my set of shifts. Oh only 1 more day to wait then
  2. I believe it has a wheel base of either 210/225/239 mm
  3. Is that the OCD kicking in ? I must admit that i haven't done a single Box Art colour scheme yet. But may just stick with it for this one
  4. Just placed an order for 1 of these. Tamiya Renault Alpine A110 Monte 1971 M-06 Bausatz #58591 Wanted one for ages. Love the design and look of this. On the M-06 Chassis
  5. I use a company called Accu.co.uk They have all maner of screws, threaded bar metric and imperial. conter sunk, cap head, button head. All available in stainless steel and other options like self tapping and thread lock and also available in Black https://www.accu.co.uk/en/5-precision-screws
  6. After 3 weeks of stripping (walls) and generally gutting our bedroom back to Brick, floorboards and electrics. i had a couple of hours to myself to pick up the Bowler again. I must admit i got to a point where i didn't even want to start it. I was struggling with the magnetic body fitting. i generally know where to start but this had me stumped. I still am as i am not overly happy with the rear end sitting so low. Front end is good but without having very high posts with magnets on the back end is just bugging me.
  7. I went for these from RC Mart. $24,90 plus shipping. I like these on my builds but i don't drive them hard so not sure on long term performance but look great https://www.rcmart.com/yeah-racing-shock-gear-50mm-damper-set-for-1-10-rc-touring-m-chassis-car-blue-dsg-0050bu-00036295
  8. Tried a little detailing on the VW Karmann Ghia. Used Kyosho 0.4mm Micron Tape.
  9. A couple of things turned up today mostly for my Kamtec Bowler body, the wing mirror set and the wipers and one of the drivers (not decided which one yet) and some stickers. Some .7 and .4 body line tape for the VW Kharmann Ghia and some Black hex top screws.
  10. @Carmine A Thanks for the compliment
  11. It is a lovely bit of kit. I just thought i would treat myself lol. Feels great in the hand and can do a lot more than you think.
  12. Not really RC Related, but will definitely help with the ABS bodies and lots of other model trimming and cutting jobs.
  13. Thanks, yes just a mixture or yeah racing and Fastrax goodies. also got a great deal on the lights. I still haven't run it in anger lol i cant bring myself in case i bump it
  14. The Karmann Ghia was my second too build after the Land Rover CC01 and yes its a little more involved but if you just take your time i think you will really enjoy it. A bearing kit and the Dampers were 50mm that i put on. Definitley the trickiest bit were the decals around the lights and the window trims but slowly does it and i also use a hairdryer to warm them up. Dont try to rush it, just enjoy it.
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