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  1. I think it has more to do with maintaining control over your brand names. There's some legal precedent in the US that if you don't maintain control your brand name can become public domain. The Super Bowl is a great example. That is a brand and a trademarked name. Nobody is allowed to use that name in ads or on anything unless they get it licensed. So you hear radio/tv ads talking about "The big game" instead of "Super Bowl" because they aren't allowed to sell their stuff and use the Super Bowl name to do it unless they license it. If they didn't do this, the name "Super Bowl" would essentially become public domain and they'd lose their trademark. As usual, it's lawyers to blame for why we can't have nice things.
  2. King Cab and a FAV. I honestly have no idea why they haven't done either. Don't they see how well these rere's are selling?
  3. Ahhhh. Asiatees always throws a free bag of candy in the order.
  4. Interesting....I searched tower by their new stock # TAM58695A and shipment has been pushed to December.
  5. Has anyone received shipment confirmation from Tower? I see they removed the shipment date from the Wild One page. That means they have no idea when it's coming, or they exhausted all their pre-orders and are preparing to ship them.
  6. Places are not supposed to charge you until they ship the product. Yeah I'd cross that store off the list. Tower hasn't pushed their WO Blockhead pre-orders to December yet which I suppose is good news considering they already pushed the Super Avante to December.
  7. Cool thanks for the info. That's about 2.5 hours from me so not terribly convenient but I do have to travel to Jersey City every once in a while for work and this might make a decent pit stop.
  8. Mike, where in PA are you that you have a LHS that sells Tamiya?
  9. Absolutely. Didn't we see someone on the board here who already got one? How? Plus you'd think they'd be available from the HK online shops but they aren't. I am 99% sure the ones headed for the US are sitting on a container ship off the coast of CA.
  10. Ugh....Tower just pushed their ship date to Dec. It's barely November. Not looking good for xmas to be honest.
  11. Second. I have gotten two kits from there, including an Avante recently. Both shipped the same day I think. Solid outfit.
  12. Is the TBLE-02s really that bad? I'm a very causal builder/driver and I don't mod much and I'm still straight Nimh and brushed so I've never needed anything other than the stock ESC. I did get 2 hobbywing 1060 for kits that lacked ESC as they were cheaper than a Tamiya ESC.
  13. I could go along with that. I didn't notice it includes bearings, so that's cool and I guess Tamiya considers this a higher end kit based on that. And being consistent with that, it doesn't include ESC and/or motor. Still annoying.
  14. I'm tired of the trend of no ESC and no motor being included. Many people build shelf queens or add kits to their stable 8+ cars and don't race/run them a ton. Why not throw an ESC and 540 in so a majority of your customers can run it out of the box?
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