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  1. Just ordered a pair. One will go on my MIP diff re-re blackfoot and the other on my soon to be Frog resto project. Looking forward to them!
  2. That’s a good point. There’s currently a vintage frog chassis minus electronics and body at a Buy it now price of $278. Absolutely insane and it won’t sell. Similar rolling chassis have been going for $60-$80. I don’t even know why someone would put that listing up. Could almost buy 3 re re frogs for that.
  3. I have just not personally found that to be the case, at least during this pandemic. Ebay prices are crazy, especially on vintage chassis with a ton of missing/broken parts including body. People are paying a premium for very little and if they restore it, half the parts are new/re-re parts and they likely spent more than the actual re-re. I’m trying to dive into some restoration and the pricing is ridiculous.
  4. Ahhh, I meant online. Jealous you even have LHS. I don’t here stateside.
  5. Luckily I can work from home. But I am currently battling my better half over what to stockpile. She wants to stockpile rational things like canned food, dried foods and paper products. I want to stockpile kits.
  6. Yeah I want at least 3 NIB kits at home this winter to build. Probably end up with 4-5
  7. I am doing this with kits. It’s a bit more expensive...
  8. UGH Asiatees jacked up their shipping rates. 6-7 weeks ago I got a kit for $39 shipping. Now it's $70. What the heck??
  9. Pardon mi ignorance, is that a vintage Avante, or a re-re or Avante black?
  10. I'm thinking of diving into my first restoration project. I had a Blackfoot growing up and bought and built a rere so that is probably the platform I am most familiar with. So I think I'll start with a Frog and either do a box art Frog or a Brat since I'm also a huge subaru fan. I am looking at several different parts/salvage ones on ebay that will need some parts sourced. Wondering if there are any parts that are particularly hard to get these days. Like should I shoot for a listing that has a gearbox because they are hard to find, etc etc. Any advice...appreciated.
  11. Would be interesting to see sales numbers for some of the reres. Like how many terra scorchers have they made and sold? Is it hundreds? Is it thousands?
  12. I didn't go through the motions at rcjaz, but I have had $39 shipping recently from Asiatees on a Manta Ray and a Top Force as well. I did find a place in Canada that can get me the Super Hotshot for $300 USD after conversion which isn't bad, luckily the USD is strong against the CAN. It's $240 with $60 for shipping+taxes. Might be the best deal I'll get.
  13. First, I really doubt Tamiya is re-releasing the Vanquish, or any car simply out of fan service. They are in business to make money. They feel the Vanquish would provide profit for them. Great. It just does rub some hobbyists the wrong way when some models are financially out of reach. In addition, Tamiya prices in general just seem to be rather random and subjective so people will question them.
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