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  1. Job done! A nice fellow on the Tamiya Legends site on Facebook send me some fiber washers. Runs like a charm!
  2. Are you looking for 2wd specifically? Otherwise I would say Top Force! Vintage vibe, great build and one of the best looking chassis, and great fun to drive. Plenty of mods and hopups available. Same goes for spare parts.
  3. Thanks Collin! But if i’m correct, using these shims will still require the phenolic one?
  4. Thanks all! Really helpful. Will keep you posted!
  5. Thanks Mechanic AH! This helps. Going to start a search for these shims!
  6. Thanks Futureworks! If I’m correct the standard 53581 brushes are a replacement for the 53307 so that should work. The manual you posted does not show the larger frp washer part but I suspect it’s there looking at the picture. Do you know if these washers can be bought separately?
  7. Hi all, I’m restoring a blue Acto Power motor. I’m not into the technical stuff. So I’ve got 2 questions. I looked on the web for answers, but I cant seem to find any. There isn’t much info on these motors it seems. -the black washer, FRP it seems, is broken. See photo, the arrow is pointing towards the one I am referring to. Where can I find a replacement? Or an alternative type? -brushes: is the standard Tamiya racing motor set (53581) a good replacement? Totally in the dark here. Thanks!!!
  8. I started a little reorganization. I hate unnecessary layers of dust building up over time so am going to keep some rides in boxes. Neat and clean!
  9. Finally found the time to start working on some hopups!
  10. My 2nd GT-ONE, made a good deal with this one. One for the road, one for the shelf!
  11. My F103 is getting some period hopups. Damper got delivered today!
  12. Some goodies for my F103rs build. In less than a week from Hongkong to the Netherlands. Pretty impressive.
  13. I would say more a shelf queen than a runner!
  14. Everything still packed and unused (except for the shell that already has been cut out). But definitely going to build this one!
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