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  1. Solder definitely makes a huge difference, but I haven't necessarily found that more expensive = better.
  2. I have a Hakko. A friend of mine, who is a professor of electrical engineering and computer science, uses an eBay Special and says that it works just fine for things like soldering computer chips and also wiring up fuel cells, no need to buy anything fancier.
  3. Would it be possible to bust out with a 6mm drill bit and drill out the Scorpion/Beetle rear wheels? That doesn't solve the drive washer problem, however. Also, I question whether the drive washer setup will hold any kind of power, especially on a 2WD buggy. Kyosho probably didn't change their setup because it looked so much prettier.
  4. Have an Ultima re re waiting to be built but the wheels turn me off. A bit too eighties, and I am not nostalgic for my childhood and youth. Beetle/Scorpion wheels seem like a logical substitute, and don't offend my aesthetics. Also, will re re Ultima tires (or "tyres" for non-US readers ) fit Beetle/Scorpion wheels?
  5. Get hold of a pair of locking forceps. If you live in the States, these can be had at Harbor Freight for a couple of bucks, cheap. These little honeys are invaluable for hanging onto and not losing small metal parts such as e-clips or the tiny 1mm screws that I use in r/c helicopters. Be forewarned: if you don't clamp down properly, it acts like a spring catapulting the part you are trying to keep hold of across the room.
  6. My first real r/c car was an original Kyosho Javelin. I loved the way it looked and I figured spares were readily available, since Kyosho had helpfully reissued that model. Fairly soon after buying my first Javelin, I realized that it doesn't actually share all that many parts with the re re. So I bought a broken re re Turbo Optima to fix up and drive. The body was skanky looking, so I converted that into another Javelin. Then I built another re re Javelin, so I could experiment and compare with the first re re. Also, that way my little man and I could race more easily.
  7. Or drivers would have to slow down. Races would definitely be more unpredictable. As I said, a thought experiment at this stage.
  8. Mrowka


    Why so? I'm not that familiar with them.
  9. For those who care and who can't find Tamiya c-clips, I have found that Associated 5mm c-clips (ASC81256) are broader, but can made to fit OG Fox shafts.
  10. The Fox will be getting grease. The Ultima has a sealed diff that will get fluid.
  11. Long story short, I am in quarantine for at least the next ten days. To keep myself occupied, I am planning to rebuild the transmission on my Fox and build an Ultima re re. Since the Fox doesn't have a sealed differential, I am planning to use some 15K differential grease that I have lying around. The Ultima can get either 15K or 7K differential fluid. Fox will be using a 20T brushed setup, the Ultima I haven't decided, but probably around 13.5 or 17.5T HW. Both will be bashers, running on rough backyard tracks and the like. Now for The $10.99 Question: should I use a different weight of fluid in either car? I am placing an order with AMain today.
  12. I wish M.I.P. would get to work and make me a Fox/Novafox ball diff.
  13. Took one of the Javelins to a park and got it dirty. I would like to endorse Kyosho titanium turnbuckles. I and the kidlets messed up so many jumps and flipped so many times that the suspension should look like a pretzel by now.
  14. I don't know anything about the Scorpion, but parts support for the Optima/Turbo Optima/Javelin has been very good to awesome, in spite of the COVID. I haven't needed many spares, but they have been available. Availability of factory hop ups has been much more hit or miss.
  15. Speaking of Novafox gearboxes, how much power will one hold? Looking to build a Novafox gearbox for my OG Fox and I am wondering how hard I can push my luck.
  16. My various OG and re re Javelins require adjustments and tightening from time to time, but have never broken anything other than front wheel hubs. Metal hubs have so far fixed that little issue, although it may just mean that, next time I break something, that something will be further inside. My Tamiya Fox seems to hate gearboxes.
  17. Mrowka


    I agree that Traxxas are at base decent vehicles. But they seem to be marketed by bros for bros. ARRMA is similar, perhaps a bit more high end and even more the province of bro-dom. When I was a kid, Traxxas was seen as more toy-grade than hobby grade. I also Iremember being suspicious of Kyosho, probably because Tower Hobbies (big U.S. mail order hobby retailer) hyped them so relentlessly.
  18. FWIW, my friend's truck was a mid- to high--ten second car.
  19. i dunno, my Super (stock 1600 DP block and heads) Bosch blue coil and 009 distributor, some kind of el cheapo exhaust never had a problem keeping up with traffic. A friend of mine had a truck with a built 454 big block Chevy, 4.11 posi on slicks, heads, cam and open exhaust. Said he'd smoked anything in Phoenix, including exotics, except for one beat up little VW bug. Apparently, it wasn't even close. Last thing he thought when he left the light was "why did that guy put Mickey Thompson drag slicks on a VW Bug?!" My friend said that Beetle would have taken his modded Hayabusa in a 1/4 drag race.
  20. Can tooling be restored? How hard/expensive is it make new tooling? I realize that this is an apples to oranges situation, but I noticed that the dies used to produce Guillows balsa airplanes were getting progressively worse, the die cutting of balsa sheets increasingly resembled die pressing. Eventually, Guillows switched largely to laser cutting of wooden parts. I am not sure if that tells us anything, or what that might tell us.
  21. I assume that those price quotes depend upon production volume?
  22. I dailied a 1972 Super for many years. To the extent I know how to work on cars, it was because I got tired of my broke self paying other people scarce money to screw up. I am more than capable of screwing up on my own, and my time is free, viewed in terms of cash outlay. Once the kinks were ironed out, it became a very good car. Drove many times across country.
  23. All that figures into the price, nostalgia as well. The question for the buyer is: are those things worth what Tamiya charges, or is a substitute a better option for you? Don't get me wrong, I like Tamiya, but I am not especially sentimental or nostalgic.
  24. Lots of things have gotten cheaper since Reagan was the president of the United States. To some extent, technology is responsible, cheap fuel to some extent, but a lot of it is because manufacturing has been outsourced to low-wage countries. Therefore, to determine whether a Tamiya model is overpriced in today's terms, don't compare to yesterday's prices for the same product. Instead, compare with what else is available today.
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