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  1. Ahh cheers. its been a fun build which has kept me entertrained through lockdown! I've started another but..its not Tamiya so can't post here, but its to actually go racing with haha. The standard front tyres on the racing fighter are shocking, the ones on the Neo are the ones i changed to! As they have much bigger contact patch, and i find them great on tarmac. The whole DT03 chassis is pretty understeer happy. Even with all the chassis hopups i've done, i've managed to dial it out abit, but the chassis and weight distribution mean it'll pretty much always understeer....on tarmac/concrete anyway. Rib tyres all look the same tbh. If you dont want rib go for some Mini Spike or pins on the front.
  2. Nope didnt go for inserts. Seems to be working fine without them. They are pretty soft and squishy, but i'll see how they wear. Then see if next time i'll get some. Ah cheers, yep i'm really pleased with it! Thats me done with this one now in regards to upgrades. Just enjoying it as a basher. Building a proper Comp Race 4wd buggy now, but this means its not a Tamiya, so can't post on this forum really. Ah cheers, Yeh go for something different! Make sure you buy Tamiya paint its the best. But get creative! Let me know if you need any advice.
  3. Trinity Midnight Brushed Motor https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224062543772 Trinity P2K Pro Brushed Motor https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224062544769 Trinity Ex-Tech NiCd Battery Pack https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224062545617
  4. UPDATE. Just a little update. As i manly just bash this around carparks and mainly on Tarmac/Concrete, i naturally went through the standard rear tyres in no time. So i figured i'd get some more suitable ''road'' style tires. These are Schumacher Venom buggy size tires, in Silver compound. They defo need gluing of which i havent got any at the moment so have ordered some, but gave the car a quick blast up and down the road and im VERY happy!!! WAYYYYYYYYY more grip. Looking forward to getting them glued so i can corner haha.
  5. Haha!! I've decided thats enough money spent on this one....other than some new tyres i've just bought lol... And next its time to buy a 4wd buggy and probably go more contempory electrics wise.......eg Brushless + Lipo
  6. UPDATE. Well i took the Racing Fighter for a shake down after having re-built the rear suspension and fitted the 1060 ESC, and i couldnt be happier. The Hobbywing 1060 worked faultlessly with my 19T Trinity Colbalt Brushed motor, which i've also pumped the timing up a fair bit to. Ran for about 15-20 mins until the battery had come to an end. No over heating or anything. VERY pleased. Highly recommend over the standard TAmiya TBLE02 if your changing motors from standard. I've took so SUPER rubbish video clips to share with you. But because the max file size you can share on here is 4.8mb!?!?! Its like 1 tiny vid per post. And no i dont have a youtube account lol. Anyways, take a ganders and let me know what you think! ..... I'm happy! For reference this is ran on a 3000mah Ni-Mh battery. Clip 3.mp4
  7. UPDATE After having bought and refurbished two older Trinity Brushed Motors, and having ran them both breifly, i'd confirmed i wanted to fit the mighty 19T Trinity Colbalt full time, but being 19T meant the stardard Tamiya TBLE02 esc after a couple of mins went thermal (as was expected). SO....i've upgraded to the very well established HobbyWing 1060. After having removed the old Tamiya ESC and had a bit of a clean up. I then re-fitted the Colbalt, and changed over the battery terminals on the 1060 to the deans plugs i now run. Once complete, i finished my tidy little install. Looking forward to the good weather next week, when i'll actually have some time to do a shake down and see how she performs! Very excited, as she was a rocket for the few mins she ran with the TBLE02, and i've now advanced the timing a tad on the motor also. Think i'll get one more run out of those rear tyres, then gonna buy and fit some schumacher tarmac tyres.
