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  1. Thanks Frankster, much appreciated. Jonathan - Thank you. I have monsterised both the tt02bs and the additional weight of the wheels in motion on the stock parts might be part of the issue, although with one I have also a turnbuckle kit which I have now shortened more to see if that helps. I have had the dogbones pop out on all areas. The DF02 cvds will be a solution on one of the cars although equally I might look at the universals you mentioned if the o ring/ washer solution doesnt work out on the other car. I will make sure I update this post with the findings as many posts dont seem to follow through with a conclusion. Thanks for the advice on the makes of parts.
  2. Would you mind explaining this comment please?
  3. Thanks Frankster. With one car I am going to try DF02 CVD's and the other I will try two o rings/ or the spacer advice you have given. Juggler also mentioned about shortening the shocks so will also look at that.
  4. Thanks both. I might try a few ideas with the two cars and see what works.
  5. Anyone have an opinion on these? {YEAH RACING G45 UNIVERSAL STEEL SWING SHAFT FOR TAMIYA DF03 TT02B - seems like a good price and potential popping dogbone soln}
  6. Good to know. I was on Tony's store on ebay and could only find CVDs for the DF02 but at £30 for a pair. However I have bought cheap cups before and they snapped so I have also had that lesson.
  7. Thank you. Would you recommend them? Or would the DF02 stock dogbones be a nicer alternative (if the double o ring trick doesnt work)
  8. Thanks. I had a look around and I had a question ref: DF02 In the instructions for the DF02, the dogbones seem to both slot into grooves in the cups, but I have also seen some dogbones, that are fixed into the wheel side cup, such as here Which ones/ types are you referring to? Cheers Alun
  9. Good to know. I seem to have a nice upgrade path now from this thread.
  10. "I found more DF-02 parts to be the solution to the dogbone issue. The DF-02 has longer dogbones and deeper cups on the outdrives and axles, all of which makes sure the dogbones stay put, and they are a direct fit for the TT-02B." I did not know that. Brilliant. Would you recommend any particular brand or website? I have had a look and the Tamiya stock parts seem hard to come by.
  11. Perfect. Thanks. I have the df02 gears and steering linkages. The other stock parts do seem good.
  12. Thanks Juggular. I have ordered a bunch of o-rings and will give it a try. Currently I have stock suspension. If I was to upgrade the suspension, where is the best place to start? Simply the suspension arms? Do you have any recommended brands? Thanks Alun
  13. Thank you. I can try that. Unfortunately it won't push the dogbone further into the cup though.
  14. Thanks. I have one o ring on the inner cup as per the build instruction. Do you mean having another on the outer cup too?
  15. Hi All, I was wondering if any one had any tips on this. I have seen a few other posts such as here. Nothing of a concrete solution. My kids have two tt02b's. On any kind of bump off road they seem to pop out a dogbone even if it is a very minor bump. Between the cars, I have from completely stock, to metal dog bones and a Tamiya turnbuckle kit. Both cars have issues. Is there any recommendation on a spacer to enable the dog bones to sit more comfortably? Thanks in advance Alun
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