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  1. Looks awesome mate , Did u do the servo mod.
  2. Cheers buddy all good tips. I think if anybody expected to drive this out the box without making mods idont think it would last 5 minutes.
  3. Always used PayPal can't go wrong. Just been on banggood site again got other crawlers i maybe interested in,this could get addictive.
  4. Great to hear Defo pay for tracking I think banggood will be getting some pennies of me😁
  5. I think I may go for it, just never ordered from banggood.
  6. I think it's down to the individual who puts it together in the factory, must admit have heard some shocking stories.
  7. Great info mate, what size bearing's What shock issues. I agree these problems make it more of an enjoyment it's what's the hobby is a about.
  8. Cheers mate I will check threads on here...gets great reviews on YouTube and only 200 quid with spare shell and free delivery...just never used banggood.
  9. Has anybody had this car for banggood gets good reviews.
  10. I've ended up with 8 Mr bear so will see how I get on with these..thanx for the tips.
  11. Cheers mate That makes sense now, may leave the tranny for now.
  12. Can the bearings in the gearbox be upgraded.
  13. How many bearings does a frog have..recently got the frog not started building yet, I also got 8 bearings, but looking on some model sites there are upgraded bearings with more than 8...confused.
  14. Carson 3.1 pro , do i have to use carson receiver or is there an alternative, thanx I'm new to all this.
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