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  1. Finished the body! Still have to cut down the rear sway bar ends, but I think I’m done with this period correct Fox for now. For all those wondering, the rear sway bar is a combination of a vintage Parma Optima rear sway bar and the fiberglass mounting plate from a vintage Parma Fox adjustable body mount. The only mods are to drill two small holes on the rear arms, along with cutting the body back a bit to clear the sway bar. 👍
  2. Continuing work on my Vintage Fox. The body is cut to fit the custom rear sway bar setup I have.
  3. I’m still debating on whether or not to use this new old stock speed controller. I feel like I need to preserve it. Lol
  4. For me it was a Futaba FP-T2F transmitter. We would convert the throttle to a slot car controller.
  5. I’m looking for these particular pieces to help finish my vintage Fox. I live in the US. Thanks!
  6. Great job! I’m working on a Blackfoot too! Small world, huh? 👍
  7. Anybody collect the 60mm terrain titans and tomy q-steer Tamiya brand rc cars? I think I’ve got all of them now. They are pretty fun to run indoors and come with a bunch of spare parts like gear ratios and tires. I went the extra step and applied miniature vintage sponsors to the cars.
  8. Here’s a little trick stand I made using LEGO. It’ll keep from developing a flat spot due to all the weight of the bike resting on the front tire when sitting on your shelf for a prolonged period.
  9. Thanks! The tire rack I found on eBay. Just type in 1/10 scale rc tire racks and there’s a bunch to choose from.
  10. Wow! That’s expensive. But I guess if I had millions of dollars I’d probably buy a NIB vintage SRB for several grand.
  11. I’d put the Supershot undertray on to help protect the chassis. 👍
  12. Anyone else preorder a Hotwheels Cybertruck? Here’s the link if anybody’s interested: https://hotwheelscollectors.mattel.com/shop/en-us/hwc/hw-cybertruck-rc/1-64-hot-wheels-cybertruck-r-c-gxg30
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