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  1. @Wooders28 thanks for the thread, good to see them still about, upload a pic when you finished off the body shell, and Did you get your new parts from the Schumacher website? 👍🏼
  2. Schumacher menece Sorry for the pics the wrong way don’t know why they are uploading like that.
  3. Schumacher r12 team kit with original Rossi pixie 12 engine, picked up about ten years ago and forgotten about just need servos and a good clean up, don’t see many around hopefully parts are still easy to get if needed.
  4. That’s incredible, and very rare! I remember when I was only a kid walking into time tunnels in letchworth and seeing them all in there if only I persuaded my parents to get a few more.. thanks for your help!
  5. Thank you for the measurements, I’ll try my best to find originals somewhere but silver can do until then, I’ve got the clk- dtm just about to start a build thread, I see you’ve pretty much got all of the collection, all your cars are next level well done!
  6. Hello there, has anyone got any of the two small screws or anywhere what sell them which holds the carburettor on for the fs12- ss engine! brought the car to restore and they must of used cheap screwdrivers to try and take it off. much appreciated James
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