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  1. FWIW, my little man did a fair amount of the work on his Super Sand Dragon, as much as he could, and two years later he did probably 90% of the work building his Traxxas Slash from a kit. He tried to get his cousin to build with him, but the cousin got bored almost immediately. It does not hurt that my wife runs the house like maximum security children's prison.
  2. I have had decent luck with 3M frog tape. This is commonly used by painters of 1:1 auto bodies.
  3. I bought my seven year old Timmy a Super Storm Dragon, because it was the only kit I could find. The ESC that came with the kit came with proprietary Tamiya battery connectors, though. My main concern was no LiPos, as Timmy's mommy is very safety conscious. Timmy enthusiastically built as much as Ihe could. Two years and many repairs later, he got a Traxxas Slash kit. He built that, probably 90% by himself. I did change out the proprietary Traxxas connectors for XT60.
  4. I don't sand the inside, either, but I may lightly scuff the inside (other than clear windows) with Scotchbrite or similar.
  5. I took a couple of long emery boards and thick dowels to do my Mid bodies. It took a lot of time and sanding, but it worked.
  6. Mine run in all conditions with belt drive and no issues.
  7. I just wasn't sure what "D&I" meant in thst context.
  8. Mrowka

    Must have Kyosho?

    I am looking high and low for two Kyosho Prima Classe airplanes, specifically the N1K2 George and the J2M Jack. If anyone has a line on either....
  9. I have made a sort of hobby of rebuilding wrecked r/c helicopters. Or rather "wrecked", as 90% of the time, there was nothing wrong with them, or nothing that a bit of adjustment wouldn't fix. Probably 5% of the time, they needed a $3.00 part, usually broken as a result of pilot error, 5% of the time, more major surgery is required.
  10. I hope so, too, for her sake.. And thank you for the kind wishes.
  11. I have broken ujoints, but those were ebay specials on a fast brushless buggy.
  12. My wife is "matka polka" (those who speak Polish know the type). Like a hyperprotective variant on the Tiger Mother. Anything not spent on babies, infants, children or motherhood is robbery. Baby health, baby food, baby entertainment, baby nutrition, baby education, baby protection. You may sense a pattern. So I have buggies because my little man can drive and work on them. Helicopters are a bit much for an early elementary school kid. My wife recently broke her leg and needed surgery. So for the time being I am a single parent and amateur nurse as well as being the only person who works in the family.
  13. I could not care less about box art or replicas, but what does this re re offer that a garden variety Optima Mid with factory hop ups does not? That is an honest question.
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