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  1. Sadly printed media has massively declined. Printed magazines that are still going all seem to be printed on really cr*ppy thin paper. When I started to get back into the hobby it was really sad that the old titles (Radio Race Car/RCMC) had long disappeared. It was a sad day when Dirt, my favourite mountain bike magazine ceased printing. In that industry there's ben a bit of resurgence with quarterly releases that are more like books than magazines (stuff like 'Cranked' if you're in to that sort of thing). The monthlies are still about but they have half the content they used to and again are printed on really rubbish paper. Obviously there's no real ads either...who didn't love thumbing through the shop adverts right? So on one hand the internet gives, but on the other it takes away
  2. I really want to track down an Optima Mid, preferably a Custom (the one with the yellow wheels) like when I was a kid. To be honest, any Mid would do!
  3. Thanks for the tips. I might get hold of some Lame Flake and some translucent and have a play about on some pop bottles! It's for a Kyosho Beetle which at the moment is black. Got a new shell & decals so I've got a shelf shell (done the same with my Blitzer) and thought some 70's bling would be fun over a straight yellow box art paint job, Box Art+ if you will
  4. Hi all, I've got a new lexan Beetle body that I want to get painted up. Has anyone tried a groovy 70's style metal flake job? What products did you use? Any tips/guides on how to do it? I've seen the Tamiya 'Lame Flake' but that's not really what I'm after. I'm thinking gold or purple...maybe both lol Cheers
  5. Guilty, never owned one but I mentioned it because this was an object of desire when growing up. There's no right/wrong answer, I guess being 10 years your junior (but still old enough to know better!) The SRB buggies were almost considered 'old'. A friend of mine had an original Sand Scorcher back when I had a GRasshopper. I then got an Optima Mid (my absolute favourite buggy and he got an Egress). Always drooled over the Avante because it looked amazing but the Optima was no doubt an infinitely better performer
  6. For me it would be one of these Boomerang - my first Tamiya encounter Grasshopper - my first Tamiya owned Avante - the Tamiya I dreamed about most. It has to be blue too.
  7. Guess in many cases the chances of a re-release depends on how many of the moulds still exist or even if they do exist, whether they are serviceable. Injection moulding tools are pretty expensive and need a good sales volume for return. (I work for a large construction machinery OEM as a design engineer for cab interiors) I'd **** well buy a Ninja if it ever got re-re'd lol
  8. Got a few updates. Fitted a DT-02 turnbuckle kit to the Blitzer. Had a play about getting all set up and think I've got it somewhere I'm happy with. Got a little negative camber front and rear and got her tracking nice and straight. Pleased with how it goes now. I'll post some more detailed pics later. For now you'll just have to make do with this one (pre-turnbuckles on the Blitzer) New project is in the house lol. Picked up this sweet little black beauty. Body needs a paint job, got a brand new body and decals already. Other than that it just needs a motor and electrics. She's a thing of beauty 🥰 Grasshopper still gets run regularly, it's the kids favourite 😁
  9. I just got a Beetle (albeit 2nd hand so ready built). The Scorpion chassis is a lovely thing. Waiting on parts to get it running. I'm glad there's more supplies coming as that should mean spares (although there's very little plastic on these things) will be topped up too. I'm after some of the Turbo Scorpion 2.2" wheels
  10. Started fitting up a turnbuckle kit to my Blitzer and had a poke around at my newly acquired Kyosho Beetle. Ordered a new body set & decals for it as a spare. Need to sort out some running gear next month to get her running 🙂
  11. X4 Candy Green...if not get a standard one and paint it green 😜
  12. Lovely. I almost got one of these way back but got an Optima instead as there was no race class for FWD. Such a unique buggy. Nice to see some still around.
  13. @Grumpy pants yeah I've been eyeing one up for ages. Not had a Kyosho for years but remember they are really well engineered. This one has been built and run a couple of times. Will be doing a box art body for it as I love how they look
  14. Been painting Beetle bodies for the past week or so! A lexan shell for my Blitzer Seeing double... The 2nd one isn't mine... Finally added a bit of detail to my Blitzer. Fancied adding some race numbers so came up with a hand painted design. Not 100% on it but at least I can remove it and try again! Think I have a mild Beetle problem...got a Kyosho one on the way now too 😁
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