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  1. https://youtu.be/hIIvcDpi_vQ
  2. Thanks! Yes, I got the foam in them but they are still almost to soft I think but they do give the truck aswesome grip. I do wish they were slightly larger though. They are around 84mm but 90mm would be the sweetspot I think.
  3. Just taking a short run with my Amarok
  4. Well to fit the 1,55 tires was a piece of cake so how you could not do this is a mystery to me :)
  5. I will give it a try and if it doesn`t work I just buy some 1.55" wheels
  6. Second run with my first ever Tamiya
  7. I will be using the stock wheels. Hopefully it should not be any problems stretching the 1,55 tires onto these. I will keep you updated
  8. Thanks for the replies. Just ordered a set of RC4WD Mickey Thompson 1.55 Baja MTZ Scale Tires. OD on these is around 85mm which I think is a reasonalby upgrade in size compared to the stock 78mm tires. Really want to keep the scale look as much as possible
  9. First run with my Amarok
  10. Hi all, Just bought a used Amarok with the CC01 chassie and need better tires asap. Is there any 1,55 tires that fit the stock wheels or do I need to buy both new tires and rims? If so which ones do you recommend for the Amarok?
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