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  1. I hate how secretive Tamiya is and how they don't appear to listen to their customers at all. Everything is a big mystery, decisions made by some shadowy execs in some unknown office in Tokyo.
  2. I hate it too. It's ugly and super fragile. I am 100% convinced the only people who like it are ones who had it as a kid who forgot how much of a POS it was. It would sell very poorly if it was rere'd.
  3. Even then I'm not sure. The body is on it for display. You won't even see the electronics. What's the point?
  4. Putting period electronics in cars is ridiculous. Period electronics absolutely sucked. Manual ESCs were terrible, servos were wonky, and crystals? Give me a break. Do the same people also keep black and white TVs in their home? I feel like it'd be the same thing.
  5. Just got notification from Tower that my HS2 BH shipped today. Love those unexpected emails. Hope you all get yours soon!
  6. Boomerang finally up for pre-order on Tower. Only $170 USD. Not bad at all. Cheaper than the Frog.
  7. I would think you're mostly right. I just don't see many/any kids getting into RC hobbies. We all try to expose our kids but how many is that? When we were growing up you could drive around town and see kids driving RC cars all over the place. Now you don't even see kids outside, let alone using RC stuff. I just don't see how most of the hobby survives past about 10 years from now. You have to have new blood into these things to keep it going.
  8. I'm pretty sure I have to drive at least an hour to find a hobby shop that will carry a Tamiya kit. I haven't been in a hobby shop since probably 1992. That was to order a parts tree for my Astute.
  9. Are the hotshot and hotshot II body sets the same? Wondering how easy/hard it would be to turn this into a vintage looking HSII
  10. It takes away everything that made the Hotshot II look so awesome. This might as well be a Supershot.
  11. Surprised there isn't more enthusiasm around the hotshot II. That's one of the kits that always comes up when folks are asked what re-re they want. It's right up there with king cab and falcon. Is it because of the livery and color changes to parts?
  12. Just email them and they'll apply the right coupon.
  13. I had a blackfoot growing up. Bought a rere blackfoot and restored a Frog. I have a handful of unbuilt kits but I think the MB will be my next purchase and build to bash. Such a great, iconic car.
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