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  1. He's looking cozy! I also toyed with the idea of just having a normal Hornet driver figure inside but I think because of the WR-02 chassis and its overall Comical nature, it deserves Tamiya's best cartoon driver!
  2. I had to modify the head though to work with the Brat driver body and also so the head wouldn't be too tall for the now lowered Comical Hornet body. It's glued on now because i had to cut off the section that houses the nut.
  3. Added Wild Willy back into the driver's seat! Unfortunately I stole his body for my Rock Socker build so he's borrowing the driver from my Brat. I don't think anyone other than the most avid Willy fans would notice though at a glance
  4. I was planning on it but when I went to get one this morning they're already all sold out on Tower Hobbies and Horizon Hobby. Everyone else is selling it marked up right now which is annoying.
  5. Like I mention in my video, it wasn't originally my idea as I got the idea from RC Car Action magazine's article about the Comical Hornet. I did however go one step further by extending the wheelbase and going with a more off road setup compared to the magazine's.
  6. A better angle of the wider track arms. The way I have the A arms set up, the wheelbase is also extended.
  7. A photo of with the WT-01 arms! I think it looks so much more like a buggy now while still clearly being "comical". I think these buggies would've been more popular if they came from the box like this. As far as I'm aware, people's biggest complaint is that it's a buggy that stands like a monster truck and also wheelies. With this setup, it still wheelies but only if you force it to. It also never flips over unless a rock or something grabs it.
  8. Stock Comical Hornet vs a OG Hornet!
  9. Back when I originally built it! So cute and shiny!
  10. The retro Comical Buggy series by Tamiya has been pretty divisive in the community with some people loving them or some people absolutely disgusted. After owning my Comical Hornet, I can say I fall into the camp of being a fan of the Comical Hornet and its sister cars. Just like the original Hornet was a great first RC kit for kids of the 80's and 90's, I think the Comical Hornet makes a great first car for a lot of kids (and kids at heart) of the late 90's and modern times! I love the original Hornet and this Comical version looks great (especially for a fan of 1/1 compact cars and RC cars like the Lunch Box) and the WR-02CB chassis really improves the suspension geometry over the original "hopper" chassis. Speaking of the WR-02CB, being what I call the "Tamiya corporate chassis", sharing parts with many modern Tamiya cars such as WT-01, GF-01, G6-01, MF01X, some M chassis cars, etc, parts are so easy to find and it's almost like playing with LEGOs. I had some parts laying around and I wanted make my Comical buggy look more like a.. well... buggy! It is still a work in progress but I think the most important part is done! Wider and lower, it handles so much better and I think it should have come like this out of the box! Below is a video from my YouTube channel detailing this initial step! I hope you enjoy and share your thoughts about this project and the Comical buggy series in general! [media]
  11. Comparing to other similar crawlers, it is built more like a monster truck than a true crawler now that I look at it (though Tamiya definitely wanted it to be a crawler). The overall chassis design and the 4WS also makes it pretty monster trucky lol. The way the frame rails sit so high up also makes it perfect for making into a monster truck... Now you've given me more ways to torture this truck...
  12. I finally added some scale accessories! I would've liked a tool box and more spare fuel but I just shoved in what I had on had for right now. Maybe I'll hand make some accessories... There are two tiny jerry cans in there but they're behind the sleeping bag (which doesn't make a lot of sense for a race truck). I also found because the basket was designed to hold soap, the grates are very wide apart and a lot of stuff falls through. I'll just need bigger accessories or just use other methods of holding them down.
  13. While I was working on it, I went and decided to paint the bead lock rings white to fit better with the color scheme. The original Honda trophy truck scheme calls for red rings but I thought there was already enough red present. Maybe I'll change it later who knows. I only painted the outer rings because I got tired of undoing the tiny JIS screws.
  14. I've also added new dampers from a Exceed RC Infinitive/Redcat Volcano monster truck. These have aluminum caps are have never leaked even after a lot of hard bashing. The Volcano has 8 shocks, which is way more than it needs so I stole 4 from it for the Rock Socker. Anyone who's owned or owns a CR-01 knows very well that the stock shocks leak like it's got holes. After just one run my dampers were half empty (or half full ). These new shocks should hold their contents a lot better. I had to paint the caps because they were anodized purple, which looks cool but doesn't match the color scheme. The shocks did take some minor fiddling to get to fit because the ends aren't directly compatible with the stock mounting hardware.
  15. I cut up the battery hold down strap so I can fit some 7 cell hump packs that I have laying around. Yes... I'm still using NiMH.... It's what I already have and I just feel less stressed using these compared to lipos. I also like to use them like an added weight for some of my cars. I do use lipos but only on mini and micro stuff.
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