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  1. Thanks again. I had spotted that. Can't decide which one to go for. I must admit I hate painting lexan!! (But it probably makes more sense in every other way)
  2. Legend! Thank you.i knew there was a company to use but I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was called This looks perfect https://www.kamtec.co.uk/p/ford-escort-mark-2-decal-set-1-10-rally-body-shell-abs
  3. 2 minutes after I post I find one!! https://landlmodels.co.uk/products/tc022-ford-escort-mk2-v2 Any other options gratefully received.
  4. I really fancy a tt-02d as I have never had a go at drifting before, but I really want a MK2 escort shell to go on it. But I can only seem to find mf-01x shells. The wheelbase looks about 1cm out so I don't think it will fit. Can anyone either confirm if the mf-01 shell will fit a tt-02 or point me in the direction of an escort tt-02 shell?
  5. Is dms collection only now? That's a shame, it wasn't much of a shop but I have popped in and bought stuff on a whim before. There is a model shop in Dunstable too, but I'm not sure it's much good but they do have a few cars and boats. Think the only other localish place is in stotfold but that is a fair old drive....
  6. I can only imagine how constantly upside down a 3s lunchbox is. I do happily already have one in the fleet. Intrigued to see how you fit a bigger battery. However no goats will be harmed in the making of that lunchie...
  7. Boo. That is a shame. Seems to be increasingly the case that kits are out of fashion.
  8. I also got quite excited about the kyosho mad wagon until I realized that was RTR only too. Slash looks like a good option though, thanks!
  9. Thanks @BuggyGuy That does look good, in fact it looks perfect, but I was really hoping to get a self build kit and unless I missed it looks like it is RTR only
  10. I'm thinking of treating myself for Xmas. I have some 3s batteries I used to run in my axial yeti (which I sold as I got bored of it always being on its roof) can anyone recommend a kit that will take a 3s and be half decent for high speed off road? Don't think Tamiya do anything like that but I am really not up on anything else. Any thoughts? Prefer not to spend £500+ An alternative thought (but wouldn't take 3s) is a procat.... (Always wanted a Schumacher!)
  11. Wow they went quick! More should start appearing with the re release of the top force Evo ..
  12. There was a bunch went on eBay a couple of days ago. Tonystamiyaparts. First I have seen in months!!
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-TA01-TA02-DF01-Top-Force-High-Speed-Gear-Skyline-Spur-66T-69T-53127-47328-/193850057240?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 These are normally pretty hard tomcome by and much more expensive than this. I have chatted with the guy selling them and he seems very professional. Quick postage too!
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