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  1. I did the square corners on my Fox by drilling the corners (using a small bit) and then a sharp Xacto knife/scoring method, then finishing up with a Dremel.
  2. Tamiya Frog Tamiya Grasshopper Kyosho Scorpion Kyosho Javelin. Tamiya Sand Scorcher
  3. No, more like if you crash and can't recover, you're out. Perhaps they could have marshals to remove crashed cars, but that's all. Something more like 1:1 racing.
  4. Parts breakers break up kits because they can sell the parts piecemeal for more than the kit costs. In short, the margin is higher for spares than it is for whole kits. That's why the breakers break kits. If Tamiya fixed their spare parts supply situation, they could take those higher margins for themselves. But they don't. Tamiya seems to be one of those companies whose internal logic baffles me.
  5. At first, I thought that carpet was sort of a decaf or neutered version of off-road racing, but the tracks and cars are certainly easier to maintain. One thing that I am wondering is how removing track marshals would change things.
  6. That is what I like about the Kyosho re res. They look broadly similar to the originals but the internals reflect some more of the things that have changed since 1985 or so.
  7. After seeing a Hotshot in purple, I decided to do my Fox in purple.
  8. Battery took forever to charge for some reason, but the kidlet and I eventually got to bash the repaired Javelin around the yard. I didn't notice a speed difference with the universal joint swing axles, but the motor does seem to be running hotter than it did before. Either that or it's my imagination, especially since these swing axles are eBay specials.
  9. I have a feeling that track surface would be key. Full-sized off-road race buggies would probably look very different if they didn't have drivers and they raced on astroturf.
  10. Unfortunately, today's r/c buggies, racers and bashers alike, look like they were designed by WWE enthusiasts for Bros. I didn't have a buggy when I was a kid and I am not nostalgic for my youth. That's why I don't have much need for vintage racing, per se. On the other hand, I also don't have much use for Marvel Comics.
  11. Hubs are original Kyosho, the OTW116GM that you show. Driveshafts (which Kyosho calls "universal joints") in this Javelin are from Yumi RC, aka "eBay specials". My other re re Javelin has original Kyosho universal joint driveshafts, OTB247B.
  12. We all know that a competitive modern off-road racing buggy is very different from a competitive buggy from the 1980s. Not only that, but today's offerings have less and less resemblance to anything like a full sized off-road race car. How would you design a racing class that would reverse this trend, without venturing into nostalgia class racing? For instance, a low-slung cab-forward design makes sense on a smooth high-grip carpet track, but might be almost undrivable on other surfaces.
  13. Installed metal hubs in the Javelin that my son keeps breaking front hubs on. Added universal joints at all four corners while I had it apart. I'll probably install turnbuckles in the rear suspension this evening. The front already has turnbuckles.
  14. Still looking for a winter project, but I know nothing about on-road cars, whether made by Tamiya or anyone else. How does it go together and handle, will it take modern power without grenading too often or turning into an unguided missile? Always liked Alfa Romeo and Lancia, but that by itself is not enough reason to buy one.
  15. I've used 3D printed gears and A-arms without incident. Not my first choice, but they have worked so far. For that matter, I know guys who 3D printed prosthetic legs and whatnot, so I'm pretty sure that it is possible to 3D print fairly robust and durable objects.
  16. I got my little man a cheapo ebay special rock.crawler. It was slow enough for him to handle, crashes are no big deal and it could crawl over stuff, which is fun for a small person. Then, he got an RC28, which he named "Donut".
  17. How much power will a stock Fox/Novafox gearbox hold? I have an OG Fox but I am afraid to run it hard, especially with the stock hex drives.
  18. Took one of my Javelins out, along with my little man. After much wrestling with running harnesses, we were ready to go. Little man promptly again managed to break another front hub by bouncing it off of my boot. Managed to hit the toe of the boot just right. After a teachable moment (no, it's not my fault for not moving out of the way in time and it's not the buggy's fault, either) I made a new harness so that this battery could be used in one of my other Javelins. Then we transferred the mostly fresh battery to the other Javelin and the little guy and I ran that battery down. Then I replaced all the dogbones in the "good" Javelin with Kyosho universal joints while kids were out. And decided to change gear ratios a bit. And re-glued a tire. Decided that I am tired of the little person breaking plastic hubs and that I will plump for metal ones this time.
  19. Received a couple of sets of Kyosho universal joints from RcMart today. Seventeen days from the order date delivered to North Dakota, USA, for those keeping score at home. Your mileage may vary.
  20. I usually use an el cheapo standard sized turnigy pack in my Fox.
  21. Since I'm going to be stuck inside all winter, thinking about projects that I can do on my Javelins since they probably won't be driving much for a while, at least not outdoors.
  22. The kingpin bushings so I can fix the front hub on my white Javelin. Kyosho America shipped the day I ordered and the USPS delivered within 48 hours. And I live in a state which is in the middle of nowhere, a long ways from Kyosho America.
  23. Even if you have more motor than skill (for the time being) some transmitters let you limit the throttle settings until you learn to handle the power.
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