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  1. lol I have gotten all the cars I REALLY wanted except for the Wild One. Now I'll move onto the "Guess it would be nice to have" cars. Probably a Fire Dragon since I had one as a kid. But I have a pretty good representation of Tamiya cars at the moment. I am missing a hornet/grasshopper though.
  2. Ugh this was the last car I really wanted and I’ve been waiting since early June. At least I got my super hotshot.
  3. Not bad! They are consistently $200 USD here. Not sure that gets you an ESC or not. I’ve almost bought one several times simply due to inventory of other cars.
  4. Might grab one. It was the last car I got and built/drove before I got out of the hobby and started chasing girls.
  5. What's odd is the Vanquish re-re was announced after the Novafox was announced to be re-re'd again or just manufactured again or whatever, and Tower has the pre-order for VQS already but no sign of the novafox.
  6. Get in line for the King cab. Starts right behind me As for Mud Blaster, maybe they aren't re-re every single iteration of each chassis. Maybe, just my thought. Or maybe it didn't sell that well when it was originally released? We do have 4-5 kits with the ORV chassis. You could easily build a mud blaster I think. Not quite the same as a NIB kit, but close enough for some.
  7. I just did that with a roller Frog project I completed. Man what a mess that was. Wrong screws used everywhere. And whoever built it didn't trim a single plastic nub off any parts tree part. I couldn't believe it. For a resto project I kind of expected it though. But it was worse than advertised.
  8. Same here. I REALLY want a Wild One and there's a built but never run specimen on ebay for a decent price but I refuse to buy a built car. I have to build it. That is 90% of the fun for me.
  9. Not a tip but a question: Why does it seem like 95% of the time that you drop a part or a screw/washer/nut, it rolls UNDER your workbench instead of out onto the floor where it's easy to find and retrieve? You would think my floor was on a 45 downward slope with the propensity of parts to roll away and under my bench.
  10. I would just be a little patient. Tamiya is just ramping up manufacturing and they are putting out kits as fast as possible. We know the Novafox is not discontinued. Just the opposite. But I’ve been waiting months for kits that keep getting pushed back at Tower. I ordered a Wild One in early June and the date has been pushed from late June to late July to currently late October. The kits will come in.
  11. The VQS is a new rere yet to be released. The Avante is just basically manufacturing more of an already released re re. You should be able to backorder one though.
  12. I know this is a bit old but I experienced the same thing with my super hotshot rear gear box. If I crank down the two acres that hold it together the diff won’t move. I have to back off, especially the machine screw with bolt on the bottom like a full turn and a half and the diff frees right up and is smooth. Since that screw using gel thread lock I’m not too worried about back it off a little. Any adverse effects of this? The gearbox is still solidly together and not loose, I guess it just needed that little bit of relief.
  13. I totally get protecting the local hobby stores. So why aren't isn't TUSA the last to get inventory? Why did they get Novafox well before anyone else in the states did (I'm assuming). I don't see it for sale anywhere else.
  14. Not exactly today, but finished my NIB zahhak build and body as well as a full restore of an original Frog. Bought a roller off ebay with no body, no driver, some missing parts, a busted spur gear and unknowingly two cracked rear arms right where the suspension screws in. Many of the screws were wrong and none of the plastic nubs were shaved off. So did a whole tear down. Shaved all the excess plastic nubs. Replaced all bushings with bearings. Sourced some proper screws. I also bought the C parts tree off ebay but I didn't realize I bought a Super Blackfoot parts tree so the plastic is gray instead of black. I have a rere Blackfoot with black arms so at some point I'll swap so the Frog is more genuine. But I like how it came out. Also, the zahhak was finally painted. I used PS-3 which is supposed to be a lighter blue but the gun metal paint I used for the backing and windows darkened it up. I like it though. The decals were a rat *******. I left a few off because it had me layering the stickers which I strongly dislike. Zahhak has a goolrc 17t motor and a hobbywing 1060 ESC and a futaba s3003 servo. Frog has a 540, original futaba servo but no ESC yet. It's gonna be a shelfer. But I plan to get an ESC and run it at least once or twice.
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