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  1. Looking forward to this... about to jump into a TT 02 build myself... Good Luck
  2. Thanks appreciate it @TurnipJF trust me im taking in all the input i can get. Anymore advice im all ears....
  3. Anymore updates on this build? Im in the process of a TL 01 rebuild myself
  4. Already stripped down and cleaned, bearings are on order and looking into ESCs as im typing this. Once the suspension parts come in ill do a complete tear down and rebuild. Im really looking forward to this. Anything else you guys recommend me doing while i got it tore down? gears or anything?
  5. Yes i have a old futaba T2ER AND the stock ESC it came it . ima pretty used to the radio so i kinda wanna keep it. Mostly im just looking at info on upgrading and bringing the chassis up to date. I tinker on my real cars so i figured this would be just as fun...just cheaper...lol
  6. Hello all, Newbie to the whole RC world , back in 1992 when i was Stationed in Germany i bought a old Subaru TL 01 setup. Nothing fancy just out the box fun that we would have races in the barracks and she held her own. Car has been in storage since 2003 and i opened the box and figured...Why not. Been doing a LOT of reading but most of the stuff i find is older (8-10 years old). If anyone has any info or could point me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it. From what i have been reading suspension shocks, and a few minor tweeks will make this a good running car. Not looking for a speed demon, just something to have fun with.
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