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  1. having looked at this picture I have just noticed I've put one of the shocks on upside down! good job the need to come off and be refilled with oil!
  2. I am pleased with how it has come out, when I get the ESC properly fitted it will be nice to see how it handles after all these years. As we do the King Blackfoot I'll get some pics of that up as well, that is more of a cosmetic rebuild, the only actual fault with it was a missing piece from the steering linkage so I have converted it to direct servo drive.
  3. some other pics to use up the allocation
  4. same for the rear end, it was a good job I bought the new motor mount as when mine came out it was damaged! everything got new grease as well. I have bought some new oil for the shocks but that hasn't arrived yet. I need to properly fit the ESC next
  5. it is a shame I can't upload more photos, I took loads of the process... but here is the result of the front end rebuild. it was a simple strip down, clean up and refit.
  6. so the basic plan is a bit of a clean up (not to mental as it will just get dirty again when it gets used) then replace both shock towers as these are both showing signs of damage, replace the steering arms, well mainly because why not. A full set of metal bearings for the wheels, new front hubs and new motor carrier, again because why not originally but you will see why it was good that I bought that too later. The shell is in decent enough shape so I think I am going to leave that well alone, though I may actually paint the driver/dash etc. The original wheels are going to go back on as well and I have a new ESC to fit, the original ESC (that I fitted many years ago got raided to go into the king blackfoot also many years ago!) I do still have the MSC but won't be refitting it! The new chassis bits are all from jazrider.com bought through ebay, bearings through another ebay seller.
  7. I've had this since new in the late 90's where it had a fair bit of use and then went into a box and up into the attic where it has stayed for probably 15 years or more. having rediscovered this (and my sons king blackfoot) we decide to pull them both out of the attic and get them going again.
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