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  1. Excellent, thank you. I thought it had that familiar Tamiya plastic shine, but was thrown off by the absence of the label. Nice work!
  2. What receiver box is that? I've been looking for a really simple generic looking one, and that fits the bill.
  3. Thank you! I thought I saw someone mention that they picked up a set of the bumper mounts too, but couldn't remember who. I look forward to seeing yours. I'm not aware of any issues with the stock steering links. I had planned on making my own all along and installed it all at the same time. I found that the included tube spacers were too long and my Kimbrough #124 servo saver interfered with the bottom horizontal tube of the bumper. For my application, a 11mm spacer was the appropriate length to avoid fouling the servo saver, and still kept the servo low enough that it doesn't bump into the bottom of the chassis either.
  4. Figured I'd give this a try...
  5. Installed the Arch Fab and Machine servo mount bumpers on the Clod.
  6. Added the Arch Fab and Machine (USA) servo mount bumpers, and made some new links. Took a bit of fiddling to get the servo spaced correctly, but quite happy with the result. And I'm so happy to have the servos on axle now, with the ability to turn the rear steering on and off. What a difference!
  7. Thank you! I kept the little springs in. It was just a guess, but they seem fine in there. I didn't run the truck without foams, so I don't have a good comparison. Admittedly, those foams are much firmer than I would like but it was hard to find something the right dimension. I might buy a second set of wheels and tires because I think I'd prefer the tires to have a little more give.
  8. A little info about the lights. I recommend an LED calculator like this one: http://led.linear1.org/1led.wiz The warm white LEDs I used are rated at 3.2-3.4v and 24mA. With a 6V source, it recommends a 120 ohm resistor.
  9. Just wanted to provide an update in case anyone else is looking for a solution to cleaning foggy chrome. A reminder that in my case, the fog appeared while soaking the piece in warm water with a little dish soap. After trying many things unsuccessfully, I decided to strip all the chrome and start over. I didn't have thick bleach on hand, so I used typical liquid laundry bleach and much to my surprise the fog quickly disappeared before it started affecting the chrome! I rinsed thoroughly and now it looks like this:
  10. I keep coming back to one of my CC01s...
  11. Just did this last night. Great tip to trim and flip the servo mount posts, that does make things line up better. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Not technically today, but I recently modified CVA damper pistons to 4 x 1.5mm holes for less damping and fitted them to my Lunch Box. I'm very happy with that setup.
  13. Thank you! It was a little while ago, and only the second ABS body I've painted recently so going off memory here. I think 2-3 coats at most stages. Although tempted to try wet sanding, I decided against it or else I would be too afraid to drive it. Already done! As much as I'm a perfectionist and dislike the scratches, it's more satisfying for me to run it. I picked up a packet of 5mm soft white LEDs some years back and have been soldering them up myself with the appropriate resistors to run off 6V receiver power. I'd be happy to do a tutorial on that someday if you'd like. It's quite doable. Here's the one I did for my recent Clod build...
  14. This is absolutely fantastic! Very well executed, great descriptions and photos. I look forward to the outdoor shots and video. Thanks for sharing!
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