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  1. Interesting comment about roll centre. It made me think that ride height change is likely to have a bigger effect on roll centre than a small change in geometry. Can you lower the rear ride height to improve rear grip? Some of the earlier photos you posted were confusing to me, since it seems like the battery wasn’t fitted. That causes a big change in ride height, and perhaps more so at the front than the rear.
  2. I prefer the Mini 4WD Santa Claus. https://tamiyablog.com/2024/07/future-tamiya-mini-4wd-year-of-the-snake-2025-tamiya-mini-4wd-santa-claus/tamiya-mini-4wd-santa-claus/
  3. Tamiya specialises in the best quality plastic injection moldings - That forms the core of their product designs. Most of their products are based on plastic mouldings with low cost materials and manufacturing, which creates some limitation in the performance of the designs. There are some nice Hop-Up parts available at high cost. However a compromised design with expensive upgrades generally does not result in the same performance as a product engineered for a single purpose from the ground up. There could also be a question about the type of engineering talents they employ. It seems like they are expert in manufacturing techniques, scale models, and plastic molding tool design, but not as talented in engineering of the chassis and vehicle dynamics. I recall that Cecil Schumacher had a previous career as part of Cosworth power transmissions, so he had exposure to real engineering in full size motorsport. I wonder if Tamiya have recruited someone with an actual motorsport background or vehicle dynamics qualifications.
  4. If a model car with that slogan was sold in the 80s, it would need an M15+ language advisory. These days it would not be inclusive enough unless changed to gender neutral terms and pronouns. Then again, perhaps it doesn’t matter if Tamiya is only selling these to men aged over 50.
  5. When my wife saw the “Anytime Baby” slogan on my re-release hornet, she said it seemed inappropriate. She suggested they meant to name the car “The Horney”. No need to reference an insect with a stinging appendage on its abdomen.
  6. TT-02BR with every upgrade seems cool. But I’m concerned it’s too flimsy. I’d be more likely to buy a Top Force then upgrade the bell cranks and prop shaft set.
  7. I think rear wheel flares should be 4~5 mm wider than the front guards on each side. So around 8~10mm difference in overal width.
  8. Perhaps it would be more scale to do a vintage Porsche on either XM-01 or the M-08 chassis at 239mm and have higher offset rear wheels.
  9. In 1973, the RSR ran 15" wheels. A tamiya 52mm wheel isn't very scale for this car anyway.
  10. Some video of the '85 world championship cars here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVKu4hur4NM
  11. I think the YZ-834 suspension is better than the Hotshot because it does not have the offset on damper end-caps that cause the damper shafts to bend and also bind-up. Other advantages of the Wonder dog are the more efficient drive system, and idler steering crank that minimises the bump steer. The materials seem better quality as well.
  12. How is the parts availability for common DT-02 breakages such as the c hubs, and the suspension arms?
  13. IMO, Tamiya should have used ‘The Striker’ semi-trailing arms on the rear of the Falcon. Although the drive shaft is the same, there is less chance of the drive shaft falling out and improved geometry as well. I don’t think Tamiya will produce any more Falcon chassis. Apart from the weakness in the design, they probably reworked the original tooling to create the Bear Hawk and Blitzer series.
  14. Is it possible to add 0.1 or 0.2 shim on one side of the diff to serve a dual purpose of tightening the mesh of the bevel gear and also adding some clearance away from the spur gear?
  15. Edit: As has been pointed out below, the Rising Fighter has a DT-01 gearbox on a Grashopper 2 chassis.
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