  8. Rainy Day = Tinkering Day. Now we all know the CVA shocks are NOT the best, and recently i had noticed the rear end seems to be smacking the floor more than when they were new, and also noticed one was weeping slightly.... so decided it was time to rebuild and do a little upgrade i saw another member do. I stripped the stocks down and cleaned them out and i replaced the standard Black rubber o-rings with the Red o-rings. They seem to be a better seal around the damper shaft, and once rebuilt with the upgraded Hard Blue springs i'd already fitted, there now working better than when i first built them. I also bought another couple of X-part trees so i could add another pair of the bigger spring spacers for the back. And now the combination of the upgraded o-rings, bigger spacers and harder springs the rear dampers have vastly better damperning and rebound. Obviously no where near as good as say DF03 alloy dampers, but i feel as good as CVA dampers are gonna get. Coming next is a ESC upgrade so i can run my 19T Trinity Colbalt properly.
  9. Both motors are up and running perfectly! Very happy! Gave them there first shake down today before the rain. No issues that i wasnt already expecting.... eg that the ESC would go Thermal using the 19T Trinity Colbalt. But i got couple min running before it did and its quickkkkk!!! I might advance the timing a little bit also. But first i need to get a 1060 esc to run it properly. The Trinity Midnight worked really well. pleased with both results of rebuilds. I'm not entirely sure until i do a direct comparison if the Midnight is quicker than the Torque Tuned the car came with, so gonna do that comparison next. I feel there about similar. Prob both better suited to the 17t pinion, where as the Colbalt defo suits the 19t pinion thats fitted at the moment. Heres a very rubbish couple of vids. I was too excited to run the motors than faff with the camera, so the angle is terrible, again...will sort for next time haha. But give you an idea. Flybys.mp4
  10. Pics fitted! I'll try get some running vid clips over the next few days when i can get a chance to run the car out.
  11. MOTOR UPGRADES: So i made the desicion that because i'm not gonna get into the whole LIPO world, i'm perfectly happy with the good old robust Ni-MH batts, that i wont go to brushless for the motor upgrades, as i just won't reap the advantages with no LIPO. That left me to stick with what i know from my past....BRUSHED. I managed to win off ebay 2 vintage Trinity motors! One of which ''The Midnight'' i've had before, and a top of the range ''at the time'' Colbalt. I also used Trinity motors and loved them, so i bought these with the view to strip them both down, clean them up, re-wire, with fresh connectors and cables, put new bushes in, and lube up with bearing oil. First the Trinity Midnight This is a 27T Stock motor, so nothing too extreme, but i remember it always being a punchy motor, so i stripped it down as much as i could as its not a rebuildable motor, got rid of the old wire and connectors, and binned the bushes which were pretty worn down. The i made up some new connector cables with new bullett connectors, and fitted some brand new Hard Laydown Bushes. I then bedded the motor in water, as a way to also clean the inside the can out as i can't take this motor apart, and bedded in the bushes. She looks good as new!! Other than few marks on the sticker on the outside! BEFORE AND AFTERS BELOW. Next Trinity Colbalt. Now these used to be the flagship motors for Trinity, and new this motor was about £75. This one is a 19x1T and is fully rebuildable complete with metal bearings. For this one did a complete nut and bold strip and clean, removing old solder where i could and dirt and grime and binned the old bushes. I then re-oiled the bearings with Avid Bearing Oil, and sitted new Hard Silver Stand-Up bushes. Along with of course making up and fitting some new connector cables and bullett connectors. I then beded this motor in, and man she SCREAMS!!!! Now, im FULLY aware this thing will make mince meet of my Tamiya TBLE-02 ESC being a high end 19T motor, but IF i can run it long enough before the ESC cuts to workout that the car can handle it, and it doesnt turn into a wheelie machine, i'll then upgrade the ESC to a 1060. If not, i'll stick the Midnight motor in this, and put the Colbalt in the next buggy i'm eyeing up (4wd with a slipper) hehe. Love how this motor looks as its matches my car so well with the Blue Heat Sinks on the back of the motor! Anyways here some pics!! I'll post below some pics of the Colbalt fitted to the car in the next post.
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