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  1. A Rather Large Box Containing A Smaller Box At Last i have somewhere to put my screws, nuts, bolts and everything in between...
  2. ******. Will have a look for a TT02 R or similar with a 257 wheelbase, Any other recommendations ?
  3. Nice. Just had a TT-02 delivered yesterday as well but was planning that with the Mercedes AMG GT3 Body. May get a TT-02 s for the bowler
  4. Thanks. That was my 1st one in 30 odd years lol. still tinkering with it. just had some cheap wheels and tyres from china delivered so just seeing how they look. Also almost completed the VW karmann Ghia. Again trying to go with magnetic mounts instead of holes in the body. Almost there, Thanks for the info. will start the Bowler next week i think. What chassis you running your on ?
  5. Had my Bowler delivered Yesterday. What paint did you use on yours ? Not even decided on a chassis yet, so plenty of cutting and trimming to do here. what driver you putting in there ?
  6. A couple of Boxes waiting for me when i got home A nice box from Tamico with a TT-02 AMG GT3 Mercedes and a smaller one from Kamtec with a Bowler Body
  7. Finished off my Driver/cockpit for the Defender. Its a bit tight in there but i'm sure he can manage. Enjoyed painting the driver but think i'm going to need a Magnifying Glass if i do more
  8. Ita an m06. Its on my showroom. Its the VW Karmann Ghia Red and Black
  9. Thanks. All i can say is take your time. Cut carefully and best tip is to use a hairdryer especially with the curves on medium heat but not too powerful. was a great help.
  10. Bodywork all but finished, just waiting for a couple of magnetic body mounts to turn up to try out.
  11. An early morning delivery. Some great stuff to finish some things off. and a great Stand
  12. They were from RCMart and only 3 weeks delivery, Not bad from HK. They were fairly easy to put together and everything went together very easily and no issues. They included 5 sets of springs with different ratings. All colour coded and range from Super Soft to Super Hard. I went for the super soft springs but its very easy to swap out if you want a harder ride. I haven't run it yet and with this weather may be a few days before i can, There are easy to work out instructions they are Just an exploded view with everything marked. Would definitely recommend and at approx £20 a bargain, but dont forget to add on shipping. I always try to add a number of items to my orders so the shipping is worth while.
  13. Once I've built them today i will let you know. They do have a good look and feel to them.
  14. So tonight i installed the Yeah Racing Motor Mount and Gear Box Plate on the M06 and Tomorrows job is to build up the Aluminium Damper set Ready for the Karmann Ghia Body
  15. Not really today but late night last night. Part 2 of the paint done. Quite happy with the outcome, a couple of small bleed through's but wont be seen once window surrounds and decals are done.
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