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  1. I have to say I like the look of that track above! Ten metres might be a bit long whilst people are locked down, but now we're starting to be let out a bit it should be ok?
  2. I believe that stock of the TT02 Type S should be arriving at either the beginning or end of March. So between two and six weeks to wait. I'm not sure what else the drift kit has, although I know it comes with CVA shocks which is the first most necessary upgrade for the standard TT02 chassis. So, yeah go for it if you really can't wait a bit longer.
  3. I think I'm going to have to make a jump with a ring of fire when I get home and send the Ultimate Racing Lunchbox™ through it. I shall video this too, either for cheap laughs or for a reminder why I shouldn't be so stupid in future...
  4. With a shark pit. And maybe crocodiles too? Sharks with lasers?
  5. I like your ideas and wish to subscribe to your news letter...
  6. I've managed to get one run at this, with just a half dozen practice laps before so I'll not be bothering the top middle of the timesheets at all. It was nice to get a little bit of a drift on around the bottom marker though! Didn't get time to give the Lunchbox a go, just for comedy porpoises. Hopefully I'll be back home early April and will get more time for round ten.
  7. There are some astoundingly good Lunchies on here! This is mine, mods are Sport Tuned motor, bearings, full set of braces, oil/alu shocks, alu track rods & servo saver and LED lights. It grip rolls on the tarmac unless its wet so the roof edges are battered and scraped now. I've had a few goes at the postal racing tracks too. This is my Lunchie in it's natural racing environment...
  8. If you get any rubber marks on stone, a can of brake cleaner and a rag will have it gone in an instant. Fixing the motorbikes in the house at my old house (didn't have a garage) would occasionally leave scuff marks on the floor. You can pick up an aerosol can of brake/clutch cleaner from any car parts shop for less than £5 and it'll get rid of anything rubber/oil based instantly. It's good for getting pen marks off your in-laws doors when your toddler has been running about their house with some 'adult crayons'...
  9. Of the two models I own, I did the Terra Scorcher in the correct colour and put most of the decals on in the right(ish) place. I got a friend to airbrush the driver as he's incredibly good at that. The Lunchbox however I did in this colour-scheme and it still makes me smile every time I see it on the shelf.
  10. Can you be my mum or dad please? Now I know what your thinking, no you don't really want to adopt a 41 year old bloke with a wife and child, however... Er... Let me have a few beers on Saturday night and I'll try and think up some good reasons. Off the cuff I'll promise to tidy my room, help get the dirt bikes out of the van and do regular oil changes on them and even empty the dishwasher...
  11. This is where I got my Absima shock absorbers from. They seem pretty good. www.jk-rc.co.uk/tamiya-lunch-box
  12. I went down the fixed bar route. It's one less thing to go wrong on the chassis, and it still allows the axle to articulate and compress. It's sturdy and you're not exactly looking for the ultimate in performance here are you? I bought it as part of a four part kit off fleabay, the other three bars act as braces between the front shock towers and between the chassis overhang and the axle pivot dropouts. I'm quite impressed with the kit. The first post of my build thread is here if it helps.
  13. I race motorbikes a bit, but mainly do trackdays. I've got an '07 Kawasaki ZX6r and a '95 Honda RVF750 RC45, both in race trim. I've got a Suzuki GSX-R 750 and a ZXR400 as road bikes, the latter needs a bit of work to get it running again, and the ZX6r need a new 3/4th gear and selector fork so the engine will have to come out at some point. I've just bought a 250 2 stroke Beta trials bike, where I live in the far South West of England there's no racetracks for a long way, so I thought I'd give trials a go as it's motor sport I can do nearby. I like to surf, SUP and cycle a lot too, and a two year old son puts paid to a lot of my free time. I'm hoping he might like to have a go at trials at some point too, so it'll be something we can do together whilst he still wants to hang out with his old man.
  14. I was going to suggest a piece of leather, I'm sure a shoe repair place could do a neat job. Failing that how about a cork handlebar grip from a racing bicycle? 3D printing still slightly feels a bit like magic though!
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