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  1. Even with there being virtually no kits available on the market? People may tend to pay over what you'd think just to get something into their hands. I don't know...
  2. Try zoom room hobbies in Ontario. They have a vqs in stock. I’ve gotten a few kits from those guys. Awesome to work with. Fast shipping too.
  3. Think I'm going to go with the Aqroshot. It's the dt-03 chassis which is great because I already have two spare chassis and other parts won't be hard to get if I need them. It's on sale at Tamiyausa and in stock which I can't say for hardly any other kits. It'll take an upgraded 17t motor which I already have so he can get some speed on it without a higher center of gravity like on a lunch box. It's $30 cheaper than the Nissan Titan and while I don't love the aqroshot body, I think it's perfect for a 12 year old. Sleek, aggressive, and fun. And he can paint it and screw it up and I won't care!! But I think he'll love it. Appreciate the info and suggestions, especially the Lunch box. But I have to say once I can easily find a Lunch box, I'll buy it for myself and build it. Never did one before.
  4. Tower was never this bad even during the height of the pandemic. TamiyaUSA has a few but their list prices are brutal.
  5. Maybe the aqroshot? I have spare DT-03 parts, including a chassis. On sale for $140
  6. And the parts availability will be there. Not that it won't with a hornet/hopper/lunch box.
  7. Son REALLY wants to build a car for xmas on his own, no help. I'm in the states so my options are a little limited with Tower being sold out of just about everything. I am torn between going old school or newer. I could do the hornet/grasshopper/rising fighter/super storm dragon. Or maybe a Lunch box. He has a Racing Fighter that I built him a few year ago that he likes to drive so he has a DT-03. I am worried about a hornet/hopper being slower and more boring for him since he can drive his racing fighter. I have two TT-02s (plasma and subaru wrc) as well as blackfoot, manta ray, top force, zahhak, super hot shot, a resto frog. Was looking at the 1/12 Nissan Titan dt-02 since Tower has it in stock (at the moment). There's a couple other US shops I can look at but stock is pretty hard to come by. So I guess the question stands...can I do better than the Titan DT-02 for him for his first build?
  8. NO! They just pulled the rug out from under me with the Wild One. I’m not paying ebay prices for one. Guess I’ll have to wait with a hole in my shelf.
  9. lol I have gotten all the cars I REALLY wanted except for the Wild One. Now I'll move onto the "Guess it would be nice to have" cars. Probably a Fire Dragon since I had one as a kid. But I have a pretty good representation of Tamiya cars at the moment. I am missing a hornet/grasshopper though.
  10. Ugh this was the last car I really wanted and I’ve been waiting since early June. At least I got my super hotshot.
  11. Not bad! They are consistently $200 USD here. Not sure that gets you an ESC or not. I’ve almost bought one several times simply due to inventory of other cars.
  12. Might grab one. It was the last car I got and built/drove before I got out of the hobby and started chasing girls.
  13. What's odd is the Vanquish re-re was announced after the Novafox was announced to be re-re'd again or just manufactured again or whatever, and Tower has the pre-order for VQS already but no sign of the novafox.
  14. Get in line for the King cab. Starts right behind me As for Mud Blaster, maybe they aren't re-re every single iteration of each chassis. Maybe, just my thought. Or maybe it didn't sell that well when it was originally released? We do have 4-5 kits with the ORV chassis. You could easily build a mud blaster I think. Not quite the same as a NIB kit, but close enough for some.
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