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  1. If at all possible, also in need! I think they can be readily acquired if I spoke Japanese, but it's beyond my capabilities... :D
  2. Shiny, thanks! I'm thinking about future proofing, just in case I want to increase the wheel size going forward. Hobbywing QUICRUN 1060 Brushed Waterproof ESC - Sbec https://www.modelsport.co.uk/index.php?product_id=404964
  3. Hey hey, So I've just completed a DF-03 build to "find my physics" prior to a full on race spec build yet to be decided. I've been researching the electronics for the high end and have a decent idea of what to get into for the race car. But I'm wondering what budget servo/esc to get for the DF03 for bashing purposes? I'm running a Sport Tuned brushed motor, and Nimh to start off, so thinking along the lines of a Hobbywing QUICRUN 1625 Brushed ESC, paired with a Savox SW0231MG Waterproof High Torque STD Metal Gear Digital Servo? https://www.modelsport.co.uk/savox-sw0231mg-waterproof-high-torque-std-metal-gear-digital-servo/rc-car-products/377022 https://www.modelsport.co.uk/hobbywing-quicrun-1625-brushed-esc/rc-car-products/382829 Waterproof, torquey and relatively fast responses for the budget. Anyone have experience using this setup or maybe have any recommendations as to an alternative setup? Has to work with my MT-S although not bothered with all the bells and telemetry whistles as far as the DF03 goes. Just looking for a decent feel and response from the car for a bit of semi-restrained larking about over obstacles come rain or shine. Appreciate any help! Thanks guys.
  4. Seems to work well with the Buggy RX. Pokey little bouncer she is. Just acquired a 5000mah from MB for my Super Sabre refurb, bit more time around the lawn
  5. 14AWG will service a 540 brushed no problems.
  6. I went with the Ansmann AC/DC Delta 3 Amp Charger and 7.2v 3000 Bundle (New Style ACX1) from Time Tunnel. Smells good. I didn't want to big a battery as it's for a refurb project of a DT-01, so I needed to get one that fits. https://www.timetunnelmodels.com/live/catalog/battery-bundle-ansmann-acdc-delta-charger-3000-bundle-style-acx1-battery-deal-p-16491.html
  7. I think a plan forming is to git gud with a TT02 around the car park, then race a TA07. Everyone is a winner.
  8. Chuckle. C-Hubs, mounts etc. So I've heard. Is the belt vs shaft issue relevant further than maintenance? I mean the power gets put down all the same I would imagine?
  9. Hey. I'm in a similar position, looking for a carpet/tarmac racer. I'm hedging between the TB-05Pro and the TT-07R thus far. Undecided between shaft or belt.
  10. Could it be parts availability?
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