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  1. I went down the fixed bar route. It's one less thing to go wrong on the chassis, and it still allows the axle to articulate and compress. It's sturdy and you're not exactly looking for the ultimate in performance here are you? I bought it as part of a four part kit off fleabay, the other three bars act as braces between the front shock towers and between the chassis overhang and the axle pivot dropouts. I'm quite impressed with the kit. The first post of my build thread is here if it helps.
  2. I race motorbikes a bit, but mainly do trackdays. I've got an '07 Kawasaki ZX6r and a '95 Honda RVF750 RC45, both in race trim. I've got a Suzuki GSX-R 750 and a ZXR400 as road bikes, the latter needs a bit of work to get it running again, and the ZX6r need a new 3/4th gear and selector fork so the engine will have to come out at some point. I've just bought a 250 2 stroke Beta trials bike, where I live in the far South West of England there's no racetracks for a long way, so I thought I'd give trials a go as it's motor sport I can do nearby. I like to surf, SUP and cycle a lot too, and a two year old son puts paid to a lot of my free time. I'm hoping he might like to have a go at trials at some point too, so it'll be something we can do together whilst he still wants to hang out with his old man.
  3. I was going to suggest a piece of leather, I'm sure a shoe repair place could do a neat job. Failing that how about a cork handlebar grip from a racing bicycle? 3D printing still slightly feels a bit like magic though!
  4. I could write a good side of A4 or two saying quite derogatory things about MyLaps whilst being utterly accurate and truthful from my experience in club level motorbike racing. Years ago they sold you a transponder for £300 and that was all you needed. The club paid for the registration software and used the circuits inbuilt timing loop. Transponders would get lost or damaged in crashes so MyLaps would have a small but steady income stream. Used transponders would sell for about half the price of a new one between club members. Then one day, MyLaps got greedy and decided to sell transponders for slightly cheaper than before, but make them subscription only. So not only did you have to pay for the unit, but you needed to pay almost a third again each year to enable the transponder to work. The result was that the non-subscription transponders rose stratospherically in price, and everyone thought that MyLaps were a bunch of *insert your choice of bad word(s) here*. I believe the change came about when the company was sold on to a bunch of people with investment capital in mind. One of the unintended consequences was that people who had crashed their motorbike would instead of jumping clear and getting to a point of safety behind a barrier were now more concerned about combing through the gravel traps trying to make sure that their transponder was found.
  5. As Deadmeat says, the battery compartment will need a little of the webbing shaving down with a dremmel to fit the square edged packs. I have seen someone mount a Lipo inside the tub of the chassis longitudinally and I don't think it took much effort. If I remember rightly they were advertising a battery tray on ebay.co.uk to hold it in from the top?
  6. 1) Super Sabre 2) Nissan King Cab 3) Spares for their products at a decent price 4) Yeah, really 5) It can't be that hard to do, can it?
  7. What's the difference between the Scorpion and the Turbot Scorpion please? Is it just the colour of the body/shock bodies and the slightly different wheels? I keep looking at these, then back to DT-03's which are less than half the price. The Kyosho's look like they've been designed and manufactured with love though. I've also heard that the gearboxes on the DT-03's are quite fragile too. Hence why I keep looking at the Scorpions...
  8. "Stance, innit bruv?" As us youths* doth say... * Stretching the definition of youth to almost breaking point since the late 70's...
  9. I'm currently on a ship in the middle of the North Sea, no attempts at the track from me this time I'm afraid. Hopefully I'll be back home mid January and I'll have a try at whatever track is up then. Good luck everyone and have fun :)
  10. I asked that question a few weeks back as I was thinking of buying a Tyrrell, others on here believed that the fronts were pretty rare. What @speedy_w_beans has given me a bit of a rethink though. Hmmmm.... I suspect I'll get a TT02 Type S, but with tyre options the Tyrrell might get looked at again in a moment of boredom/weakness/feeling flush....
  11. I'd really like a set of the chrome wheels too, I think they'd look better on my Lunchie, but I couldn't find any when I was building it so I bought some black MP ones instead. I've just had another look on fleabay and there are loads now for reasonable money
  12. I used some AbroSteel around the hubs to give them a bit of support: It was advised by Pete Wylie on his youtube videos.
  13. Me too, but I'll end up buying a TT02 Type S when they're back in stock in spring. I can't think of anywhere smooth enough to run an F1 (Tyrrell P34) without having to drive into Falmouth or Truro and use a carpark, at least a touring car will roll over the odd bit of gravel and leaves. I don't really do any practice to be honest, I have maybe three or four goes at each track with both the Terra Scorcher and the Lunchie on different days then forget about it for a week or so. I'm at home most days, but I can't find the time to do anything but work on the never ending list of jobs... Right now I ought to be emailing my accountant and sorting out my tax affairs.
  14. @TurnipJF for starting the postal racing. It's spread quite a bit of happiness through the forum.
  15. So whilst having a go at Postal Racing V I noticed that the steering had gone a wee bit wobbly*. It turns out that the screw holding the steering horn had unthreaded itself from the Etronix servo. I tightened it backup, but after another five minutes of scoofing around the drive and front garden it had come undone again. I decided to revisit the GPM Racing aluminium steering servo-saver and arms to see if I could get it to fit. I needed a washer to retain a longer, 5mm screw instead of the 3.5mm one that had come with the servo which would also hold the two parts of the horn together. Ideally I'd have spun a piece of alu on a lathe to make it the right diameter, but without one available and a want to get it running today I decided to take an M3 washer and grind it by hand down a fraction. I realise that's a proper hash way of doing it but I'm out of options, plus having it slightly off centre would make for a better interference fit with the plastic output barrel of the servo. Anyway, ten minutes with the dremmel and I managed to got it to fit mostly square, but it's now very firmly together. I put a drop of cement on the screws thread too which should hopefully stop it from unwinding itself in future. It's in now, and although I set the tie rod lengths as per the manual it had a hideous amount of tow in and neither by a similar amount. I've adjusted it by eye and it now runs more or less straightish. It's not like it his the front wheels on the ground much of the time anyway... *That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it...
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