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  1. New chassis for my original Boomerang. Its a re-re chassis but is still stamped Tamiya and at least its original Tamiya. Also 2 drive shafts for the Boomer as well. Still waiting on the 5mm ball sockets, rear wishbones and some rubber sealed bearings then the rest can begin.
  2. so.... spent some of the day ordering bits and so far I've ordered: Tub Rear wishbones New Shell Drive shafts 3x5mm ball joints Could do with buying some replacement screws as the heads are a bit battered on some of them and it will set my OCD off. Up to now its been stripped, cleaned and stored in plastic containers until the replacement bits arrive. I dont want to stray too far away from original so am trying to stay away from after market or re-re bits but sometimes needs must. I'll probably replace the front wishbones as well as I've had them for years still on the trees but I'll see. Gears look in great condition. No missing teeth but I may be missing one of the tiny C clips from the inside of the drive cups. No idea where I can get one of those from, any suggestions?
  3. Thanks for your help. an update. I’ve ‘misplaced’ one of the drive shafts which is really annoying and I can’t find the instruction manual. I think it’s in the loft. I’ve ordered new rear wishbones and drive shafts from flea bay with delivery expected end of the month. A new shell has been ordered from Fusion Hobbies so hopefully that will arrive by the end of the month.
  4. So whilst on standby for work this morning I decided to take the Boomerang to bits and see where we stand. sadly one of the lower rear wishbones is broken so I’ll need a new one of those, also 2 of the homes for screws On the tub are split. One for the rear gearbox and another for the bumper. I could probably superglue this back together but may try and source a new tub. Gearbox looks fine with no wear on the gears and the bumper is in good condition, thank God. everything is currently sat in WD40 to get rid of 30 years of crap so I’ll leave them overnight and wash the plastics later today.
  5. Good Morning All, I hope you are keeping safe and well. As most have lots of time on our hands due to the current situation, I've decided to do a resto on my original Boomerang from the 80s. Bought by my parents as a Christmas present in the mid 80s, she's currently looking a little worse for wear. Quite simply by looking at her she needs a new shell and wing, new wheels and tyres and probably some replacement screws due to some of the heads being rounded off. I haven't taken her apart yet but the gearboxes and diffs sound ok and none of the drive shafts are bent. I've already got a couple of new bits (new front uprights) but trying to source replacement parts online show they are either ridiculously expensive or impossible to get hold of. I'd be grateful if anyone could help locating bits and pieces and any hop ups that would improve, but not detract from, it's originality. I'd probably also look to run my original Futaba Attack ration gear but any suggestions on a good stick controller as my Futaba system is currently in my Plasma Edge. Thanks in advance. Dan
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