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  1. Had a bit of a productive day today. Got the arches and rear lights fitted to the chassis and the front bumper built up ready to fit. Weather permitting hopefully get the front arches and side skirts sprayed up ready to fit.
  2. I have the Jimny on the MF-01X and had the Merc on the same chassis. Hard dirt or tarmac with not many lumps and bumps is my verdict on where they will work unfortunately. The CC-01 isn`t actually too bad and is more than capable on grass, dirt and medium lumpy bits i`ve found. My latest ones have only the standard silvercans in but I had a Pajero in a previous life that had the sport tuned in it and was ok. Should really put the torque tuned from the MF-01x into the CC-01 Hilux but I`m too bone idle to strip them both down
  3. Incase anyone hasnt beaten me to it. The advice is DON`T. Build it and run it like a Lunchbox or you will loose the fun out of it
  4. Yeah I think thats the next step either that or robbing the sparky at work for some proper mini spade crimps and connector blocks. Happy with the kit itself but the splice twist and sheath does seem a bit cowboy
  5. Had a dry day today so did a bit of rattle can work as er indoors won't let me spray indoors. The grills and light buckets were done with mini pots and an airbrush which I can get away with. Needs masking tape removing as the ridges are silver, rubbing down and laquering but I'm well happy with the colour. It's Halfords paint and it's Citroen Wicked Red Metallic, slightly darker than box art but I really like it
  6. Showoffery, Parental one upmanship and Chatting to old flames from school. It`s the only reason Facebook exists isnt it?
  7. Panic over its a dodgy battery connection
  8. Got a set of these this morning, built them but only seem to have upwards movement on them. Any ideas?
  9. Ah yes the sand master. You kind of forgot to mention the electric chassis it was based on would flex that much it would acually separate the pinion from the spur at the slightest hiccup in the road. I got one from ebay thinking the same as yourself that it would be an easy entry into nitro. Ended up spending more time trying to brace the chassis than it did running
  10. Think you posted it on the what have you done today thread. I`m sure I saw it above my truck post
  11. cc-o1 tyres? around 30mm wide x 85mm diameter? I put some on HPi rims on a tt-02 here.
  12. Usually but I once used a Fastrax pc paint on a black foot hard body that worked quite well. Did it the usual way I do them, primer paint lacquer and it all held together. Mind it was only light usage so don't know how it would hold up to full on looney bashing
  13. Got the Scania into a rolling chassis so I could check steering and drive train. So far so good. Steering is reasonably straight, gears change and there seems to be no jams. I've even surprised meself getting all four wheels to turn the same way first time of asking!! 😂. Next step is deciding whether to paint the side tanks and wheel arches
  14. Sounds a lot more confusing than it is. PS sprays are relatively transparent compared to acrylic sprays for hardbodies. IF you get one of the "translucent" colours even more so PS37 for example. So you put your layers on as you have explained, mist coat then a couple of layers then back that paint. Look for @Nwc100 `s yaris posts or he`s done a custom colour thread on here that gives you an idea of how to change the shade or enhance a polycarb body by backing with various colours. Sorry if i`m teaching you to suck eggs here but don`t forget a polycarb clear body is painted from the inside so it`s your main colour on first
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