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  1. Well two paint jobs but it was the best song pun I could manage. Basically theres two paint colours I really like and can`t decide which to go for on a truck build. Choices are either Suzuki Atlantic Torquoise or Range Rover Moraine blue. Also are there any basic free programs or websites that would allow me to transpose the colours onto a photo of the truck to see what I can come up with. Don`t know if it would work with a body colour and another, eg silver for the fairings and sideskirts, bumper etc and would like to have a sort of preview. Oh and I am hopeless with MS paint so thats a no go either. cheers
  2. Lucky lucky man. Went for a wander along the canal with the dog earlier and one of the boats had his log burner going. The smell was fantastic
  3. Yeah I saw them on timetunnel models, then saw you`d used one on this build so thought i`d get an opinion on them. Cheers for that, it looks like another option to add into the pile then. Might actually make a decision and start building by next christmas at this rate
  4. Has anyone ever used one of these sets and whats folks` thoughts on them ? In a nutshell I`m after lighting my Volvo once I start building it. The sounds aspect of things doesn`t actually interest me to be perfectly honest so the only other considerations I can see are would a fifth wheel kit run direct from a channel on a reciever and the same for the auto leg kit on a trailer if decided put them on or would they have to be routed through an MFU of some description? Only other thing i can see is the limited scope for adding in beacons, running lights and others if i choose to, but for £30 a pop i suppose i could figure a way to run 2 of them
  5. A box full of Volvoey goodness. I got to look at it, take the destructions out photograph it once and now it's been whipped away till the Reindeer Botherer in red comes😡 bah humbug!!
  6. @Re-Bugged how does the GT Power mfu shape up?
  7. That`s not good. Hopefully your on the mend soon either way
  8. @Mad AxI actually read another of your posts from a while ago this morning and you mentioned Beier and Astec models and had a quick look on the site (by the way RE Astec and their bling, the mrs is being sent to your gaff when she goes light after seeing my credit card bill!!! ) but what I wanted to ask was do the Beier stuff come as a plug and play, in a case like the MFU and Teu stuff or do you buy it as a motherboard type of arrangement and have to supply your own casinmg etc? I couldnt tell from the pictures on the website
  9. I`ve read the FAQ`s but can`t find an answer but if you are installing an MFU on a truck do you still need an ESC? Or does the MFU do both?
  10. Not much as of yet. Mine is just sat on my shelf at the moment. One thing i`d mebbes look at is better shocks and springs if your going to be adding weight by mounting a winch, mine is just stock and it seems to suffer from droopy suspension, which other have said is a known thing with the cc-01. You`ll have to het some photo`s up when your done and show us how you get on
  11. The woman from Del Mardy, she say yes!!!!! Ordered it from Tamico five minutes ago before she realises what she`s agreed to
  12. well they already have a mk1 911 on the MF-01x
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