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  1. Took the plastic film and window masks off the tomahawk after painting yesterday. Went for PS30 brilliant blue in the end.
  2. Got the tomahawk put together and kitted it out with turbo scorpion wheels. Just need a good day to paint.
  3. +1 for this, I have recently finished restoring my original Blackfoot and have decided to shelve it - bought a new kit as a runner. You can still choose to upgrade the heck out of the re-re!
  4. Got the ww2 chassis finished and had a quick blast 😜.
  5. Finally got round to starting work on the ww2 chassis. Rebuilt the gearbox and installed new bearings, got through bag A steps in an hour or so with my daughter helping out. First time I’ve had the body in such an advanced state before starting work on the chassis.
  6. Wheels arrived so this project is finished!
  7. After 6 weeks, Blackfoot wheels arrived from California. Can finally get this one done ☺️
  8. Yep, my other choice might be to go with a PS35 blue violet. Decisions decisions
  9. NIce! I was thinking on using PS54 on my next build (Kyosho Tomahawk)
  10. Still painting πŸ˜‚ Willy none too pleased he is still armless
  11. Got a bit more painting done on this one πŸ˜‹
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