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  1. they come in the kit for the "normal" lunchbox
  2. Yeah I had a look and with postage it works out about the same as here unfortunately.
  3. Avoid the Absima £30 model. Its ok but the battery cover is slack and the throttle stick on mine occasionally jams on when you run full stick for a bit.
  4. Despite my flippancy about wah wah pedals that is cheap as owt. £73 odd sterling by my rough calculations for a Jimny with esc is approx £50 cheaper than here (UK) Does anyone have a rough idea on postage from Hong Kong?
  5. Any Crybaby`s or Bad Horsies? Might as well combine my two favorite pastimes
  6. I got one of these hand reamers from the LHS. Think it cost £8, ream halfway from out to in then finish off in to out on lexan or vice vrersa for hard bodies. Makes a nice clean hole, easily controllable and just a quick scrape after to remove any burr left. Used it 3 times now and seems to leave very little burr though
  7. Too light for decet steering but not rear heavy enough for a wheelie wagon?
  8. Whats the difference between an S and an E etc? And don`t say ones a vowel
  9. TT-02 in "higher" clearance set up. HPi 6mm offset six spoke wheels to widen it enough and some old CC-01 tyres from a Pajero I had to lift it a bit further
  10. I used Hycote car acrylic car paint from the local auto discount place usually around £5 a tin ending where you go for it. The body took one tin of primer and two tins of colour then just the clear laquer to suit. Driver figure is Tamiya`s 54416, when he decides to be in stock. Havent got a clue what colour I`m doing him yet. I was going to just use a plain 6 or 7" action figure but can i chuff find one that isnt Spiderman or Batman or or some sort of 3 headed space pirate stoner Thats a cracking looking Defender in the background mind
  11. In case you havent guessed I`m bored!!! Bowler has ground to a halt awaiting driver figure, Merc MF-01X is on back order, payday isnt till 2 weeks time so no chance of another kit to tide me over. And having got rid of my collection a few years ago i`ve got nowt i can fiddle with. Ah well back to watching ebay wistfully to see if there anything that pops up
  12. Cheers. Been having a play with another interior the last couple of days. The lighter is just to gauge red for the seats against the blue bulkhead
  13. Right an update. Finally got the silver bumpers sprayed, headlight backers put on and side lights made. Side lights were easy enough, the LEDs from the torches that I used for the headlights simply coloured with sharpies and fitted through 5mm holes carefully made in the body. Next up will be the interior if it ever gets finished.
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