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  1. Gearbox bracing? Tell me more! Not obvious from your build (apologies if being dim). Links to any for sale?
  2. And see what I come up with!! Thanks @Collin Seem familiar @matisse?
  3. Formulating a new plan.... Details to follow soon...
  4. Thanks everyone, sounds like no serious aversion to hopping up a vintage car then! Getting a rere is an interesting thought but it would have to bnib for me to consider and nobody has these in stock anymore so I think that's a non starter sadly.
  5. I have a dilemma. I purchased a vintage manta ray off here a few months back to start my journey back into RC. It's a lovely thing. Drives great but I don't use it much. I am starting to feel to use it I want to hop it up a bit. Currently runs a brushed 21t but toying with going sensored brushless and adding a bit more power. I recently purchased a ball diff for it and a front one way so I have a few bits to play with already. But I have a nagging feeling I shouldn't be messing with a very nice example of a vintage car. Maybe I should get something newer to mess about with bad let someone who really would like a proper vintage manta have the car. Maybe get a df03 for example so I can add a slipper and so on and not have to worry about aged plastics or anything. What's the feeling out there? Shame to waste a very nice vintage car? or stop being precious it's only a manta ray!? P.s. thanks @matisse I totally stole your photo
  6. I have no idea but I would love to know more as I really fancy one of these too. Was hoping it would handle a mild brushless. Having said that... Surely start with your sport tuned and see how it is? Easy to go faster later, and free to find out what it's like. I have completely ruined cars by going to fast for the chassis and falling out of love with it as it just undriveable.
  7. Gotta love a bear hawk. Looks super clean. Shelf queen or runner?
  8. If grizy didn't take it I happily will 🙂
  9. Sadly i don't own it. Was on eBay and I didn't win. Went for £296 which is a bit rich for me!
  10. @Snappy1 you are totally awesome. Thank you.
  11. Hi all! Sorry to have to ask one of these questions but can anyone identify from these pictures if this is an Avante 2001 or an egress? It has an egress shell and wheels but it's hard to tell and I am not educated enough to tell the finer differences. Can anyone help? I'm guessing Avante due to the lack of hi-caps and the front shock tower doesn't have the brace across it.
  12. Lunchbox or wild Willy would get my vote. I guess it depends what era you grew up in and if you ever raced. Avante for example does look awesome and although it was released when I was a kid it wasn't the average child's play thing, so it wasn't even on my radar. Definitely more about the entry level cars for me when you are talking iconic.
  13. Thanks all some interesting thoughts there. Don't forget selling hydrocarbon powered cars will be outlawed in just over 9 years. It's coming and it's not far away. Personally I think hydrogen fuel cells is what will make this a reality long term. Planes won't fly on batteries in our lifetime (long haul) so the only viable alternative is going to be bio fuel or hydrogen. Bio fuel isn't sustainable long term as it takes up too much land. So producing green hydrogen is key. I work in the energy industry and there is increasingly a focus on hydrogen, I think its problems will be overcome quicker than trying to build a charging infrastructure particularly in places like the UK with an ageing road and home network that will be very hard to adapt.... But I digress... Back to the question in hand, will petrol cars be worth nothing in 10 years time, or will collectable cars be worth more?
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