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  1. I feel like making rc car racing accessible would be super easy. Make a Hornet or even a Racing Fighter stock cup and job done.
  2. This sounds like my experience with motorcycle track days.
  3. To put it another way, if we could turn up at a purpose built track with a boot full of our random cars, pay a reasonable amount of money to have fun on it for a while and then ****** off home we would be all for it, which would potentially lead to us becoming comfortable enough to delve deeper into the club structure. I see a lot of, 'don't be daft, our club is full of the friendliest folks', type comments all the time in all different types of hobbies - rc, motorcycle track days, road cycling, mountain biking, even weight lifting and while that may indeed be true I think a lot of the time people saying it are so far removed from those newbie experiences that they can't even relate to the anxiety involved 😂
  4. Well, I'm not too far away in Carluke and even I had no idea a (somewhat) local club even existed so there's a good starting point 😂 For us personally, me and my sons aged 11 and 9, the idea of getting a play round a real track is appealing but everything else that comes with it not so much. We enjoy our time with the rc's but aren't really interested in blathering about them with 40 year old men to be honest😅 although it would warm the cockles of my heart to see my kids engaging with others their own age on the hobby. Probably it's as much the thought of us turning up with our tamiyas or whatever and just getting in everyone's way that would stop us trying it. Maybe the best way around that would be an open track day aimed at easing in beginners, maybe once a month or so?
  5. I think the body may be raised as high as possible out the box. We'll check later.
  6. Yeah I've read nothing but good things about it. I think what we'll do is run the car stock for a month then order the 1080 and it'll hopefully feel like a new car!
  7. I've already got a hobbywing 1080 pencilled in as the first upgrade to help the fine control, which will push things basically to £300 already. Hopefully can do something to at least increase the steering for next to nothing, otherwise this has been a poor decision.
  8. Posted this over on msuk. Copied and pasted: So we took the plunge and picked up the rtr range rover yesterday. Our only other crawler is an scx24 which we love when it's not broke down and waiting for parts! The sca-1e looks and feels great, like a quality bit of kit. Unfortunately upon testing it indoors last night a few things became apparent and I'm hoping someone can point me toward some info. 1. The biggest standout is the lack of steering. Not only is it really slow (which doesn't bother us too much as its a crawler after all) but there just isn't much of turning circle at all. Genuinely surprised how poor it is. 2. The tyres are clipping the shell on full lock, on flat ground. We can raise the body some but seriously, this shouldn't be happening out the box? 3. Going from the fine control of our scx24 to this car is jarring! The transmitter is clearly pretty cheap rubbish to be honest. Is this an issue with the quality of the esc also? 4. It's too **** fast! How do we slow this thing down? New motor? Gearing? It also ***** a wheel all the time under a bit of speed which I've seen crawlers on YouTube doing but I've no idea why. Send help!
  9. We settled on a rtr sca-1e range rover. It arrived last night and we had a play indoors. Not sure if I'm happy with it or not to be honest.
  10. Honestly I can't look past Modelsport. Only been in the hobby one year but I've spent a small fortune here and there and I've found them to be the best and most reliable. Just a couple days ago I ordered a crawler from them around lunchtime and it was on my doorstep here in Scotland less than 24hrs later. Also their prices seem as good as anyone - last week I bagged a Holiday Buggy with esc for £85.
  11. That's a great price! How does it compare to the kit?
  12. A lot of very helpful replies, you guys are the best! Let me try and shed a bit more light tho. 1. I am in the UK. Redcats, used trx and scx10 are all out of our budget unfortunately. 2. Our budget in these covid times really is £200, maybe £250 if the lad saves for a month and does some chores round the house 😂. I appreciate its kind of an Internet thing for someone ask for suggestions within a budget and then being told if you could spend more you'd get better - I already know that, lol. If I said my budget was £300 I'd be told if I'd just stretch to £400 I'd be able to get this other awesome thing 😂 3. Like I said, it's for my 11 year old lad. Playing in the garden, up the walking trails and into the wee hills in the woods. We won't be turning up at local crawling courses (there aren't any). Basically it'll have a somewhat easy life and we don't want or need ultimate performance. I just don't want it to break down every 20 minutes. 4. The carisma is off the cards - after buying the motor, servo and esc it comes in at over £250.
  13. Yeah I've seen the ftx kanyon online and it looks OK. I've no idea if it's any good tho. Thanks for the replies guys. £300 is the barrier of entry? That seems really harsh! I'd maybe stretch to £250 but that's about it unfortunately.
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