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  1. DONE! Pretty happy with the result. I could have done a better job on the tyre lettering, but ok. I tried to restore the TF while making some improvements and at the same time keep as close as possible to the original looks and character. In the end, this has been done/installed: New body and wing Hobbywing 1060 ESC Spektrum ar6200 receiver Aluminium gear box bracers, front and rear (by Bora Radicevic) TA02 plastic gear set (#50529) Aluminium motor mount (part of the Manta Ray motor mount set #47373) Wheel adapter set (#53056) Fluorine 5mm aluminium ball connectors (#53598) 5mm ball connectors (#50875) 5mm ball connector nuts (#9804206) Square spike front tyres (#53088) Square spike rear tyres (#53084) Tamiya Plasma Edge 2 front rims (#10440430) Tamiya Plasma Edge 2 rear rims (#10440339) Some additional washers, screws etc... Used the original undertray, and applied PS-31. That's about it I guess. Time for some pics!
  2. Some additional pictures with tire lettering The pictures are old, the car doesn't look shiny anymore...
  3. Alas, I apparently overlooked that the left upright has a crack. Bummer. There is an informative Astute guide by Komtemax. Very helpful. I seem to have the following options: -Find a new Astute C parts x2. -Replace the Astute C-hubs for Madcap C-hubs and the Astute uprights with Super Astute or F104 uprights. But I am wondering: can't I just use Super Astute C-hubs? Why the Madcap hubs? -Buy the Jazzrider aluminium set. Right now I prefer this, since this seems to be the best way to avoid any hassle with upper arms etc. Suggestions are very welcome!
  4. No rush Thommo, thanks! I am also looking for new uprights, see next post. I don't suppose you have those on supply
  5. Thanks! Will check those Jazzrider parts although I’m not planning any serious racing. Just some rounds on smooth terrain!
  6. Thanks Thommo! The rear hubs seem to be in an ok condition and I’m not planning on serious abuse. Just some running on a flat gravel terrain. I’m interested in the crank rod!
  7. Hi, interesting thought! I am planning on doing a full restore and had the idea of installing a Sport Tuned and modern receiver. Both I have. So yeah, might actually use those and then put period electrics in!
  8. But before starting stripping, cleaning and rebuilding I decided to install some vintage electrics and take this oldie out for some fun! But oh no, because there were no electrics installed, I had to search my spare parts. Came a long way but I do not have a crank rod! So if there is someone with a spare crank rod (34 mm it says in the manual) I am interested! I looked on eBay but prices are pretty high...
  9. Hi all! I found an Astute not long ago and am going to restore it. Pretty much all the parts I need are already delivered. Here she is: Front bulkhead broken... Solved this way, back in the day: I'm going to mount the Super Astute bulkhead. There are some non original screws used.
  10. New wheels & tires arrived
  11. New wheels & tires for my 1991 Top Force 🙂
  12. Really happy because these long sought after parts arrived, now I can start the restoration project on my Astute!
  13. You’re right Moffman! But I do feel a bit defeated by an old shell I can’t restore!
  14. Nice! It’s not done yet but I’m pretty happy how it turned out. But bying a new shell feels like cheating a bit 😉
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