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  1. Hi guys, after a bit of advice please which I am sure has been given many times before. What ESC to use and what new RC gear to get? Called Modelsport and fusion hobbies this morning but both not answering I am guessing due to lockdown but both appear to be trading. Not much stock left on MS website. I am going to leave the motor standard on the TS but am planning on a few more cars in the future so want some RC gear that is easy to bind to future receivers. The fly sky gt3c equipment seems to get good press but seems to ship from Far East and I am dubious about reliability of post at the moment. Any suggestions or advice on where to buy and what to buy at the moment would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Yes, purple it is, blue is nice but my brother had another terra so they had to be different. Think his was red? Shell needs a bit of a tidy up but planning on leaving everything stock.
  3. Evening, just wanted to introduce myself and say how useful and interesting I have found reading all of the articles and posts on the site. I’m another one who should know better but now have the excuse of a son who is just about interested enough for me to rebuild my old Terra Scorcher and a new Lunch box (for him of course)! Have been collecting all the usual parts (Chassis, front and rear gearboxes, A5 etc) for a rebuild together for the last month or so and started a couple of weeks ago. Attached are couple of pics of the new Lunch Box (now known as the Mud box)/ and of the sorry state of the Terra Scorcher before work started! Need some new radio gear now as the old Acoms gear won’t work. Will post a picture of the completed rebuild. Already looking at what’s next, quite fancy an SW01 Mad Mud 😀 (it’s a slippery slope!!!)
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