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  1. No idea if it's fake. It didn't work so it's not included anyway.
  2. If you let me know you paygoat account I will sort it... Happily send it goats and family to avoid fees...
  3. He's just a little shy is all ..... Anyways anyone want to buy an RC truck? It's dead good, got 2 motors and everything.
  4. How rude. That's a close family friend of mine....
  5. I'm not sure paying commission in goats to a wolf is wise. My goats are all family...
  6. Thanks @wolfdogstinkus project was the plan as I thought this was a really interesting concept, but after restoring a few cars now I have decided it's not really for me so having a clear out of my project horde....
  7. Better to ask forgiveness than permission.... if only it was that simple....
  8. Someone posted me something similar a couple of weeks ago and it cost £11 so somewhere around that.
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