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  1. Did a second body for my Ultima Re Re some time ago. I have since concluded that decals should be easy, but are in fact a right pain to get positioned. Not only that, but if they aren't positioned perfectly, it stands out like a sore thumb.
  2. This is a Spektrum 2.4ghz antenna, FWIW.
  3. Anyone know whether it is feasible to repair the antenna on a DSM type receiver? Long story short, I've pinpointed the problem in one of my buggies to a damaged receiver antenna.
  4. Took one of the Javelins to the local indoor buggy track, little man in tow. Well nigh undrivable on Brat tires or carpet. Drove somewhat better on hard compound Turbo Optima tires. Then little man broke a rear hub. This kid apparently really hates Kyosho Javelin hubs for some reason. Third one he's broken, first time in the rear. I've got a replacement, but it's at home. Seems our racing day is over. We go home and I try to burn off my battery, but one of my other Javelins is acting off. Either the transmitter or receiver. Didn't get time to diagnose because wife had a string of cries for help.
  5. I do the score and break method. Seems to work so far. Clean up edges with a nail file or Dremel.
  6. https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/horror-movies-for-introverts Yup, pretty much this. I am the King, Queen, Ace and Jack of All Introverts. My wife, by contrast, is not. I could drop her into the jungles of the Congo, and within an hour, she'd have a friend, who would invite her to their hut to eat that missionary that they just caught and barbecued. But God help these poor people if they give my wife the keys to their hut.
  7. I cut small holes in the corners, and then "connect the dots" with an X-Acto knife. Sometimes, I cut away the center part first if it is a larger panel.
  8. Installed sway bars in one of my re re Javelins. Besides being a pain, I am wondering whether I should have left it the way it is. My other re re Javelin (converted Turbo Optima) has sway bars and I like the way the two cars have different characters. Still, disconnecting or uninstalling the sway bars is easy enough if i want to go back.
  9. Took the little guy for his first trip to the buggy track. Folks there were welcoming and tolerant of newbie mistakes. He had a blast.
  10. My OG Tamiya Fox, namely the transmission and rear A-arms. I keep breaking and rebuilding stuff on them. I have a Novafox in its box, and I intend to donate that transmission and rear suspension to the OG Fox. If I had any sense, I'd build the Novafox and use the original for parts or as a shelf queen, but I am sort of sentimental that way.
  11. Long story short, I bought a set of JRacing Concepts 2.2" wheels for my Ultima Re Re. The problem that I am having is that these wheels are taller than stock, and raise the ride height as a result. I am trying to find the lowest profile tires i can to minimize this. Schumacher seem to be the best I have found so far, but my Ultima still looks like it's rolling on dubs. I doubt that I am doing the handling any favors, either. Any other ideas?
  12. For what it's worth: 1. I spray in many coats, each as light as possible and still getting coverage. I don't wait long between coats, and I peel the tape off almost immediately after the last coat. This seems to work for me. 2.. Use good quality masking tape. I've had best results with 3M Frog Tape. 3.. Liquid mask works well on curves, but use several thick coats. Otherwise I get pinholes. 4. Save Lexan scraps from previous projects for testing and experimental purposes. That way, you don't destroy a good body trying something that doesn't work. 5. I got my hot little hands on "paint eraser" from Hobbyking. It seems to work well in emergencies. 6. Take your time. Do nothing further and do not be satisfied until you are certain that the preceding step was finished to the best of your ability.
  13. Whatever else you do, do not cheap out on masking tape. Good masking tape can be the difference between a paint lines that look like they were free-handed by a tattoo artist suffering from neuro-muscular deterioration and clean, laser-straight paint lines. Not all masking tape is created equal.
  14. Because even if I were a good enough driver to race, the cars I build and like aren't competitive as racers on a modern track.
  15. Not sure why the surface has to be a beach. Local sandpit should do nicely and would help create a nice uneven surface to frustrate cars which sit too low.
  16. Do kids love their Traxxas or whatever? I honestly do not know, one way or the other. If they do, they may retrace Tamiya's path.
  17. Anyone ever used these? I see that, like so many Forum posters, this seller is based in the UK. They seem to have a lot of neat stuff, but too many times I have bought decals that looked good on a screen but looked like tacky paper stickers when received in person.
  18. Bought some totally non-box art decals from MCI for my Ultima. We'll see how things work out. So far, requests for information have not been answered, which doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.
  19. I'd like someone to make different 50mm wheels for my Ultima and tires to go with it.
  20. Well, a friend was commenting on the incredible detail and realism that scale crawler models and figures achieve, and I commented that, on the one hand, it was impressive. On the other hand, please tell me exactly how this differs from playing with dolls? Other than when it's marketed to boys they call them "action figures".
  21. I am not good at painting drivers, but I always put one in. A buggy in motion doesn't look right without one, and what do we buy a Tamiya buggy for, if not for the scale-like looks? As a kid building plastic and wood-and-fabric model planes, it occurred to me that all my pilots were little white dudes. So I made black pilots and crew members from time to time. And a Zlin 526 got a pilot that looked Latin. No Asians that I recall, don't know why. Pretty sure no women either, but female fighter pilots weren't really a thing, at the time. No reason a buggy couldn't have a female driver. Not sure what to do if my driver figure suddenly insists that she personally identifies as a 1:1 female.
  22. My six year old begs to differ. I have to tell him to quit "working" on his Sand Dragon and not to "fix" my buggies, either. Then again, my wife runs our home as if she were the Komendant of a maximum security children's prison. No TV, no computers, smartphones, consoles, electronics, etc.. Loads of books. No candy, no fast food, chips, salt, sugar,.etc.. Health food only. Lots of outdoor "Family 'Fun'" activities that mean the kids spend more time outdoors than Tarzan. A family friend says she would put my wife up against any Palo Alto tiger mommy. The friend is an Indian doctor who lived in Palo and knows whereof she speaks.
  23. I guess the simple answer is to ask what is faster on tarmac, 2WD or 4WD?
  24. I have a Hobbywing 1060 in mine. It does foxy-type things.
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