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  1. I do also wonder if the hit count for wild Willy is so high because whenever people post about it they feel the need to say Willy a lot. (Like I do)
  2. Thanks all. Indeed looking at search does show quite a lot of Willie's. But looking for lunchbox and lunch combined gets you more. Maybe it's being a noob that has caused my confusion. It just feels like every time someone asks the inevitable "what RC" question someone always says lunchbox (rightly so too!) But I don't think I have seen a post where someone says wild Willy. Personally I have always liked the idea of having a Willy to Wang around the garden and generally get it stuck into all sort of places it shouldn't be. But it probably isn't that different in experience to my lunchbox to warrant the expense... Maybe combining Vanessa's lunchbox with nice shiny new Willy is the way to go though? Thoughts?
  3. Just been idling browsing new kits and wild Willy 2 pops up. I don't know anything about them but it appears they are similar in ethos to a lunchbox but a better chassis design (double wishbones etc)? Now everyone universally seems to love a lunchbox and it's a regular topic of discussion. But I see hardly any post on wild Willy 2. Just wondering if there was a reason it doesn't get talked about much? (Maybe it does and I just missed it?)
  4. Thanks @Mad Ax I don't necessarily need monster truck wheels just something a bit bigger. Stadium blitzer wheels appear to be cheap so I've requested a couple of notifications of when they came back in stock. Let's see! Thanks for the advice.
  5. Tempting but no thanks. Besides I think postage to WA might be a bit prohibitive!!
  6. Thanks @paullyjay I was really after something with 12mm hex fittings for the rear.
  7. Very long shot but looking for some larger wheels and tyres with bearing front and 12mm hex rears. I believe blitzer beetle, stadium blitzer, madbulls and Wr02 variants all run these. Anything considered tamiya or aftermarket 👍 Thanks GB (UK based)
  8. Cheers everyone. That's awesome! Lots to research there. Hopefully I can make something work for not too much money. Some of the prices are crazy at the moment. Why I would pay £30 for used madbull wheels makes no sense to me when the whole kit is only £90. Crazy times!! Thank again.
  9. Having recently acquired a number of bear hawks in various states of repair I have one for general driving pleasure whilst I work on restoring the others. I have been using it mainly on grass and really it could do with better ground clearance for the long grass. (Yeah I know it's never going to be great on grass, my lunchie and my manta ray are both better but it's all part of the fun to experiment) I was wondering if anybody knew of some bigger wheels and tyres that would be a direct fit? Suspect blitzer beetle wheels would be a direct fit but I can't find any! Also no idea if they are taller? Look like they may be.... Lunchbox wheels don't have a hex adapter for the rear and the fronts go on a much longer shaft (although I guess you could change to lunchie uprights for not much cash). Everything else I can find with bearing fit on the front seem to be standard skinny buggy size and just replacing the tyres won't work because of the unusual size ..... Any ideas anybody? Thanks GB
  10. Ah yes. Feeling slightly daft now but on a safety note the charger (turnigy reaktor) didn't come with instructions. The manual online is obviously translated from another language and doesn't give any guidance on good charging practise and comes set with everything on its highest setting. I took the time to make sure I worked out how to use it for lipo. I guessed for NiMH. Yes I am a numpty
  11. Thanks all. I believe the source of the problem is my own ineptitude. I have 2 chargers. 1 a very basic one I have always used for my NiMH with tamiya connectors. Another I have used for my lipo which is an all singing and dancing number that chargers everything. I recently purchased a 2nd hand car and it came with a NiMH pack but an Xt60 connector. So I got my fancy charger put, switched it to NiMH auto mode. Plugged the battery in. Checked it was charging and went off round the house to do other things. 10 mins later Cue alarm from charger smoke and a smouldering quartz worktop. Basically I didn't realise there was a setting for amps and I charged the 3000mah battery at 20amps. 😫 Lesson learned...
  12. Managed to do this today. Thankfully no harm to me and on a heatproof mat so only minor damage to my kitchen worktop. House stank for a while though 😂 Moral of this story is even though they are only NiMH if you don't read the manual you can still do stupid things....
  13. Looks great. I vote for custom made roof scoop instead of sunroof...
  14. Says 20mph then says 20kmh. I wonder which it is...
  15. Really interested if still available?
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