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  1. Thanks Kev, I do have the original Silvercan, but I am not sure on its condition. I will give it a try first, to see if it works.
  2. Thanks for the comment, Is the humpback battery basically just away to squeeze in the extra cell into the mechanism box? I think I have some servos and a receiver in my old Schumacher Cats and Yokomo Mr4. Might seem like a really obvious question, but will this stuff still be compatible with modern ESC's and transmitters? I take it this is the sport tuned motor https://www.modelsport.co.uk/tamiya-rs-540-sport-tuned-motor/rc-car-products/1474 Is it a direct replacement for the standard one? Thanks for the help
  3. Hello, I am currently rebuilding an original Sand Scorcher, but I could use some advice about Electronics. I need a complete set up to finish my build. ESC: I was thinking a Hobbywing quicrun 1060 ESC? Servo: Not sure Receiver: Again,not sure. Battery: This 5cell 6V 3300 mAh NimH. https://www.vapextech.co.uk/6v-3300mah-airsoft-battery-vapextech-tamiya/ Motor: Again, not sure what my options are. Ideally I want a motor that will just slot in. Transmitter: I will need one. I would prefer sticks to a wheel. Charger: I have an old Pro-Trak charger, that I haven't used since I stopped racing 1/10 buggies in the early 2000's. Not sure if this will be still useable. Would be great for any advice or comments. Thanks guys
  4. Build is progressing, forum member Kev has been kind enough to supply a few missing parts. Once they arrive the chassis should be complete. Then I will have to more onto electronics. can anyone advise a decent set up? After some good advice in this thread, it seems that a Hobbywing 1060 ESC would be a good starting point. Can anyone recommend a servo, receiver, motor and transmitter and charger? I will have to dig around to see what I have got. I used to race 1/10 off-road, so I have some late 90's early 2000's stuff. Still think I have a Pro-Trak charger somewhere, and couple of transmitters (the type that used the coloured crystals). Probably have servos and receivers in my old Schumacher Cats and Yokomo's . However, not sure how much of it will be of use. Thanks
  5. Bit of an update, Stripped down everything and started the rebuild. I tried to wet sand the radio box, this hasn't gone too well and turned the plastic a milky colour... so, that will need some attention. However, there was lots of tape wrapped around the bottom piece of the radio box, this was covering lots of cracks and glue. So I might just end up replacing the whole thing. Dampers have been a bit tricky, one of the rear damper cylinders was bent and the brass caps are a bit mashed up (although I think they will still seal). So, I am looking for a replacement, but would be open to changing the suspension set up, if I can find a better option. I have placed a wanted add on this forum, to see if anyone has anything that might be useful. The front arm shafts were bent, so I have purchased some re-release ones. However, they have a flat spot on the end of each shaft. I notice the originals do not, I hope they will still fit. I have replaced the bronze bushings with bearings, do i need to grease the bearings, or are they just fine to install without? Thanks
  6. Hello, I am currently rebuilding an original sand scorcher. The dampers have been difficult, bent, brass caps mashed, and everything covered in sealant. So, I could use a rear cylinder if anyone has one. However, they have been such a pain, that if anyone has any a damper set, or an after market shock set they would be willing to part with, then it would be great to hear from you. I am based in the UK, Thanks
  7. Thanks for your advice everyone, I am hoping to get started on it early next week. I shall post pics when I have sanded and rebuilt the chassis.
  8. Hello, I am currently restoring a Sand Scorcher and could use some advice. The radio box and gear covers are very discoloured, I would like to clean them up a bit if possible. After some advice on this forum, wet sanding was recommended to clear the plastic radio box. I have purchased a set of wet and dry sandpaper, which comes in grits of 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000, 2500. Now, this might seem like an obvious question to many of you...but how do you actually wet sand? Should I start with the 1000 and work my way up? I was unsure if I would have to dry sand too? Would just be good to get some advice about the process, before I get going. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the advice, I shall give wet sanding a try. I will go with the grease, what sort of grease is suitable to seal the gear casing? Would it be better to run the gears dry, or use some gear grease? I will use some bearings. I take it its just a straight forward swap, replace every bronze bushing with a bearing? Cheers
  10. Oh, and I did consider if I should replace the bronze bushings with bearings. I want to find a balance between keeping the car reasonably original, yet be open to some small upgrades that make it more useable and fun to drive. Is a bearing set a good way to go?
  11. Looks like a fantastic project, came out really well. I do have a couple of questions, how do you wet sand plastic? My radio box is very discoloured, the receiver box was missing so I have purchased another. Would be nice if I could clean the radio box up a bit. Do you have an opinion about using the sealing silicone, or any other alternatives? I want to run the car, and if it can be helped, not rebuild it after every use. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the reply. I am still not sure about sealing with silicone. This one has had a reasonable amount of use, covered in gunk, but the silicone seal in the gear housing must have worked, as it was spotless inside. But, its not the easy to remove. However, I don't live near the beach, so I can't imagine it will see sand too often. So... not sure what to do. Has anyone else got any advice? Cheers
  13. My Sand Scorcher project is progressing. I have stripped and cleaned everything. Some grub screws were a bit tricky to extract, but I have just about done it. The dampers were also a bit fiddly, i messed up on of the tops trying to take it apart, but I hope they should all be useable. I am currently ordering a couple of replacement parts. One quick question, in the manual it states that I need a 'tube of silicone rubber'. This is for sealing the gear case and a few other bits. What sort of silicone should I be looking for? Something specific to rc cars? Do Tamiya make some? Will post some pics when I have put it back together. Thanks
  14. Hello, I am currently rebuilding an original Sand Scorcher, its my first project like this, and I could use some advice. The car has been well used, and is covered in thick black grease. So, I have been taking everything apart, cleaning with soapy water and WD40, and seeing what needs to be replaced. One issue I have run into is stripped grub screws. Most annoyingly on the pinion attached to the motor. Stripped grub screws are also on 2 of the shocks, and on the front suspension. Any idea how I can remove stripped grub screws? I tried to use a dab of superglue, which didn't work. The rubber around the shocks has perished. Is this part specific to the sand scorcher? If so, can someone point me in the right direction where I could find some. When I start to rebuild, should I use thread lock on the screws? Also, for lubrication I have some slilcone grease. Is this suitable for the gears and the rest of the car? Still not sure about electronics yet..., its some thing I should think about. Would be grateful for some advice, Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the advice, I have seen a shock fix, that uses a shock o-ring hop-up kit (part 53574), it can help leaky shocks. Any idea on what shock oil I should purchase? That gives me a good starting point with electronics, I think I will concentrate on getting the car cleaned up and rebuilt, then when I have a solid car, look at purchasing electronics. Just looking over the instruction manual, lots of parts need greasing. What sort of grease should I use? Looking at model grease online, there as loads of options,its a bit confusing. Thanks
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