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  1. @Frankster This is amazing. Thanks so much for the ideas. The shocks are the next on my hit list so will look at this.
  2. Thanks. CC-01 looks v cool. When I have the 13.t brushless, the car does tend to take off.
  3. Here are a couple of pics below. In essence where we are, more ground clearance is a must and the TT02b's are great builds with the kids. Big wheels give it more clearance. Unfortunately big wheels put too much strain on the drive train. This if you enlarge the wheels, there are a couple of things that really help with the car: 1. Upgrade the differential gear sets to metal. Leave the large spur plastic as a point of failure if needed as there is no slip clutch for the tt02b. Plenty of threads on this 2. Upgrade the motor to brushless if using the standard esc 3. Metal racing motor mount 4. Metal Shock towers!! Other upgrades which help {only that I have done, the guys on this forum are much better experts than me} - Turnbuckle set, better bearings, change pinion to look at different gear ratios, change dogbones [a stock plastic one broke] {see above thread}, metal driveshaft, metal cups {although one metal one broke as I moved to a 13.5 turn brushless motor, most likely due to chinesium, pay for good parts!}.
  4. The answer was....nope. Took the cars out and the shafts/ dogbones still popped out, easily. However, I did find the cause and solution. Hats off to @TurnipJF 'Shock Towers' I had monsterised the car and this put even more stress on the towers. Initially, as the cars were quite new, this wasn't an issue. As time has passed, the stress has caused these to become weaker. Once I analysed the cars closely, I could see how they flex and thus allow for the pieces to pop out on just a tight corner. I have updated all my towers to metal and no dogbone/ shaft has dropped out since. I am still pleased to have upgraded the shafts although if you read this thread and want to stop dogbones popping out, 'Shock Towers'.
  5. soooo....what happened. I tried 3 solutions. DF02 universals: DF03 Swing shaft: Also I tried using double O rings. Did it work?
  6. Thanks Frankster, much appreciated. Jonathan - Thank you. I have monsterised both the tt02bs and the additional weight of the wheels in motion on the stock parts might be part of the issue, although with one I have also a turnbuckle kit which I have now shortened more to see if that helps. I have had the dogbones pop out on all areas. The DF02 cvds will be a solution on one of the cars although equally I might look at the universals you mentioned if the o ring/ washer solution doesnt work out on the other car. I will make sure I update this post with the findings as many posts dont seem to follow through with a conclusion. Thanks for the advice on the makes of parts.
  7. Would you mind explaining this comment please?
  8. Thanks Frankster. With one car I am going to try DF02 CVD's and the other I will try two o rings/ or the spacer advice you have given. Juggler also mentioned about shortening the shocks so will also look at that.
  9. Thanks both. I might try a few ideas with the two cars and see what works.
  10. Anyone have an opinion on these? {YEAH RACING G45 UNIVERSAL STEEL SWING SHAFT FOR TAMIYA DF03 TT02B - seems like a good price and potential popping dogbone soln}
  11. Good to know. I was on Tony's store on ebay and could only find CVDs for the DF02 but at £30 for a pair. However I have bought cheap cups before and they snapped so I have also had that lesson.
  12. Thank you. Would you recommend them? Or would the DF02 stock dogbones be a nicer alternative (if the double o ring trick doesnt work)
  13. Thanks. I had a look around and I had a question ref: DF02 In the instructions for the DF02, the dogbones seem to both slot into grooves in the cups, but I have also seen some dogbones, that are fixed into the wheel side cup, such as here Which ones/ types are you referring to? Cheers Alun
  14. Good to know. I seem to have a nice upgrade path now from this thread.
  15. "I found more DF-02 parts to be the solution to the dogbone issue. The DF-02 has longer dogbones and deeper cups on the outdrives and axles, all of which makes sure the dogbones stay put, and they are a direct fit for the TT-02B." I did not know that. Brilliant. Would you recommend any particular brand or website? I have had a look and the Tamiya stock parts seem hard to come by.
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