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  1. Would a Super Sabre body fit this with little or no modification do you think? I've wanted a Super Sabre for a very long time but I'd be surprised if Tamiya re-released one of their least popular kits. I guess I'd just need the SS's body mount posts, I'm not bothered by the shocks being the "wrong" colour. For what it's worth, I quite like the BH colour scheme, especially on the Super HS from a few years back.
  2. Whilst I really like what you did with the Fire Dragon, I think that beautifully made Terra Scorcher now looks like a dogs dinner I'm afraid. I do like the TS wing though, and think that may well look brilliant if you swapped the standard somewhat naff wing for the TS jobbie. It might not, but it would be neat to see it!
  3. I'm not being funny, but you have got some serious skills with the paint brushers if that's what you can do. I'd love to own that, I'm not sure I've got the spare money to offer a fair price. How much were you thinking?
  4. What is the list of Re-Re's, have I missed something in another thread? Apologies for my ignorance...
  5. Get a Lunchbox for about £100, build it add some radio gear in it and see if it works over the ground you're proposing it to run on. If it runs, throw £75 worth of shocks, spangly motor and braces, taking the pleasure and hours comparing parts on the internet in upgrading something to be far better than it's designers intended. Run it and enjoy it for the Ossumness™ of what it is. If it doesn't work, sell it on ebay/facebook for £70 and buy something else. You'd have had £30 worth of entertainment in building it...
  6. When I bought that bike it came with the fairings painted up and the number 48 on it. Unfortunately 48 was already taken in the Club minitwin series, so the easiest way of editing the number was with a Stanley knife and taking out a portion of the 8 to make a 6. Unsurprisingly, no-one was using the number 46 in the entire club... P.S. sorry for bumping this thread to the top, I bet you've come here to see if the results are posted
  7. I ran my Terra Scorcher for a while without the central propshaft. When I was just bashing around the garden and drive it was too predictable and easy to drive as it were. I fancied something a little more of a challenge, and doing big oversteer powerslides were difficult but fun to achieve and hold . When I started trying out the postal racing, that unpredictability became frustrating, so the propshaft when back in quite quickly...
  8. I did my second ever race at Brands Hatch Indy. Didn't finish last, even if the bike ended up running on only one cylinder. I will get a run at this circuit tomorrow. I know I've been saying this every month for a while but this time I mean it...
  9. I did try the laptrax app, but found just recording the attempt on my old GoPro and then watching it back on x5 speed and counting the completed laps to be far less hassle. Maybe I'm getting old and technology just isn't for me any more :/
  10. WooHoo! I'm back from work for a couple of months. This course looks ideal for me to be destroying the class timesheets* *for a Lunchbox, on grass whilst the driver is sneezing from hayfever. And thinking of eating a pasty. Contemplating a beer too.
  11. Bit left field, and feel free to ignore me... I built my Terra Scorcher using all of the supplied grease for the diffs and like you the diffs spin freely. The grease is very light though, which is fine for the propshafts and other ancillaries. Next time I rebuild it though I'm going to pop in some Silkolene Pro RG2 grease. It's the stuff I use on the suspension pivots and wheel bearings for my motorbikes. It's significantly thicker than the Tamiya supplied stuff, it's very resistant to viscosity changes due to heat, and it's also highly water resistant which hopefully shouldn't be an issue here. Also, it's about £9 for a half kilo pot, and you can use it in your car/around the house/garage doors, pretty much anywhere where you need lubrication to stay put. I know it's not RC specific, and doesn't come in a tiny little tube from a model shop, but I think it's worth a go...
  12. After building them I give the outside a clean using brake cleaner. It's a very high flash solvent that disappears in seconds and leaves no residue on whatever it's been applied to. An aerosol can of the stuff will last an RC builder years, you can buy it from and car parts place for about £5 a can. Leaves the bodies completley oil free, and you can tell almost instantly if you have a leak anywhere. It's also good at getting pen marks off woodwork when your two year old son has decided to redecorate your in-laws house...
  13. To be honest I didn't even consider Tamiya products. Mainly because of the high cost and often poor availability of the parts. The #54993 looks to be the perfect set, but at £85 and no stock in the UK it's a bit too salty for me. I bought a set of four aluminium Absima shock absorbers for my lunchbox for £29 delivered, and they're genuinely well made parts. Although having said that, RC Jazz has them allegedly available for dispatch for £35. That'll probably be about £60 if you get pinged for VAT and the tax collection fee. Hmmm...
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