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  1. I have a bunch of aluminium parts for my TT-01 (arms, hubs, diff covers...) but i would like to make my TT-01 as fast as possible, so do you think that it would make it too heavy or should i just put it on? (btw my car is clone of a TT-01 so it looks a bit different, but 90% of parts are shared with the TT-01 and it has completely the same driving abilities)
  2. hi i would like to know what grease/lubrication i should use for gears, diffs, bearings etc in my tt-01 onroad/street build (not drift). and i would also like to know if there are any waterproof sensored motor-Esc combos out there that doesnt brake the bank and is there a way to 100% waterproof a tt-01 if not, please write som similar alternatives that are capable of 100% waterproofing im sorry if you dont what im writing, im not so good at explaining things in english
  3. what does "tall gears" mean??
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