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  1. I would love the MK1 Golf, but its discontinued and I can't find it anywhere, do you have a source?
  2. Hey Everyone, I am in the process of bringing my M01 back to life. Was able to find bearings for it as well as some NOS plastic parts tree to replace some of the broken items. The car came with the Alpine body which is a bit beat (fine to leave as a beater) so I was looking for a replacement. Seems like bodies for these are a bit hard to find. Wheelbase is 210MM and I can't seem to find a place that has anything in stock. Any ideas? Possible to make the M01 a Long wheelbase M chassis, maybe I would have an easier time then? Hoping to find a cool front wheel drive shell for it (Mini or VW Gti would be great), but I'm open. Thanks!
  3. So on the topic of rebuild. I know parts are limited, but is there a list of cross-referenced parts that might work from a M03 or later? A couple of things I know i need off the bat: Differential case: broken part in the front that the bumper mounts to; my guess is this is not something that can be used from another model due to the suspension change Steering knuckle: previous owner glued them because the plastic was stripped out where the screws threaded. Obviously this is not a great way to take care of something to do with steering. Any replacement alternatives? Basically just want the car to function as it should, not looking to go crazy. Thanks!
  4. Just wanted to share my new to me M01 chassis. Body is a bit beat, which I know will be tough finding a new Tamiya body, but i have the beater shell for now. I did order some bearings to rebuild it, so I will start that process soon. Excited to get it back on the road to have some fun. Some pics attached:
  5. Hey Everyone, New to the forum. Curious if the M-01 chassis is part of the vintage group. Technically the part number is 58149 so within the first 150, but wasn't sure if discussions really belong here. Basically just got my hands on an M-01 and just wanted to know where the best place would be to ask questions etc. Thanks!
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