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  1. Some goodies for my F103rs build. In less than a week from Hongkong to the Netherlands. Pretty impressive.
  2. I would say more a shelf queen than a runner!
  3. Everything still packed and unused (except for the shell that already has been cut out). But definitely going to build this one!
  4. Thanks! The motor plate (not a mount) is #84293. Used this one instead of the ‘cardboard’ one. Would love to see some pics of your Bear Hawk!
  5. I have to admit, choosing wheels was the hardest part!
  6. Thanks GTodd! Gear box so far is holding up very good, but I only did some running on a flat surface with a Sport Tuned. I don't know how the Technigold will do, but I am not planning to give this car a hard life and will only do some modest running. Please let me know the progress with the Egress diff!
  7. Hi all! It took some time, but my Bear Hawk finally is restored. This was my first Tamiya, and two years ago I threw it in the trashcan. It was in a really bad shape and I did not realize there was this wonderful network of proud (vintage) Tamiya owners. However, I changed my mind (luckily) and decided to restore the Bear Hawk. Quicky, I scraped it out of the trashcan What fun I had looking for parts on eBay, discovering what an ESC is, and so on. I also discovered this forum and the Tamiya Legends channel on Facebook. Great fun! And in the meantime, the collection is growing Anyway, here are some pics. Maybe a bit much but I have to say I'm pretty proud of this project. Unfortunately, I lost the pics that showed how the car looked like when I took it out of the trashcan. Some things I changed/hopped up: -Sport Tuned motor -TBLE-02s -DF-03 dampers -aluminium motor plate -fully ball raced and steel pinion -carbon reinforced front uprights -Astral Dish rear and front wheels, Louise e-rocket rear tires and Tamiya 54284 tires -DT-02 turnbuckle suspension arm & tie-rod set -alloy wheel axl hex adapters And some chassis pics. I also installed the vintage electronics.
  8. Although Nathanael's way of communication is a bit, lets say to the point, he is very helpful and thrustworthy. I recently ordered a Dynastorm decal sheet but it came out very grainy. I informed Nathanael and a couple of weeks later I received TWO new sheets by mail. This time crispy sharp. Colour is a bit off though, but you can't have it all...And the other decals I bought from MCI amond which Bear Hawk, Astute and Frog, were good quality.
  9. Making some progress! All the bushes have been replaced with sealed bearings. Unfortunately, these did not fit in the aluminium Jazzrider C-hubs (both front and rear). The bushings also do not fit. Might contact them about this. For the price, you would expect a perfect fit. So now The Jazzrider uprights are used with the original plastic C-hubs. Both with bearings.
  10. Continued with cleaning my Astute. Almost done!
  11. Found a nice addition to the project!
  12. A little something for the Astute that I am restoring!
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