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  1. Fantastic, that's a great in-depth explanation of all of the various chassis. I think an F103 or 04 would suit me. However, I had looked at the Tyrrell 6 wheeler... I shall see what I can find.
  2. Hello, I was recently in a similar position, away from RC for along time and acquired an original Sand Scorcher that was in rough shape. I made a thread about it, if you want to have a look: First I took everything apart, cleaned each piece with a toothbrush, warm soapy water and wd40. Once apart, I replaced any parts that were missing/broken, or perished (all the rubber parts needed replacing). Then I rebuilt it, so I had a rolling chassis. There are Sand Scorcher manuals online, which help with putting it back together! I did make some modifications, I replaced the brass brushes for bearings and I removed the torsion bar suspension for coil overs. Once I had a solid base, then I thought about electronic options. I kept the original motor, but used a modern servo, battery, esc and receiver. It was all pretty much plug in and go. I am sure you will get some good advice from others on this forum.
  3. Thanks for that, i did wonder about spairs/shells. I shall have a look at the different chassis, and see what i fancy.
  4. Hello, After an extended break from RC, I recently completed a Sand Scorcher rebuild, which I really enjoyed. I am interested in purchasing a Tamiya F1 chassis, f102,f103, f104 etc. However, I have no idea where to start. It would be great if someone could tell me the difference between the various f1 chassis, if spares are easy to source and if any models are considered to be 'better' than the rest. I have had a quick look on ebay, i see a few come up relativity frequently. But, would like a bit more info before I try and get one, or see if anyone on here has one they would be willing to part with. Thanks.
  5. Yes, I have a cat 2000 ec that is still plastered in mud, I probably last ran it 20 years ago. Plus,I have another standard 2000 thats in bits, so I am hoping to build that one up. And a 3000 that also needs attention!
  6. Hi, Thanks for the offer. But, I may have sourced one. I am waiting for a guy to get back to me, so hopefully that will work out. Whilst I am waiting, I am about to start a schumacher cat 2000 ec project, which I have just got a few bits for.
  7. Yeah, he is glad that I have restored it. Its been a fun project. In the late 90's I used to race Schumacher Cats and Yokomo's. I would break them, my dad would fix them. I am going to start restoring one of those next.
  8. Found the shell. Needs a good clean, but I am happy with it. Missing the rear lights and door handles, they might be around somewhere. Still going to buy a new shell for when I run it.
  9. I contacted Penguin RC, unfortunately they don't have a copy of the manual. So, still looking for one.
  10. I contacted a forum member who had some he was willing to sell. Not sure if anyone makes something that's similar.
  11. They are quite simple, its a brass collar at the top and a washer at the bottom. The collar can be moved up and down the damper by a grub screw.
  12. Update, I have really enjoyed this project, a huge thanks to those who have given there advice. Especially forum member Kev, who has helped me along the way and kindly provided some parts that I was missing. Parts that I have replaced include receiver compartment, tyres, mechanism box rubber grommet, rubber on/off switch cover, damper bushings, servo arm and sleeve, cam locks and springs, 2 of the damper cylinders, a cracked brass damper end, the front arm shafts and a few screws. Some were new parts, other 'new' old stock. I wanted to keep it reasonably original. However, I decided on a few modifications. I swapped the bronze bushings with bearings and swapped out the torsion bar damper set-up for coil-overs. I really like this solution, as it means I can retain the original dampers. I used TRF O rings in the dampers, in an attempt to stop them leaking. I have retained the original motor, I did think about swapping it, but its something I may look at in the future. There are a few things that I might change and need attention. Currently running a 5 cell battery, might look for a humpback. I wet sanded and then used T-cut on the mechanism box, not really happy with how it came out, so I might try again. The lower section of the mechanism box is cracked, I did try and glue it, but it needs doing again. The rear rubber piece that holds in the mechanism box has hardened, so it dosen't 'clip' into the box, I need a replacement for that. The motor to esc connection needs tidying up. I do have a shell...but its in storage atm (hope I can find it!), but i will probably buy a new shell when I run it. I did fancy a chrome bumper, or maybe some alloy wheel covers, but I shall see what comes up. Cheers
  13. Thanks for that, I will send them a message.
  14. Ah, thanks mate. yes, I am in the UK. L and L seem to have a great selection of shells, but not much in stock. I shall keep an eye out to see if any come in. Were you happy with your escort cossie shell?
  15. Hello, After a long break from RC, I have spent the last month re-building my dads original Sand Scorcher. I have really enjoyed it, so next i am going to look at a few cars that I raced in the late 90's/early 2000's. I have a Schumacher Cat 2000 EC, a regular 2000 in bits and a 3000. But, first I am going to rebuild a Yokomo MR4 Rally. I have two of them, if I remember correctly 1 has lots of hop-up option parts and was the better car. Plan is basically to rebuild, replace electrics (not too sure with what) and replace the shell. I do have a couple of questions: 1. Does anyone have an MR4 Rally manual? Mine is long gone, and I cant seem to find any PDF versions online. 2. I know most 1/10 touring-rally cars take a 190mm or 200mm body. Which is the correct size for the MR4 and how do you measure it? I fancy group B rally shell, 205 t16, 6r4 or a Quattro S1. Maybe even a mk2 escort. Can anyone recommend somewhere I can purchase a shell like that? Thanks guys
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