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  1. Been crackers busy at work the last six month or so catching up and covering people who were off with Covid so havent had much time for anything R/C related so nothing much has changed at this end since last time I posted. Only thing I`ve really got done is built a New tt-01E Merc race truck. Hows things with you lot? Still well and adding to your collections one hopes?
  2. Not as many as I`d like and way more than the Mrs is happy about. Currently the lists stands at 6x4 r620 Scania Volvo FH12 CC-01 Land rover CC-01 Hilux MF-01x Jimny Lunchbox A TT-01 chassis bent into a Kamtec Bowler project The Flatbed trailer And The TT-01 Mercedes racing truck which I won in a draw run by my LHS a week ago
  3. Lunchbox/Pumpkin for the fun side of things Big rig for Tamiyas realism then a TRF 511 for the racier folks among us?
  4. Sorry matey been busy the last couple of weeks. Yeah pretty much
  5. Fighter buggy rx was my intro to tamiya way back when. My wallet now wishes I`d walked on by!!! Would love another mad bull but struggled to find stock lately
  6. I know each and every person in the wide wide world of Tamiya absolutely adores the use of driver figures but Does anyone know which X or XF pot is closest to denim? Err the Levi`s variety not the 1970`s splash on for us pulling machines
  7. Seems like it with the dates you`ve given for each model.
  8. If its the 18v combi forget it. Breeze or cement only.
  9. I`d actually still like a Mk1 Freelander. Would work quite nice on a High set up TT-02
  10. And a MK2 escort body
  11. I agree with @OCD mind. We should have more hardbodies although I can understand the cost implications, I said in the dream models thread a hardbody Defender would be good
  12. presumably you mean the 1/10 stuff? the trucks are all hardbody still
  13. Still using old faithful. Must be knocking on 12 year old now and still going strong. The impact driver that came with it gets regular work use screwing bath feet into floors and it's still away like a good un. Use dewalt bits at work but they don't fit the Tamiya screws that we'll so what's everyone's bits of choice?
  14. 2mm styrene sheets? I`ve managed decent results by scoring and bending. I have even manged one or two decent rolled corners using a lighter to warm and a bit of copper pipe out the van to use as a former
  15. If they ever release Colin CHapmans finest I wouldnt want to drive it. That has glass protected shelfer written all over it
  16. D90 in a hard body. Lexan is too flimsy for attachments like a tow hitch.
  17. Bad idea putting that up mind matey. I`m clammin to build another one now
  18. Maybe be wrong here but the back of the wheel arch looks out of alignment. Surely the mudflap should marry up to the groove that runs round the top of the arch suggesting the cab is twisted
  19. What car and body? I usually find that Revell contacta professional does the trick without fogging up lenses. this stuff
  20. Got the Griffin's on last night. Weren't as bad as I feared
  21. You know something I never think of looking on youtube for "how to" type of stuff. Even after all this time. Cheers though I`ll have a look at that. And thanks, I have used the same colour on other stuff and liked it, as well as when it was on my old 1.1 freelander
  22. Does anyone know the best way to remove this type of paint from hard bodies? is it best just to gently sand it off so as to not damage the body itself? As far as I know from reading the tins it`s just a straightforward acrylic paint. Did the Volvo over christmas, rushed it so the paint job isnt the best and did it in what I thought would be a good colour scheme, Land Rover Epsom green metallic But it just looks too dark and dismal and the kit itself hasnt much in the way decals to break it up a bit so was thinking of a strip and respray a different way. Perhaps a Bright Silver over Purple arches and skirts
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