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  1. Lol I already got a super hot shot, ironically from a hobby shop in Ontario Canada about 6 months ago because the exchange rate is favorable and nobody else had any stock. The shipping negated much of the exchange rate savings but whatever. it's just a general rant that the place that has artificially high prices to protect hobby shops is the only place that has stock. Take the Novafox which I also already have. None of the main US online shops ever had pre-orders or even a mention of the Novafox on their websites. None of the hobby shops within 2 hours of me ever had stock, and I'm not sure they ever had any opportunity at getting stock. But there it is on TUSA website for almost $300, in stock. It's just fishy to me. And asking $822 for an egress that nobody else ever had either. Something just seems really broken.
  2. It just seems to be price gouging to me. Of the few kits that both Tower and Tamiya USA have, Tower is at least 30% cheaper, and that's before the coupon. If every place was asking almost $500 for a Fighting Buggy, then I wouldn't have much to complain about. But only Tamiya USA is asking that price. $822 for an Egress when they were in stock. $570 for the upcoming TFE. $482 for a Super Hotshot. Those aren't normal prices. And I understand they are artificially high to protect hobby stores. But the hobby stores aren't even getting the kits. So there's a problem somewhere. TUSA is hoarding all the stock that comes into the states, in which case they are doing the exact opposite of protecting the LHS and online retailers. Something is fishy and not adding up.
  3. I am so fed up with Tamiya's nonsense regarding kits in the United States. I honestly don't know who's fault it is, but Tamiya USA is the only place in the US to get several kits, but they are at absolute extortion prices. I understand Tamiya USA is supposed to 'protect' LHS and US based online retailers, but between Tower/Amain/Fusion, or any of the local shops near me, none carry most of the kits that Tamiya USA is hoarding and charging ridiculous prices for. If Tamiya USA is the only place in the US where you can buy a Super Hotshot or a Novafox, who are they protecting with these high prices? Why can't anyone else get stock of the kits that seem exclusive to Tamiya USA? Total BS...
  4. Same here. Really had my hopes up with Tower. I got super lucky though and found someone on a tamiya FB group selling a NIB WO with a couple extra goodies for $400 shipped. Jumped on that immediately. Super super lucky.
  5. I see Modelsport has them listed for $459. All the ones I can find on ebay are $800 USD. Guess I'll try and wait it out.
  6. One thing that bothers me about Tamiya is their absolute secrecy. Why not be transparent to your customer base? Tell us how long a production run for a re-re might be. Tell us where you are planning to ship them. Or at least tell the country specific distributor what the badword is going on so they can answer people's questions. Tamiya isn't making nuclear weapons here. You can a little more upfront with your supply chain.
  7. Does ANYONE know when the Egress will be available? I can't even find a pre-order anywhere. Was the announcement of the Egress re-re total BS?
  8. That always blows my mind. Maybe its why I have accumulated so many kits....because when I was a kid, scrounging enough money together for a new battery was a challenge (all my kits were xmas presents). But now things are so affordable to me I am kind of making up for a lot of the kits we couldn't afford.
  9. I have a couple that have been pilfered for ESC/servos, but that's the only reason they would be in non-running condition. For example I picked electronics out of my Plasma Edge to make my Top Force run as it came with no ESC so I thought it was a noble thing to do. I'll get around to ordering some more electronics, but it's pretty scarce out there and I refuse to order from anyplace on ebay that ships from China. Could be 3 days or 3 months.
  10. I will but it might be a little while. Still working on a super astute I got a few weeks ago. I finally have a backlog of two unbuilt kits. I have a novafox and now a wild one waiting.
  11. FINALLY got my hands on a Wild One re-re. I had one backordered through Tower last year but they went discontinued and I never got it. Ebay prices are ridiculous. Guy on a Tamiya FB group was selling his completely unassembled for $400 shipped within the US. Grabbed it within minutes. Comes with a few extra goodies too. That's about as best a price as I will find until/if they re-re it again.
  12. Where from? Tamiya USA at $822 is now sold out, so someone bought their stock up.
  13. I think Tamiya needs to stop announcing re-releases until it can actually get batches of previously announced re-releases into people's hands.
  14. Apparently there's a major issue/delay with container shipping out of China/Japan. Container shortage or something is affecting all of these shipments.
  15. Tamiya USA. That's the only place I see it available.
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