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  1. Good point, hadn't thought of that! Have to say the aesthetic was the driving force in giving it a go. The rest of the car is in bits so haven't had a chance to try it out in practice, but moving the axle by hand it seems promising. The shocks are now at a more acute angle than they would have been stock which isn't ideal, but think the rubber bushings are quite forgiving with the angle. Have used 4mm spacers at the top and bottom to keep it all evenly spaced. Will report back once I've had a chance to drive it....
  2. Aware this is a very old thread but here's what I've been toying with, re-using the brass ends of the re-re shocks on a modified bolt as a bracket . Not sure how it'll work in practice, but it seems to move well enough. Sits nicely under the body without any need for modification which was mainly what I wanted!
  3. Can confirm that this works, I now have nice non leaking dampers
  4. That’s great, thanks Matthias! I had read suggestions in a few places to install the dampers upside down, and now definitely won’t. Wish I’d seen your link earlier for the O-rings as much they’re much better value than the TRF spares, but I’m much more confident now that i’ll Get it sorted!
  5. Thanks rubiracer, feel like I'm having a bit of a brain melt on this, can't seem to visualise the mechanics of how it should ideally function. So just to clarify I should try - Using the TRF o-rings instead of the red ones, and add a bit of green slime to them Otherwise assemble shocks as per the instructions Fill with oil to the internal step Screw in end cup one turn and push piston in "all the way"(?) Mop up excess oil and fully tighten cup Sorry if I'm being dense!
  6. Aware this a 5 year old thread.... ...but just in case anyone is listening, I'm coming up against this and am going to try the TRF o-rings - when you say "push piston in" do you mean fully in, or approx 1/3 as stated in the instructions?
  7. Thanks Fuijo, I was hovering over the Buy button of those yesterday, that seller has also got some great wheels but then the postage wouldn't combine and thought with a bit of extra customs charge on top price was getting well out of hand!
  8. Can't find any current sellers of aluminium Rough Rider/Buggy Champ chassis in the UK - does anyone have one to sell or know where I can get one? Thanks
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