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  1. To be clear - car runs perfectly. Juice it up and go.
  2. Hi Everyone! I went a little bananas in the pandemic and took on too many hobbies. Car has literally been run for a total of an hour, if that! Everything in the pics is included. TONS of hop up parts. Spektrum transmitter, battery charger etc etc etc. I'm looking for $550usd. Located in USA.
  3. I did disable the AVC but yeah, that's probably the culprit. Any suggestions on digital servos? New to the hobby after a few decades off. Never had digital before. Thanks!
  4. Just finished my M-06 build and I'm getting quite a loud buzz from my steering servo(Futaba S3004). Is this normal? I took off the servo saver just in case there was some binding but it makes the same noise even when not connected to the saver/steering rod. Should I be using a digital servo instead? Some other issue? I have the transmitter set to 22ms rate. Transmitter: Spektrum DX5C Receiver: SR6100AT ESC: TBLE-02S Thanks for the help!
  5. Hi everyone I just received my TRF Big Bore dampers/shocks. They didn't come with any oil. What do you all suggest?
  6. I appreciate these responses. Thank you.
  7. Help a new guy chose a 4 channel transmitter and receiver for my M-06? Want a couple extra channels to maybe put some lights/sound fx. What do you guys/girls say? Spektrum? Futaba?
  8. Looks great! Looks like the "Mystic" paint option that Ford offered on Mustangs: Can you tell me what your process is for painting with auto paint? Thanks!
  9. I forgot that I have some touch-up spray left. I'll give it a whirl on a soda bottle with some of that bulldog stuff. Any advice for prep?
  10. They can mix paint that'll hang on Lexan?
  11. Sorry, I haven't painted a lexan car body since my original Frog in 1983. Can regular automotive paint really be used on Lexan as long as you lay down adhesion promoter first??
  12. Funny, I never even thought of that when I got custom mixed touch-up paint for my car, nor did they ask me. I'm pretty sure polycarbonate paint is more specialized than just plastic paint. Otherwise any model paint would work.
  13. Is that a thing? Also, what do you guys think about PS-59?
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