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  1. Says 20mph then says 20kmh. I wonder which it is...
  2. Really interested if still available?
  3. Tempted to tell you that selling is a great idea and you should sell me your bear hawk.... I think the market is actually cooling a bit with people going back to work and those who wanted vintage stuff having got things. The cars I have been keeping an eye on on eBay are definitely a bit cheaper than they were 3 weeks ago. (So glad I missed out on some very overpriced junk) Putting money into your mortgage pot is never a bad idea and having less stuff to move when the time comes is always a bonus. But make sure you don't sell stuff that you will definitely miss....
  4. This one has caught my eye as a budget option. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07NDHZHMF/ref=cm_sw_r_em_apa_i_.ZoWEbWE991HN I have had Carson in the past and although pretty budget they seem to have been reliable enough...
  5. You mean this one? https://www.modelsport.co.uk/index.php?product_id=1330340&gclid=CjwKCAjwwYP2BRBGEiwAkoBpAn8ZEOVElXLil6vnSkM8v41qYJ-b7VWjBA8r4Xf7ybZv9qLWX4E6AxoCN0sQAvD_BwE Also very cool. Thanks
  6. Oh, that does look nice. Not cheap but very tempting....
  7. I have one of these https://hobbyking.com/en_us/quanum-2-4ghz-3ch-pistol-grip-tx-rx-system.html I got it because I really liked how small and simple it was. It's a great size and you can just stick the transmitter in your pocket. Unfortunately it's also a pile of turd and today seems to have given up the ghost. It's always been a bit flaky for reverse and I actually didn't use it for a while and changed it for a much more serious turnigy 5 channel all signing and dancing number. The seller sent me a new receiver after it was troublesome before but it's never been right. Sorry waffling a bit... Can anyone recommend a really small transitter that's not the one above? Thanks GB
  8. I now have 2 rolling projects which should keep me going. Thanks everyone for your help!
  9. Thanks Chris. Off to eBay for d parts I go!
  10. May have just found the answer to my question.... "If you are thinking alloy arms, it's not a good idea on a runner. Alloy for knuckles and C-hubs and front gearbox base by all means, but forget about alloy arms. Catch anything with a wheel and it will tear the pivot from the gearbox instead of tear the arm off the pin. Much cheaper to buy replacement arms than it is to buy new gearbox casings."
  11. Was having a little drive round the garden yesterday and rather daftly let my manta ray get out of sight and bashed it into a wall. I managed to bend the front lower wishbone where it attaches to the hub and the pin popped out. I have managed to bend it back but I suspect it won't last long. There seems to be lots of options out there to change to an aluminium wishbone but it doesn't look like many people do it. Just wondering if there is a good reason not to switch to aluminium? It really isn't that much more expensive and I am likely to know the front again at some point.... Thanks everyone!
  12. Might be worth saying where abouts in the world you are as there are members all over the world on here. Any idea what sort of price you are looking for and would you post?
  13. Thanks turnip. What a great explanation! Makes perfect sense. Looks like it's Lipo time!!!
  14. After years of having a lunchbox I have recently purchased a lovely vintage manta ray. I've put modern ESC and radio gear in it and all is going well. I am using the same NiMH battery packs I used in my lunchbox (which runs a sports tuned) and the batteries last at least 30mins in the lunchbox but only about 15mins in the manta ray. Now I guess the manta is a a smidge heavier, and has the extra battery draw of 4wd but I wasn't expecting that much difference. Is that normal? Maybe my battery pack is dieing and it's just a coincidence. Never had 4wd tamiya before so I don't know what to expect.
  15. Cheers folks. Assuming I stick with tamiya screws is there an effecient way to buy them. I can get the bear hawk screw bags but if it's better to buy in bulk and have spares I'm all for it. The bear hawk will be light use. Slightly upgraded but nothing crazy...
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