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  1. I'm enjoying the detail of your thread, thanks for sharing. I can't decide whether I'm into these comical buggies or not to be honest, especially the Avante. I think I do like them as I somehow get drawn into looking at them...just need to admit it to myself
  2. A few updates on the 'hopper. Not done much in the way of running, just lots of laps round the garden and up and down the gravel lane when I can avoid the annoying neighbour 😜 So then. I've switched the motor out for the Torque Tuned. What a difference, it's just about on the edge I think...seems like a brave move going any more wild lol. First run didn't last long before I needed to tighten up the pinion...oops Got a couple of pics in the sun. Love this colour! A week or so later I decided I should finish the decals so that's all done. Also added some Jazrider alloy uprights because, well, they just look nice and some red wheel nuts. Here's how it stands right now 😀💚 No real plans now, just run it and fix it when I inevitably break it. Got some bike parts up for sale so that should find another build once I decide what I want 😜
  3. I've been keeping half a look out lol
  4. Wow, some detailed responses here! Thanks for the input. I'm a sucker for character so I'm still hankering after a Hotshot and build the vision in my head. I don't think I'll ever be discerning enough to appreciate the intricate differences between chassis types. I really don't have the love for these spaceship looking bodies with all those aircraft style canopies and sweeping lines.
  5. Wow, some detailed responses here! Thanks for the input. I'm a sucker for character so I'm still hankering after a Hotshot and build the vision in my head. I don't think I'll ever be discerning enough to appreciate the intricate differences between chassis types. I really don't have the love for these spaceship looking bodies with all those aircraft style canopies and sweeping lines.
  6. Thanks for those insights. I used to really want a Boomerang when I was a kid if I'm honest, I think they're a good looking car. In fact I used to hate the Hotshot but I guess taste changes as you get older lol. Never considered the Top Force before, so thanks for that shout. As for the Terra Scorcher, I'm not a fan of the body style but I guess with a bit of creativity that can be changed! I see a lot of people talk about the Thundershot type chassis with some enthusiasm! Usage is mainly on grass, our local park is a football (soccer) field and has a cool 'road gap' type jump across the path which looks fun Otherwise it's the gravel lane behind my house or any other loose gravel surface in our local woods! I'll put the little 380 motor back in the Grasshopper and let the kids loose on that instead! Looks like I'll have plenty of time to make up my mind anyway since stocks are pretty low around the place!
  7. So having been bitten once again by the RC bug and throwing together a Grasshopper I've got a hankering to build something else. I want to do a 4WD buggy. It will be a runner, no aspirations on racing just something that's fun to drive (the GH is fun but it's basically an unpredictable thing with the road manners of a space hopper). Anyway, I've recently been fancying a Hot Shot as I've seen some absolutely stunning modified ones running Dark Impact style wheels. They just looks soooo good (to me anyway) so I'm inspired by doing something along those lines. Thing is, is the Hot Shot really any good or at least is it a good general runner? I like modifying and tinkering as I love seeing individual creations people come up with. Or would I be better off getting something modern like a Neo Scorcher or something? Ultimately, I'd be buying an Optima Mid if Kyosho ever do a rerelease
  8. Love the wheels Love the silver body too Look forward to updates
  9. Nice. So tempted by one of these since I had a Mid years ago 😀
  10. Didn't really use Beatties. I think I went into the Bullring one in Brum a couple of times. The Beatties I used to love was the department store in Wolverhampton. The toy department was always well stocked with Tamiya 1/32 Juniors and static models. I could spend ages in there. There was also the Jolly Giant toy store on Wolves ring road (think it's a chav sportswear store now). They always had loads of Juniors, think I picked up a Marui one. Always wanted a Ninja lol. For RC I remember JS Racing in Wolverhampton. He showed me and my Dad a Boomerang...I really wanted one but ended up with a Grasshopper (still loved it though) Bagnalls models in Stafford was another, got my Optima Mid from there. Still makes me sad walking down Salter Street and it just being estate agents. I think the Bagnalls shop turned into a ladies gym or something daft. You'd think I'd know since I still live in town lol. Shrewsbury Model Centre was a great one. They had two stores in the same town which was just awesome. Seem to remember one was more static models and the other RC. Went to see if they were still there a couple of years back without really knowing much about the modern hobby. Sadly gone. At least there's some decent bike shops in Shrewsbury still :-P The only shop I can think of that's still about is Penn Models as far as I know. Sad that all those others are gone but I guess that's 'progress' :-(
  11. Fitted a motor upgrade. Should finish off the decals too but tearing up the garden is more fun! Until the pinion came off...oops🤦🏻‍♂️ Soon fixed though 👍
  12. Got it, thanks 👍 I'd clicked the wrong link obviously lol
  13. A few build pics... Getting stuck in...I'm sure everything felt much bigger when I was younger lol. Had to just put the shell and chassis together for a quick pic. Mainly to send to a mate who's building a Lunchbox Up on it's wheels for the first time. Wanted to do black wheels just for a different look. Only did the outers. In the future I might get another set and play about with colours a bit more. Tyres were easy enough to fit. Just left them in some hot water to soften and they popped right on. Build finished. Rushed this bit so I could get out for some laps of the garden. Threw the shell on. So much fun in a tight space 😁 So after a few sessions I decided to make a start on the body and detailing Frank Made a little 'spray booth' out of a box and a bit of bike gear cable. After a few coats of Tamiya Fine Primer and some rubbing back with 2000 grit I fired in with the Kawasaki Green top coat. Really happy with the results. Added Frank into the mix and started to add decals. I'll get some finished pics once I've finished the decals 👍 Loving the paint, it really 'pops' in the sunlight. I did realise afterwards that there's a factory Candy Green Grasshopper but nevermind! Tempted to get another shell and do another paint job as I quite enjoyed it
  14. Thanks, I've been following the Superfly projects. Might have to order some parts I have had a read through your thread, looks great I started a Postimage account so I'll share some more pics. I'm going to get the shell painted next so that'll be fun...could be either a moment of triumph or a complete unmitigated disaster!
  15. So, I made my introductions in the General section so won't go into that. I got my 'Hopper a couple weeks back now. Spent a couple of evenings getting it up and running. This is from the other day. Couldn't resist a spin round the garden. In fact, I've done quite a lot of that The kids (5 & 2) are fascinated by it which is cool. Hopefully they'll get to learn how to drive and enjoy. Next jobs:- Paint the body. I'm in 2 minds as I got Kawasaki green then realised there's an actual factory candy green edition Fit the driver figure & light pods. Need to do some final detailing. Eventually I'll fit the Torque Tuned motor just for fun. Already tidied up the wiring...it's a little bit thrown together in the image Any tips on securing the battery door? Not lost it yet but I assume this may be an issue in the future I really love the look of some of the T4 Works cars. Would love to pick up some of those parts but the costs with shipping are difficult to justify! By the way, any recommendations on photo hosting?
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