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  1. Has anyone managed to run this motor and esc with a 3s lipo? I tried to run it In my Neo Scorcher and I’ve blown two motors. It says on the box that it can take a 3s lipo but it hasn’t worked for me. I’m using a 2s just now and it’s great but I really want to use the 3s and wondering if I’m doing something wrong, or need to change something?
  2. Any probs, give me a shout, I’ll let you know what I did with mine. It’s mint like! Just be careful, i’m waiting on a new a replacement coming out, had to send it back last week. Something went in the motor. Not sure if it was because I was using a 3s. Says on the instructions that you can. Going to try a 2s that I recently got to see how that goes. Guy at the shop said he thought it was just back luck as they rarely have them coming back. Told me to send it back and is sending me a new motor.
  3. Yeah I checked that too bud but it was fine. Something went in the motor. Wondering if it was because I was using a 3s lipo?
  4. The cogging at low revs was something I looked into when I first got the motor and I found, just as you say, it’s normal with a sensorless motor. Something went in the motor and store have said it looks like something’s gone in the motor and to send it back. I was using a 3s Lipo, the instructions said that It could take a 3s Lipo but I’m wondering if it was perhaps too much? It was like something popped in the motor and then it struggled to move. I’m wondering if I should use a 2s lipo instead?
  5. Hi wondering if anyone can help. Car suddenly stopped working and strange noise is coming from the motor. I’m wondering if the motor has blown? IMG_0469.MOV
  6. Hi mate, I just got the 3s Lipo through the post and popped it into my Neo Scorcher, I’m shocked at how fast it is, didn’t realise just how big a difference it was from Nimh. Unbelievably fast, well, for me anyways with the Absima conversion. I’m waiting on the 2s lipo coming through so looking forward to trying that too. I found the 3s ridiculously fast but great fun to point the car in a straight line and just watch it go!
  7. Hi bud. Well, I’m kind of new to all this and there will be people on here better equipped to advise you than me. Im currently using a Nimh 3300mah battery but I just bought 3s lipo. Some people have said to me that the 3s Lipo would kill my car, so I bought a 2s lipo too. I does say on thay the Absima BL Thrust conversion can handle a 3’s lipo. Perhaps someone can give some clarity on here. All I’ve done is ballraced my car. I think I’ll start with the 2s and see how it goes. I did see some footage of a Neo scorcher with a 3s lipo and people were commenting that it looked a bit erratic. Like I say bud, hopefully others with more experience than me will share some knowledge on the best battery to use.
  8. Hi bud. Initially I had problems with my car losing power and then cutting out all together. I found out it was because I hadn’t set up the ESC properly for the battery I was using. I also thought there was a little bit of cogging when I was pulling the throttle gently, but someone told me it’s not cogging and that it’s actually normal for a sensorless set up. If you experience any of this, I’ll tag you in the guys comment where he gives me the explanation as to why it happens (if I can do that on here). The issues I was experiencing was down to me rather than the esc and motor. Now that I have sorted them out, the car goes like a rocket. Mind you, I went from the ST motor to this and I found a really big difference, a lot faster. No issues now. Love it!
  9. Hi bud, thanks very much for the reply. I managed to sort it, I hadn’t set up the esc properly. You’re right, it was to do with the voltage cut off. Sweet as a nut now. Thanks again.
  10. So I should use the dual charging facilities for two lipos. Can I use it to charge a lipo and a Nimh?
  11. I actually thought you were joking about the ammo box until seen people mention them on YouTube too! Just bought one, I’ll make sure I remove the seal, thanks for that. Also bought the Aocyan charging/storage case, it seemed to have good reviews. Hopefully it’s a decent choice.
  12. The Floureon battery that I got seems to be a soft case. Should it only be a hard case lipo that’s used?
  13. Hi guys, I bought the Absima Brushless Combo Set Thrust BL Eco for my Neo Scorcher. The motor seems to run at 100% for a few seconds, reduces speed and then cuts out completely. I’ve tried a new receiver and transmitter, checked the battery is fully charged but I get the same problem. The servo works without any issues. I’m wondering if anyone can give me some advice on how to rectify the problem? I’ve added a short clip of the motor losing power. It eventually cuts right out. Thanks in advance, Lee. Get Outlook for iOS FullSizeRender.mov
  14. Thanks very much for that. I bought the SkyRC D100. I bought a Floureon lipo and it’s funny you should suggest the Overlander 3s 4500mah 55c lipo from modelsport, I just bought that last night, from Modelsport. Thanks very much for the recommendations. Now I just need to get an explosion bag.
  15. Looks like a good deal bud. Can’t go wrong with a 3 year warranty too.
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