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  1. I own a VW T4 Bus. It's a bit rusty. I also had another VW bus and that was rusty too.
  2. Thank you, I'll strip them down and give them a good clean. The car had been driven a fair bit before I got it. I wouldn't say abused, just used and I just strapped some electrics in there and did the same. Now she needs some TLC!
  3. Saying that, there's a special place in badword for press fit BB's...but this is the wrong forum for that discussion!
  4. Hi all! I haven't posted on here for ages but now it's Christmas time I find myself staring at the rather poorly Kyosho Beetle sitting up on the shelf in my office thinking I should give it some attention. Plan is to basically strip it down and give it a good clean but there are a few issues with it. FIrst is that front suspension beam thing is bent. I've got a brand new one to fit so no issue there. Secondly, the dampers aren't very smooth at all and I think one is leaking. Is the best thing just to strip them down and give them a good clean with fresh oil? I bought the car second hand so I never assembled it. Who knows what horrors I may find lol Any tips on which oil to use? Or are there any other dampers I could look at as an upgrade? She'll get driven, she's not a shelfer but I do like to keep them looking nice as they get put out on display (I have some new satin silver Turbo Scorpion wheels and a new body for when she's posing and separate runner wheels & body) Thanks in advance!
  5. I think the thing that bothers me is now they're full time YouTubers they have to play the YouTube game since it's their income. As a result the content gets more obnoxious! I like Tamiya Legends as Glenn isn't trying to be a YouTuber, he's a guy who just seems to love what he does and doesn't do it if he's burnt out. As for things that annoy me about the hobby, I don't think I'm deep enough into it to get annoyed by anything...I think I use all my frustration getting annoyed by my primary pastime which is mountain bikes :-P There's a lot to go at there ha ha. Someone did touch on the hype thing and the shilling of popular kits driving some insane prices and people hoarding. I don't have a big collection, I'm definitely more old skool in my approach, a couple of cars to mess about with (still not got round to fixing up my Kyosho Beetle!)
  6. @Willy iine your Beetles are stunning! I really need to paint my new shell!
  7. Is this like trying to peel a potato in one go?
  8. Seen your pics on various FB groups. Bravo sir, that's a lovely looking thing
  9. I get such bad buyers remorse/guilt that I don't bother and I live vicariously through you guys That's why I only have 3 cars. I do really really want that new mk2 Golf so may treat myself but it'll be tough lol
  10. Wow, that escalated quicker than a LiPo fire
  11. The TD4 is the best looking buggy Tamiya ever made jokes
  12. A Grasshopper, maybe just slightly more vanilla than a Hornet 25 years or so later another Grasshopper, just for old times sake
  13. I need the mk2 Golf and a couple of spare bodies. Can't afford a real one as a toy these days since the prices of anything remotely decent have gone through the roof! A proper box arched Golf Rallye body shell (for those not in the know it was a 4wd Gold with wide arches kind of like a Lancia Delta) would be even more awesome. You listening Tamiya?
  14. Always enjoy your pics @Ferruz especially the day-glo colour contrast with the snow Just watch those icy pools lol!
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