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  1. Many thanks, will try to find one! Or even better could you tell me where you bought it?
  2. Hi! I just found this forum but I am a long time Tamiya fan, I guess for over 30 years now. I lived in Japan for about a decade and actually got quite into the nitro cars while I was there, I still have a shed full of them actually.. Anyway, my sons are now 11 and 8 and are getting into the Tamiya cars themselves. At our home in Japan we have a lunchbox and wild willy and a 5 cars here in the UK some mine (Twin Detonator / MX5) and some theirs, grasshopper, Dark Impact and Rising fighter. We were actually luckily enough to be invited to the Tamiya factory in Shizuoka last year and my boys who are crazy about the Mini 4WD cars had a great time. Anyway, thats the intro, I have a problem.. One of my old friends sent me a Lunchbox Mini for Christmas (from Japan) frankly I never knew the thing existed but it looks pretty cool. HE sent radio gear too but what I don't have is a battery and the standard 7.2v batteries do not fit.. Anyone know where I can get one that fits or am I going to have to wait until I get back to Japan when lockdown finishes... !? Any help would be much appreciated. Richard
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