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  1. The Kyosho is the reason the Blitzer hasn't been run to be honest, it's a blast to drive. It's just running a Firebolt 15T and a Hobbywing 1060 whereas the Blitzer has a Sport Tuned & TBLE02. Might play about with it some more but all my cars are in storage now while we're moving house. New place has a nice workshop at the bottom of the garden, can't wait
  2. I think once we've moved house and my cars are out of storage I'm going to put a brushless set up in my Blitzer. I've not run it for ages, miss the little guy.
  3. I returned to the hobby as a lockdown thing like a lot of people last year. I still only have 3 cars. 2x Tamiya kits (Grasshopper & Blitzer Beetle) and a Kyosho Beetle I bought used. I don't have the desire to fill my house with unbuilt kits and shelf queens. I got the cars I have because I either had one as a kid (GH) or just love the look of them (the Beetles). Really want an Optima Turbo but I'm struggling with the idea of dropping that much money on a new car! Guess I still have the same mentality as when I was a kid and had to save up to get what I wanted rather than blowing my disposable* income *no income is disposable, find that such a crass term but you know what I mean!
  4. I'll be honest, I've not done it for years so you're most likely right. Only live 5 mins from J14 so not really needed to do it
  5. Probably not a great time tell you that you probably could have done a cheeky short cut through the staff entrance at Stafford services onto local roads
  6. Thanks for sharing the detailed write up I quite fancy a Hotshot, there's just something about them and judging by your review they're good runners (I'm not a 4S LiPO, small turn motor, basher!)
  7. I've heard that's a big issue, they're all stuck in the supply chain. I work for a global manufacturer of construction equipment and it's causing a problem getting hold of parts. Obviously big companies are buying up all the spare capacity so they can to keep production rolling. It's going to take a good while for things to settle down
  8. Just stumbled across this thread after I posted about the TT Phoenix that I just bought off a mate of mine. Up until the past weekend I knew nothing about these things but I had heard of Thunder Tiger from my distant past. Looking forward to getting hold of this truck a little bit more now!
  9. So a friend of mine offered me a Thunder Tiger Phoenix truck for what seems to be an extremely good price (couldn't even buy a new Blitzer Beetle body set for what I paid for it ) I Had a quick Google to try and find out more and found a few bits of info. Anyway I said yes I'll have it, seemed to cheap to pass up...you know how these things go. Does anyone on here have much experience with these trucks? I posted the question on the RC Kicks FB page and found out they're basically a clone of an older Associated truck. I guess this gives an option for parts? Are they quite durable compared to say the aforementioned Blitzer? My plan once it shows up in the post is to give it a good clean (it's not been used for around 4 years) and get it running. If it's fun I'll probably keep it as a basher but just wanted to find out a little more about it from other owners. Cheers
  10. Wow those take me right back! Thanks for sharing. Wish I still had some of my old Radio Race Car mags but they're long gone (bit like my Optima Mid Custom ) I'm scared to click that link as I fear I may lose a few hours of my life and I'm supposed to be working
  11. I did as Cy said and bought some longer screws on the back of my Blitzer. I'll take some pics if you need them but it was very straighforward.
  12. I'm a big fan of this, awesome work. Can't wait for the next installment
  13. Not got to this stage (actually anywhere near) with RC cars but I can empathise as I do the same with bike parts...generally a new frame then then old one gets shoved in the corner unitil one day I think oh, only need another set of wheels and I've got another bike. Only issue is that it's never that 'spare set of wheels' it's all the other stuff you have to buy to get the thing working! This time I was quick and decisive and shoved my old parts on FB Marketplace before I had chance to procrastinate about another project :-P
  14. This goes against everything I understand! Using machine screws in plastic...greasing them to get them in? sounds crazy to me lol. I guess it's more to do with my background of engineering construction machinery so it doesn't fall apart! For screwing into plastics in most cases use a moulded in brass insert...bit cost prohibitive on a model car! We do use Taptite thread forming screws in some limited applications. The biggest concern is generally parts vibrating loose so need to be careful with torque settings.
  15. I saw that there was going to be a round there. If it goes ahead I'll definitely pop down for a nosey you can get a reasonable view from the lane. Wait and see if it goes ahead!
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