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  1. I've got one but I find it better and more balanced on auto paint tins when I'm doing hard bodies than on the smaller polycarb tins.
  2. I`m having some great fun carpet racing one with the Tankpool Mercedes truck body. Basic chassis to start with, upgradeable if you want to with shocks steering kits and will take a lower turn motor if wish. Cheap and cheerful,Whats not to love
  3. Thanks. I`ve seen others say it and that what I couldnt figure out. I was thinking if you leave it open the guts would fall out. So, I`ve actually done it right on mine then with just a light lubrication on the rear diff bevels and the 300000 silicone in the front diff
  4. That was it,Carson ESC`s. Mind from what I`m hearing Hobbywings are running a bit short at the moment as well
  5. Not sure if its connected but I saw a post from Tamico the other day that said Tamiya are struggling for their own esc`s so something else would be substitued. Don`t think Hobbywing were mentioned though
  6. hey have got a big wheel night with Pumpkins and Lunchboxes etc over a rallyx course. Might have a blast one night to see how much fun bouncy springs can be
  7. Yeah I've put Core 300000 silicone oil in the front diff of the cossie and it makes a difference to the steering
  8. Yeah I'm running in torque tuned and truck class. Rules are kit tyres only inserts if wish and glueing is allowed to the rim but not the actual sidewall or shoulder and needed to be fair I didn't glue mine and spent the entire first night refitting tyres. The guy from our LHS who races the same place suggested a fix for truck rolling involving putting foam tape on the top of the chassis where it hits the bottom arm to give it a sort of pre damp and it seems to have worked. Minimum amount of hop ups but oil shocks and oiled diffs are allowed as are bearings and CVD's to combat the TT02's dislike of carrying its own dogbones for more than 5 laps!! Already upgraded the radio to a Sanwa MX6 and surprised at how much it has made an improvement being able to turn full speed down or up and the amount of servo up or down. And am looking at better servos and servo savers as mine are only cheapys bought for bashing round the yard. Got to admit I'm finding marshaling fun and they are a friendly bunch, happy to have a word or let you see what they're using. I'm told that's not always the norm in a lot of places. Owners are decent as well and are happy to give advice on race etiquette such as letting faster cars through without panicking and messing your own run up and how to do it. Anyway got a practice session then racing on Saturday night so I'll see how it goes
  9. And proper gone down the racing rabbit hole. To cut a long story short I won a raffle at my LHS for a Tamiya Tankpool Merc on the Tt01e chassis and was goaded into racing it at my local raceway Tamiya truck night. I came absolutely nowhere but had a grin on my face a wide. I'm now also racing my Cossie in torque tuned but apart from bearings I'm still kit standard. Rules don't allow for the full set up, wishbones, different pinions etc only turnbuckles on steering and hopped up driveshaft and half shafts to keep costs down and accessible to everyone rather than the plastic missile touring cars in national classes So don't be surprised if I start asking for tips, stuff like what shafts and turnbuckles are everyone using?
  10. Can split and sell as separates if interested
  11. I meant the graphite photos. I have one backed with pink (don't ask!!) I can put up. Not black but you'll get the general gist of what the sparkle does
  12. Core seems to be hit and miss between good tins and clumpy splatter tins but if you want why not go a light spray of clear sparkle by Core (cr626) over a plain jett black? Pictures later but the metallic graphite is OK if your going with that
  13. Son has just got the Tt02 NSX and I have just got the Tt02 Escort. Both been round the local indoor track a few times and seem very user friendly. Easy to strip repair and drive. But the big 3 should be the big 4. CVA drive shafts are a must for the front or you'll be forever refitting the dogbones
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