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  1. Never had a 4WD Tamiya, but my Kyosho reres have proven tough as nails. LiPos and big brushless driven by a nine year old and never a hint of drive train trouble.
  2. Used buggies for a mission of mercy, taking my son and a friend of his driving while my wife administered emergency amateur relationship counseling for the other kid's mom. Fortunately, Kyosho re res are tough. Came home with two adobe buggies.
  3. Futaba or Hitec. Keep in mind that there is every incentive to "fudge" servo specs, especially for "no-name" manufacturers.
  4. Odd, and I live in a state that makes Texas look like a hippie commune by comparison.
  5. I don't know where you live, but I've never had a problem flying planes outside of a club. And I am pretty sure I don't need to be a club member to fly around my own house.
  6. One of the things I like about micro- and nano-copters is that I can fly anywhere, indoors if weather doesn't cooperate.
  7. I mostly fly helicopters. My little man wanted to be able to fly, but helicopters were a but much for a then-five year-old. So he learned to build and drive buggies. He subsequently got a broken airplane which we fixed and he has become a decent pilot, but he still loves his buggies.
  8. FWIW my Fox is a wheelie queen.
  9. FWIW, I shimmed the transmission and used heavy diff grease. Just saying.
  10. On the other hand, I out powerful brushless motors in my re re Kyoshos, and never a problem with the geartrain.
  11. I have done this with a variety of brushed motors of random origin, TT and suchlike. I forget them all, but nothing too hot dog.
  12. I keep blowing up transmissions in mine.
  13. I understand that most LiPos, especially the less-expensive ones, are made in a few Chinese factories, with different brand names snickered on them.
  14. Bust out with some plastic or metal tubing and a tube-cutter and make a set.
  15. Well, LiPos are pretty much what make electric helicopters a viable thing. Airplanes as well. When I was a kid, sailplanes were the only electric aircraft available, since they had the lifting capacity to haul the batteries and, being sailplanes they didn't need a lot of power to fly.
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