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  1. Trying to swap motor in my sons racing fighter. But the motor screws are now stripped. I used 6mm butt cap screws instead of the original screws and every hex key I try strips. I have tried to drill but is there any other option? They are flush so I can grab them with a vice grip or anything.
  2. I wouldn’t hold my breath. Unless there’s a container ship in the Pacific right now loaded with Tamiya kits headed for the west coast, there won’t be any new kits for a while. As far as I know Tamiya Japan is still shut down.
  3. Ahhh crap I didn’t see this in time. I did 5 coats then did a few coats of black. It looks ok. But my daughter was expecting purple based on Tamiya’s site and the can top. It does look kinda cool and will be interesting to see it running out in the sun.
  4. Whew...I'm glad I found this post. I am 3 coats onto my Manta Ray with ps-46 and it looks like I've done nothing. Should I go for 4-5 coats?
  5. Yeah it has and it's been spaced out nicely which makes sure you always have something to do, something to wrench on. The Novafox and Top Force aren't here yet. Top Force is sitting in New Jersey waiting to get through customs and the Novafox, well I can't really track it. It's either in Frankfurt, Germany (Bought from tamico) or left Frankfurst and is sitting in customs somewhere. DHL tracking is really goofy, especially with the German DHL post paket or whatever it was. DHL US can't help track it. So when they come they come I guess. Right now finishing up the body of the Manta Ray painting it purple for my daughter.
  6. Rere Blackfoot, tt-02 subaru 99 wrc, manta ray, top force and a Novafox. Plus a radio, Receivers, painting supplies, and a bunch of hop ups like CVAs, drive shafts, high speed gears, Motors and some replacement parts for my sons dt-03. Bearing kits etc etc. Actually it might be more than $1,000 USD.
  7. If you can find a Monster Beetle, get one. I know there are a few MB Black editions still available out there and maybe an odd "original" red body one. Can't go wrong with either one. If you're in the US, Tower Hobbies has a red monster beetle in stock right now and with a coupon it'll be like $175 shipped at most. Grab a bearing kit and the MIP ball diff and you're good to go. I built a rere-blackfoot recently with the MIP ball diff. I've run it several times and only when my son did a head-on crash with his racing fighter to my blackfoot did one of the rear axles pop out. For me it's not a chronic problem although in looking at them the axles do sit very shallow in the drive cups so I can see why it's a problem. I've done some jumps and bounced around a lot but until that violent collision, the axles stayed in.
  8. Yeah I struggle with curvy stickers and certainly could not get tape to curve. I'm gonna give it a shot today. Worst case I rip off the tape and start again but likely I'll wait for my 2mm, 6mm, and 10mm tape to show up and do it that way.
  9. lol....a pre-painted body on a hornet chassis. Pardon me while I throw up.
  10. Lockdown nostalgia has cost me around $1,000 USD
  11. Wonder how long any potential rere's will be considering Tamiya Japan has been shut down on and off for a few months. They are way backed up on existing kit orders as it is. Will be interesting to watch it unfold...
  12. Kicking myself for not grabbing one of these when they were available on Tower with coupons. I do have a Top Force coming but now I want a higher end 2wd car. I might wait a couple weeks and snatch one off ebay or something. Is the Super Astute verified to be discontinued?
  13. Question for anyone in the US who has received a kit from Tamico in the last few weeks/months...were you able to track the package after it arrived in the US? The last thing I have for the DHL tracking number provides is: "The consignment is transported to the destination country / destination area and handed over to the delivery organization." Sounds like it's here in the states, but no longer being tracked. That was over a week ago. I have no idea how to track it in the US.
  14. Do you use a hobby knife to score the frog take around the cockpit. I assume you have to be super careful not to score the Lexan body? I can build kits allllll day long but cutting out and painting bodies has always been a struggle for me. They usually come out ok but it's a process I don't really love too much.
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