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  1. Apparently the Kyosho 125 B universals are a bit too short for the Optima Mid rear suspension. They work fine in the front. Does anyone know of a universal that is otherwise identical to the 125B but a couple of mm longer? The following come to mind: https://www.rcplanet.com/yokomo-68mm-yz2-universal-drive-shaft-2-yokz2-01068a/p763176 https://www.rcplanet.com/yokomo-65mm-rear-universal-shaft-2-yoks4-01065a/p718728 https://www.rcplanet.com/kyosho-rb7ss-universal-swing-shaft-2-65.5mm-kyoumw749/p991584 https://www.rcplanet.com/kyosho-universal-swing-shaft-set-2-kyontw001/p1339449 I suppose I could also try to limit the rear shock travel.
  2. If Tamiya made parts available, the Ebay Pirates would be out of business.
  3. Type 1 vw rear suspension was trailing arm, not a-arm.
  4. Thre were a few FWD Brats, but most were AWD.
  5. What is the deal with this semi-sorta scale crappacola? To give a few examples, the idea of a Subaru Brat is neat, but I've never heard of a 2wd Brat. Tamiya lavished scale detail on the Sand Scorcher, someone obviously spent a lot of time studying the Baja Beetles of that era, but the rear suspension is nothing like any Baja I've ever seen. What's really odd is that Tamiya static models are legendary for fidelity to real thing. What gives?
  6. How does that corner balance? I ask myself this, every time I see a buggy with the battery placement to one side.
  7. I saw, thanks. I'd pay a bit extra, but that price is highway robbery.
  8. Don't delay, don't delete.
  9. If you look closely, the buggy can also be seen. You can see that his buggy is well-loved. (I also chose a Tamiya for him because it is slow, in hopes that he learns to actually drive.....)
  10. The only reason I bought a Tamiya kit for my little man's first buggy was because: 1. It was a kit that he would have to help build himself; and 2. It was early in COVID-tide and no other kits were available. He does love that thing.
  11. Of all the option parts Kyosho could have released first, they just had to start with the bling. I'm all in favor of "add lightness" but I'm not sure that would be my very first priority under the circumstances.
  12. Part of that is that clubs themselves are more and more of an "old people" thing.
  13. I used sandpaper wrapped around a children's wooden mallet. This worked really well, because the dowels comprising the mallet are of different diameters, thus allowing me to choose the right size for the job. I also got hold of some expensive files from my LHS that suspiciously resemble ladies' nail files. Whatever, they worked well for flat surfaces.
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