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  1. I did disable the AVC but yeah, that's probably the culprit. Any suggestions on digital servos? New to the hobby after a few decades off. Never had digital before. Thanks!
  2. Just finished my M-06 build and I'm getting quite a loud buzz from my steering servo(Futaba S3004). Is this normal? I took off the servo saver just in case there was some binding but it makes the same noise even when not connected to the saver/steering rod. Should I be using a digital servo instead? Some other issue? I have the transmitter set to 22ms rate. Transmitter: Spektrum DX5C Receiver: SR6100AT ESC: TBLE-02S Thanks for the help!
  3. Hi everyone I just received my TRF Big Bore dampers/shocks. They didn't come with any oil. What do you all suggest?
  4. I appreciate these responses. Thank you.
  5. Help a new guy chose a 4 channel transmitter and receiver for my M-06? Want a couple extra channels to maybe put some lights/sound fx. What do you guys/girls say? Spektrum? Futaba?
  6. Looks great! Looks like the "Mystic" paint option that Ford offered on Mustangs: Can you tell me what your process is for painting with auto paint? Thanks!
  7. I forgot that I have some touch-up spray left. I'll give it a whirl on a soda bottle with some of that bulldog stuff. Any advice for prep?
  8. They can mix paint that'll hang on Lexan?
  9. Sorry, I haven't painted a lexan car body since my original Frog in 1983. Can regular automotive paint really be used on Lexan as long as you lay down adhesion promoter first??
  10. Funny, I never even thought of that when I got custom mixed touch-up paint for my car, nor did they ask me. I'm pretty sure polycarbonate paint is more specialized than just plastic paint. Otherwise any model paint would work.
  11. Is that a thing? Also, what do you guys think about PS-59?
  12. I'm trying to paint my Eunos shell to match my real Miata. My Miata is painted "Starlight Mica". Mazda color code is A5. It's a dark blue metallic/dark purple metallic color. Example here: http://www.2040-cars.com/Mazda/MX-5-Miata/special-m-edition-mazda-miata-starlight-mica-edition-very-nice-condition-658842/ Questions: Anyone know a close match to this color for a polycarb shell? Perhaps a dark metallic blue backed by dark purple metallic would look good? Can polycarbonate colors be mixed with good results? Thanks for the help!
  13. Not sure if you know this but someone made Stratos "Coffin" wheels for the M-Chassis. There are different offsets available. They are available on Shapeways for purchase: https://www.shapeways.com/product/ZABWZTAUT/m-chassis-wheels-coffin-spokes-0mm-offset?optionId=63981198&li=marketplace
  14. Reminds me of the old Wacky Packages trading cards. I think that would be really fun!
  15. It's funny, i just said this to my girlfriend last night when she was asking why I don't just start building right away instead gathering parts first. "Don't you want to have fun driving it?" "90% of the fun for me is building"
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