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  1. Yeah, I'm excited for this Dec 2020 released. Going to try to amazon or ebay one once they are out
  2. Hahaha lost at sea...I was thinking the same thing
  3. Hey hey! It finally came, woot! Took 65 business days. Went from HK to New Jersey then down to me in GA. Built it this weekend kyosho esc, gt 20 turn motor
  4. Orders a re released Top force from Hong Kong. Took 60 days to come by ship. Can't wait :) I had almost given up hope, figured lost at sea.
  5. That is an interesting thought for sure. For sure temperature extremes either way affects plastics...hopefully not I will update once I get the kit.
  6. I have one it was my first cvoid19 project. Something about the colors screams 90s to me, another person said this but it's so true.
  7. While the astute/super astute is my over all favorite Tamiya biggie. In the 90s could not afford a Top Force first time around but saw the re release version. Coming to me by boat :p
  8. In the past I never cared much for the Bigwig, more a boomerang style driver but building the re release I have grown fond of it.
  9. Found these off ebay, so think i am good Tamiya 53056 OP56 Pin Type Hex Wheel Adapter
  10. Lol, kyosho esc and g20 super stock motor. I did not know it required a low profile steering sevo. All I could find was a hitec one.
  11. New user to the forums Just finished building my Super Astute, always wanted one when I was young but could never afford it when they first came out. Recently, saw the re-release. Thought I would post a photo.
  12. Hi all, does anyone know decent rims and street tires fit the 2017 bigwig. Off ebay or Amazon? I have a lot more streets then dirt where i am. Want to get some street tread tires and rims. Much thanks!
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