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  1. Yeah. I think a couple of people have mentioned they super glued those pieces if they switched to the sport tuned motor.
  2. So if you follow the setup measurements with the connectors you end up with toe-in on the rear and toe-out on the front. This seems a little counter active to me. I've got mine set with a little toe-in on the rear, but it shimmies at full speed. I'd this likely due to the amount of toe-out recommended on the front? 4.4 mm setting if i remember correctly.
  3. Ran into the same issue on mine with the 1625. Found a Lipo and a charger but got to wait for delivery. Hopefully this checks off the last of the boxes.
  4. Well, got some rechargeable batteries to try out. They all say 1.2v on them. Charged them up. No luck. Measured voltage on the cell to be around 5.4v. Put four new 1.5v batteries in and it works. Around 6.54v on the meter. Checked the ones i used the other day for about 7-8 minutes and they were about 6.42v. They don't work with the esc anymore. The esc just blinks. Is this thing that voltage sensitive?? The jumper is set for NI-MH batteries so according to the manual it shouldn't start cutting off the voltage until it hits 4 volts or so.
  5. Success on my end...sort of. Tried the motor by just connecting a battery straight to it and it ran. Put your new batteries in the pack and the each synced right up and away it went. Ran it for about 4-5 minutes to check everything else out and then turned it off to tidy up the wiring. Plugged it all back up and the blinking light is back. Guess these cheap Sam's club batteries just don't have the juice. Have to get some better batteries I guess. Any ni-mh or Lipo recommendations out there so I don't spend the bank on batteries for this thing? Thanks for the advice on the battery wolf!
  6. I'm using the 4aa battery case for the dancing trike, but maybe this specific esc requires a little more juice. I'll have to find something. I'm just getting back in so i don't have any batteries to try in it. Anybody know a decently priced battery and charger combo that would fit in this thing?
  7. No problem. Just trying to get this thing moving. Looks really good, but no go. Hobbywing's only offer of advice was to check the throttle channel on the receiver. That's why I plugged the servo in to it. It's not the receiver, but esc number two tells me it's probably not the each either. Could it be a problem with the motor or the leads from the motor swapped up?
  8. Been lurking here and you guys got me back in with rc again. Decided to build a lunchbox mini during this pick-up to play around the house. Mechanical part went fine. Bought a Quicrun 1625 esc and a Flysky FS-GT3B transmitter. I got everything plugged up and the esc does nothing but blink. I've plugged the servo into the throttle channel to check it and the trigger moves the wheel left and right. This is the second esc with the same issue. Anybody have any suggestions or ideas?
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