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  1. Hi there - was a bit enthusiastic with the Hornet and snapped the grey servo saver - they seem to be on back order but are on a tree with others - the Hornet is the one with the bend in. I am either making sense or talking Greek. They are available but seem to be on back order so wondered if anyone had a spare they would be happy to sell? Cheers
  2. Ran the hornet at the local skate park. I need more practice as this was more spectacular than expected! Still in one piece though. Taking the basher next time!! IMG_6209.MOV
  3. Oof I fancy all those!! Assume they are all built?
  4. New radio gear from @Grumpy pants many thanks
  5. Took the basher to the beach as lockdown eased a little north of the border. Ran brilliantly. I need some new tyres though as slicks are poor on sand. I need some advice on sand running I think I should probably replace the esc with a waterproof one but any tips on motor and receiver. I’ll take it again tomorrow then strip and clean. Can also figure out how many parts I am short from making a second one from parts!
  6. Probably later here in Scotland. Like you though no desire to queue!!
  7. Took the Hornet for my evening exercise. Excuse poor pics. Need to rebuild the shocks as full of muck and not working well. A good clean in order.
  8. That looks fantastic. I love my stadium and would love a beetle shell for. I’d be too tempted to run this which would be a shame!
  9. I did think that - torn to keep the devil decals or make more “standard”
  10. Courtesy of @Nobbi1977 many thanks. Daughters more excited than me but plotting an orange colour scheme!
  11. Watching with interest what comes up :-)
  12. Guys - can’t thank you enough for detailed responses! I’m not sure it makes it any easier but certainly plenty to consider!! In all honesty I dont really have any requirements more the desire for a build and play!! Love the NSU but feels the chassis may let it down. I am leaning to looking for a TT02D or certainly a TT02 and some hop ups - kicking myself for not picking up the chassis only that was for sale on here a couple of weeks ago. Will do some more reading and looking at offers - which is half the fun anyway!
  13. I am still fairly new to this hobby but shelf is growing fast! I did my first build a couple of weeks ago, Hornet and picked up a Stadium Thunder/Blitzer hybrid reasonably on eBay which is fun and have another new build off roader on the way. I think i have my off road boxes covered although do fancy a Konghead and maybe a lunchbox. So near home there are a few nicely tarmac’d car parks and I fancy a road car. I like the idea of a Scooby or Lancia Delta - and seen a good deal on the NSU. I know there are sport and drift versions and TT02 seems to be the chassis i will need with lots of choice for shells. Being new will I notice any difference, should i go with something i like the look of, or anything i should look out for? i dont really have any specific requirements just planning the next step! Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice - and if there is a thread already apologies but couldn’t see one!
  14. Finished the build last week but finally painted the Hornet shell and stickered up - man i need more practice at that but really pleased with how the colour turned out (black was on back order and I saw a couple blue ones I liked). Time for a drive tomorrow!
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