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  1. Finished mine this week, first time i had done one of these kits , hmmmm what next
  2. Finished it in black , spray paint wasn’t bad but stickers are tricky
  3. Appreciate that, now just have to get up the nerve to do it , maybe wednesday as it will be a nice warm day and can spray in my well ventilated garage, with doors closed and hopefully minimal dust and low humidity, if all goes well i shall post :-) Thanks
  4. I got one a couple of weeks ago, got everything built up but now getting to the painting bit, I was thinking of just using the can of Tamiya PS-5 to spray the whole body, but this is my first attempt at a build and spraying so a bit nervous about it, any tips would be appreciated.
  5. Hi , yes i am a newbie, i bought the Defender kit , but rather than paint using the white roof and green i would like to use the supplied black paint PS-5 over the whole of the body , is this wise and is the supplied can sufficient ? Any other advice would be appreciated as i am at the cut and spray stage now 😊
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