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  1. Wow they went quick! More should start appearing with the re release of the top force Evo ..
  2. There was a bunch went on eBay a couple of days ago. Tonystamiyaparts. First I have seen in months!!
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-TA01-TA02-DF01-Top-Force-High-Speed-Gear-Skyline-Spur-66T-69T-53127-47328-/193850057240?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 These are normally pretty hard tomcome by and much more expensive than this. I have chatted with the guy selling them and he seems very professional. Quick postage too!
  4. Would be surprised if this is the case, I only run a 21t and it's a core RC stick pack 30/60c
  5. I have a 1060 that cuts power wayyyy to early. Like at 4v so be careful. It may be letting it get too low. A lipo alarm is only a few quid off eBay and worth the investment.
  6. DrGoatboy

    Kyosho beetle

    Then completed with some decals.. Still need to tidy the electrics up but it's mostly done. Now time for a drive!
  7. DrGoatboy

    Kyosho beetle

    Finally got round to painting this. It was meant to be burnt orange but the paint I got wasn't what I was expecting it to be, kinda like a gold see through sort of thing. By the time I sprayed it I had ruined it. So went for a sort of rat look. Didn't work very well....
  8. J parts are very hard to come by! If you do Facebook join the group for top force and relatives. Pretty sure one of the guys on there recently started making j11 out of aluminium so even if you don't want the aluminium one there may be some folks with spares now...
  9. DrGoatboy

    Kyosho beetle

    Modelsport are saying April for new stock. Think it's going to have a burnt orange theme.
  10. DrGoatboy

    Kyosho beetle

    Doesn't look like it does it. I got mine back in November. Everyone got stock around the same time and I got mine from modelsport that day. Wheelspin sold out the same day. Modelsport a few days later...
  11. DrGoatboy

    Kyosho beetle

    Finally got round to starting the build today. Must say I am impressed with the quality. Mostly aluminium parts with some high quality plastics thrown in. Diff and gearbox where already built but seem exceedingly sturdy. Hex head screws and bearings throughout. It's going together very nicely!
  12. And you know what? It's this very car that set me on that path...
  13. Looking good Steve. Might be worth looking for an ESC that will run both brushed or brushless in case you decide to upgrade later? If you got for a multi channel remote (one remote for several cars) make sure you look at the price of receivers before you buy. Crazy when you spend £60 on a transmitter and receiver and then a 2nd receiver is then £35!
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