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  1. It's kinda just the way it is fella. Mine is the same.
  2. Hopefully this week we will finish our racing fighter and I'm honestly stuck on what to buy next. Built a grasshopper with my ten year old and he loves it, despite its flaws. Its also one of the best cars we have at actually lapping round our garden track, which is why we went for the dt03. Kinda looking at something similar but different I guess. 4wd should be an interesting build and I like the look of the plasma edge 2 but I understand the re-re terra scorcher is the hot thing this week! Any advice would be appreciated. The car will be on our (very short cut) grass garden track for 99% of its life. Might even go for a 4wd rally car or something if it can handle tight turns on grass.
  3. If I can stick a battery in it and go, it's a runner. My boys and I were wondering - all you lucky chaps with shelves full of cars, are they all complete with full electrics or are they basically just models on a shelf?
  4. I've started cutting the fronts out and sticking them on my garage wall. Looks pretty sweet.
  5. Bearings for my racing fighter have taken 8 days to arrive from howes models and as the eagle-eyed among you will see they have sent me the wrong thing. Should be 14 x 1150 but instead I have 9 and a wee one. Gutted.
  6. Bought a mini-z a few months ago when I was getting into the hobby. We bought some crappy wee cars for indoors from China and I could see the potential for indoors winter fun. 2 days later I bought a mini-z audi tt. We had some fun with it and it's an amazing bit of kit but yeah, it's sat on the shelf since we were able to get outdoors and I'll be selling it as soon as I can be *******.
  7. Got an email today from one of the shops I am waiting on. They said royal mail have told them they are currently 10 days behind on all orders, which pretty much is what I'm experiencing. For the record, I've found DPD to be the most reliable service during this pandemic.
  8. In general, how are everybody's orders arriving? I must have ordered more than 20 different things from all different shops, including the main ones and ebay and I swear there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the times when things will turn up. Generally, larger items have been 2 days delivery while smaller things have been anywhere between a week and a fortnight late. We all have to accept the reality of this current time but its just odd to me the randomness of deliveries. If everything were 2 weeks late I'd understand.
  9. Jadlam, last week. There was a UK wide shortage of them, then a shipment must have came in because suddenly everyone was selling them. Sold out pretty fast too.
  10. Until recently where they completely lost an xbox one I posted with them I'd have agreed with you! I'll never use them again.
  11. Out of curiosity, how are you posting the items? I have a few things to sell but don't want to head to the post office.
  12. ... and I haven't even built it yet! For £90 this buggy comes complete with cva shocks, a torque tuned 540 motor, tamiyas brushless capable esc and a modern chassis. Compare that to the £84 we spent recently on our grasshopper, which we admittedly love, which comes with toy grade friction shocks a 380 motor, and a 24 year old chassis design. We all know tamiya shafts us with nostalgia prices but it really hit home for me when this Racing Fighter turned up at the door. Obviously you get a lot more for your hard earned cash with other brands but for these both to be tamiya just kinda blows my mind!
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