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  1. Bought my son a neo scorcher and had a hope to restore the RC car from my youth, my Marui Galaxy RS. Unfortunately I have seen parts are really hard to come by so I have decided to sell it. Hopefully will be able to use the funds to get a car for my daughter. I have posted it on ebay but I thought I would make a post here as someone might be interested in it to restore or for parts. Just give me a buzz if I can help anyone.
  2. I saw the rc4's on ebay but only the rc6's on banggood. Manual was useful. Tnx.
  3. Thanks. I will add these to the list. Very helpful. Aarma one looks great. Do they all have end point adjustments for the throttle?
  4. HI Burakol. Thanks for the video. Really useful. Unfortunately my radio gear doesn't have that option. I was recommenced to get a Flysky GT3C or Futaba 3PV when I do. Any other suggestions welcome? Maybe for when my daughter gets into it, she is only 3 at the moment. I was thinking that even though it isn't a much faster motor, the increase in wheel diameter should speed it up if needed.
  5. Ok great, piece of mind. Appreciate the advice.
  6. Hiya. Thanks for the follow up and great question I have been asking myself. I was originally looking at the 13.5t and 17.5 t brushless For one thing I am having trouble finding some brushless motors like that in the UK that dont cost the earth. Also it is really for my son (or I tell myself that) and not too fused if the speed stay around that which the tamiya torque motor I have currently gives. Any suggestions? [Also when I first put on the big wheels I had the clicking of the gears and have ordered the metal part bag to replace the bevel pinions. And the esc got hot hence the motor choice.]
  7. Just so I have fully understood. I will need to fit the new connectors to the ESC and they will attach to the motor?
  8. Apologies - novice question I have a tble02s esc and want to upgrade the motor, thinking the Speed Passion V3.0 Competition BL 21.5T https://www.modelsport.co.uk/speed-passion-v3-0-competition-bl-21-5t/rc-car-products/379808 The stock esc that came with the neo scorcher has bullet connectors. What do I need to purchased to be able to connect the Speed passion motor with the tble02s ESC? Or is it just to remove the current connectors on the esc and solder? Ideally it would be nice to have the ability to more easily remove the motor from the esc. Kind regards Alun
  9. That's brilliant. Many thanks. I am new/ returning to this and didn't know about programming cards for the ESC. Sounds like about at least £100 for all that if you get the gear set from front and back and the esc combo.
  10. Very cool. I tried the big wheels but I find the esc gets hot and I have the clicking! Hence I think i need to upgrade motor/esc and diffs. Can you link to what diffs you ordered? Also is it the stock ESC? Thanks!
  11. Seems like some good deals on the combo. Just need to convince my other stakeholder to spend more money on a hobby for my son ;-)
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