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  1. I've just charged the battery completely and the Controller is reporting that receiver voltage is 5.8v. I think you're right, it's a bad cell in the pack which is a shame as it's not been charged that many cycles. Ho hum, it is what it is. I've ordered a 4500mA pack off t'internet. We'll have to see when it arrives. Thank you for the reset information though, I must have missed that.
  2. I have a Futaba T3PV controller and have it paired to a Futaba R304SB receivers in a Lunchbox and Terra Scorcher. They've worked well for long time, but more and more I'm getting weird glitches when running both cars. Sometimes the steering will just fail, as if the servo has come unplugged, sometimes the throttle consistently becomes jerky in that it'll accelerate, then just give up for a few seconds, then come back or refuse to do anything until both the car and receiver are switched off an on again. The only common item between the two vehicles is the NiMH battery pack and the controller. I've tried changing the ESC in the Terra Scorcher from the TBLE-02 to a 1060 and that made no difference. I'd like to try factory resetting the controller and then re-paring the two receivers to the controller. I've looked through the paper manual and I can't find anything about how to perform a factory reset. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you in advance! Spike
  3. I love motorbikes. I've got 8 sat in the garage. 5 of them work as intended which being above 50% I feel that counts as a win. My wife is less than happy with this state of affairs.
  4. Huh, so scammers are at least inclusive. That's.... good I guess? I do however feel a little left out, not a single one has contacted me and offered to sell me a fully painted Celica GT-4 body, resplendent with lights and driver/co-driver figures for peanuts. The bar stewards.* *Now some of you could point out that I've not written any wanted or for sale adverts up, but lets not get bogged down with minor technicalities here, ok?
  5. 2007 Citroen Dispatch. Bought mainly for getting changed in after surfing and for transporting and racing motorbikes around the country. Cheaper and better than the equivalent VW without the scene tax. Spent a month living in it whilst surfing the north coast of Spain/south west France a few years after buying it. Thankfully I've significantly upgraded the occupant to someone in my life who doesn't randomly throw a punch when she feels like it...
  6. I'm clearly doing something wrong as my TS just understeers everywhere under power, turns neutrally on part throttle and only oversteers when braking. It gets better when I use the small preload collars on the front end, but then it's dragging it's nose everywhere like a Tory MP over the Westminster bathroom mirrors... I'm using modern 2.2" wheels, narrower at the front than the rear. Mainly tarmac Absima wheel/tyres on the asphalt but have some Schumacer pinspikes on JC Racing pepperpots too.
  7. You're not helping me not get one of these!
  8. See now I like ice cream too. I'd go so far to say it's pretty much the only desert I eat. I mostly eat it just when we're out and about on hot days. But despite the thousands of flavours out there, my favourite flavour is vanilla. Vanilla with honeycomb in for preference, but vanilla none the less. If all other flavours disappeared overnight it would not bother me one bit. My wife thinks I'm weird.
  9. Indeed, it's my bike, I'll do what I want with it even if that means picking bits of it out of the gravel trap occasionally. Same with these cars we build and drive or sit and look at on a shelf. It's your car, you do with it what you please. People that hoard multiples of kits or deliberately destroy ones that others would appreciate is a bit sad, but what can you do? Also @Willy iine
  10. I own a Honda motorbike that they built in very limited numbers for homologation and race/trackday it. I have written a long blog about how I came to own, rebuild and start racing it. I've fitted a gopro on it and recorded some laps around tracks like Jerez, Donnington Park, Portimao etc. Whenever I put up one of these videos on Youtube there will be people who will come along and spam the comments telling me I'm riding it wrong or too slowly. Or that I shouldn't be riding it as it's such a rare bike. Or I should put it back to standard and display it, or if I can't afford to purchase all the original parts then I don't deserve to own it. Moral of the story; some people are weapons grade bellends and because it's the internet they can facelessly outlet their petty jealousy. I've no idea who they are, whether they've ever ridden a bike - any bike for that matter and I highly doubt they've ever ridden one like mine. Any you know what? I couldn't give a f
  11. I got into the RC game during the pandemic and wanting something to do with my ample if somewhat unemployed time. I bought a Terra Scorcher because when I was a nipper in the 80's I had a QD Super Sabre. If I had the choice back then I'd have bought the 'Saber without a hesitation, but now? It's not going to drive any differently from my Terra Scorcher is it, plus the most fun part for me is in the building of the diffs, gearboxes and suspension. This is basically going to be doing the same again as the TS, isn't it? So I want one, I really do. But I'm probably better off buying the Tyrrell P34 or a Merc C11 (and popping a Nissan or Mazda body upon) for something that'll be a new experience and drive very differently. If only I could get a Sabre body to fit the twin front shocked Scorcher chassis. In my (ridiculously biased) eyes, the Sabre is one of the best looking buggies ever made.
  12. Sorry to hear it, hope the end is peaceful and surrounded by those who love you.
  13. Aye, watching too! Just got the standard CVA's on mine but wouldn't be averse so something a little more Gucci on it...
  14. Am I right in thinking a Super Sabre is just a Boomerang in a different frock? The Thundershot was a proper new model albeit similar looking with some worthwhile modifications/upgrades to the chassis?
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