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  1. That is good to know if ordering tires again, i had the pro with the yellow wheels (top picture)
  2. I found the old email, but it does not have any part numbers. They just sent me a bag of parts and this diagram on where to put the shims. I believe the axles were from a frog. I have since added a spacer (m6 washer) between the rubber o-ring and the first U joint that sticks out of the gearbox photo attached.
  3. I had the same thing happen and contacted Tamiya. They sent me gearbox spacers and new shafts that were a different style, I believe they were 2 piece when the original is one.
  4. My raider pro had the original solid yellow wheels out of the box when my dad and I put the car together almost 30 years ago, they measured 2.09". I was tempted to order 2.2" tires but was not sure if they would work.
  5. Thank you, just put the order in for wheels and tires
  6. Another option, do any manufacturers make a 12mm hex to 8mm adapter? Or 12mm hex to 4mm with bearing? I do not build or mess with RC cars, so my knowledge of parts is minimal. I built a rerelease blackfoot for my son and have this old raider I want to run with him.
  7. PThe transmitter is a Flysky AFHDS. Its not a operator issue, i tried again today and still acting up. I think it is either the transmitter or receiver because as i watch the servo and steer left, as the transmitter dial is at about 75% the servo changes to a complete right turn.
  8. I pulled my old Kyosho raider pro out of my parents attic, the tires are dryrotted. I was thinking of buying wheels and tires, but the front wheels have a 8mm round bore and most wheels i see are 12mm hex (12mm hex is what is needed in the rear). I have been googlin for hours with no luck except for a few used Ebay finds. Any other makes or models use the 8mm bore front and 12mm hex rear combo?
  9. My son was driving his re-release Blackfoot complaining it was "steering funny". I was checking the trim and looking it over when I noticed it does something really odd. Transmitter right turn - wheels turn right Transmitter left turn - wheels turn right The left turn only will turn the wheels left if turned slow and not hitting the internal limit / stop on the transmitter wheel. Anyone ever experience this? Nof sure if its the transmitter, reciever or servo.
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