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  1. Thanks for the advice. Greatly appreciated 👍
  2. Hi, I have two complete sets of Futaba RC equipment, one Acoms set, a couple of spare Acoms servos and one 4 channel controller that I think was from on old plane my dad had. All will be 25 plus years old. I think it all worked last time I used it, possibly except one of the Acoms recivers, that possibly died. I know technology has moved on and I haven't kept up since I last used it many years ago, so I'm needing a little advice please. Can I fit new ESC's to the old sets, or am I stuckwith the 3 speed motor control? Are they compatible? Also all my old kit had a separate battery pack for the receiver, in so cars that I have that will be fine, but it doesn't fit in my Manta ray. So can I buy a new compatible receiver for these? Also is there any useful guides for someone looking to buy new RC equipment as I mind it a bit of a minefield. And I have no idea what is best when it comes to new motors and what all the different numbers and models mean. Feel a little lost with it all. Cheers
  3. Cheers acprc, that is great. Thank you 👍
  4. Hi, need to get some parts to rebuild my Manta Ray, and struggling to find them listed anywhere, so hoping someone can help me. I am missing one of the front screws holding the top linkage of the front suspension as its is missing, but not sure of which screw kit to buy. Does anyone know what kit I need to buy. As I'm going to rebuild this I may as well get a full set in case there is any more i need. Also, what tyres are they, as I can't find them listed either. This is the screw This is the location I know its missing its driveshafts. But unfortunately I bought it 2nd hand, and the previous owner had decided it would be a good idea to convert it to 2wd and lost all the 4wd parts! But I think I have managed to find the parts I need, just need to buy them.
  5. Biz73, no unfortunately not, it's just the standard direct drive gear. Snakehands, like your build, that's very nice. I already have an ultrasonic bath, which I got for cleaning my motorbike carburetors but never used it yet. Do you just add water to them, or is there a specific solution to add for cleaning of RC parts?
  6. Anyway this is my pile of bits. Should have some more, as there are a few items missing, but know I had them. Have another set of wheels that i got off my first one and some more gearbox parts that aren't there.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I am not really bothered about keeping it 100% original and happy to use the reproduction parts. What concerns me is the cost of rebuilding and buying new/used parts. Don't want to spend a fortune when I could have just bought a new one or something else. Been pricing a few bits up already and it has got me worried. From what I have read about the differences, it appears I have a mixture of MK1 and MK2 parts, both gearboxes appear MK1 while both sets of rear swinging arms are MK2
  8. Hi all, newbie here. After over 25 years since I last had my RC cars out, I have found a few boxes of bits and planning on getting one or two of them rebuilt. So was wondering if I could get some information. When I was a kid I had 2 SRB's (plus a few other models) but due to many years of abuse I put them through, they ended up in a sorry state (one completely stripped down due to broken parts) before being stored away for many years. After 4 house moves and many years since I had them out, I have so far managed to find one chassis and half the parts of another, and one very rough body shell for a Rough Rider. But not currently enough to get a complete car running. I want to rebuild one of these, without breaking the bank as money is very limited. I got both the SRB's 2nd hand, they did not come with boxes and were both missing a few bits. Both were never in the best of conditions when I got them, neither had the front bumpers or gearbox/engine cages so they have taken some big crashes over the years, they have been damaged lots and had some dodgy repairs done on them, as you do as a not very skillful kid. First SRB It came with a Rough Rider and Sand Scorcher body. The Sand Scorcher body was in a bad way and didn't last long, so I always said it was a Rough Rider. But I think this came the white wheels (but i am currently missing a few boxes of bits so cannot confirm this) like the Sand Scorcher, with same Sand Scorcher front tyres, but remember it had the spiked/studded rear tyres that came on the Super Champ on the rear not the Sand Scorcher tyres. Strangely it came with the front springs missing but instead had coil springs fitted to the dampers. Second SRB This didn't have one of the SRB body shells, it came with some random Audi quattro shell which really didn't fit and was in a bad way. This came with the Ranger/Brat style wheels and tyres, one set in white and one set in grey. But it didn't have the Ranger roll cage, think it had the Rough Rider/Sand Scorcher one, as I have two damaged of these in my box of bits. (this is the car I have most parts for) So is there anyway of determining what model they should be? Apart from body shells, the only real difference I can see is the different wheels, or am I missing something? But as they were both 2nd hand, parts could have easily been changed before I got them, so might explain the differences with wheels and tyres, so apart from that is there any other way of determining, or should I just build it to whatever I like the best? Any help that you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Will try and post some pictures if I can work out how to do it, or is there a user guide for this on the forum? Also I have an original Manta Ray that I intend to rebuild as this is in reasonable condition and one very battered Midnight Pumpkin, which I may eventually rebuild if I can afford it. Cheers
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