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  1. Kamtech do both ABS (solid white) and lexan (clear). The lexan ones are great for bashing, I have one on my Blitzer Beetle.
  2. Mountain biking (and less so general cycling) is my main 'hobby'. Been riding for nearly 30 years now so you could say the bug is well and truly embedded. I was into RC as a kid before I started racing bikes and only got back into RC, like many others, earlier this year. Don't race bikes now as I just can't get my head into the racing thing but the passion isn't any less strong. At the moment the cars are just on the shelf but I did take one out the other day (Kysoho Beetle) and it reminded me that these things are best being driven rather than sitting on a shelf. Winter bike maintenance is taking spare funds right now so no frivolous RC purchases right now 😜
  3. Well if the price has gone from around 300USD up to 750USD then the actual material cost increase per part is probably pretty low but with the volume of parts they must be producing a tiny increase per part can soon add up. I'm sure there's fluctuations like this all the time and the increases get swallowed up. Just thought it was interesting.
  4. Injection moulding is a massive investment but because of the amount of parts you can manufacture means that the actual cost per part is very low. You obviously need the volume to make it pay though. Those machines will be running non stop and with all sorts of tools. The tooling is where the money is once you've got the presses. There's a badword of a lot of time/effort that goes into the design of these things that just gets lost. Didn't see that particular statement...if they had the moulding expertise and a few million quid to invest in tooling and machinery then maybe they could
  5. Had an interesting conversation with one of our plastic moulding suppliers the other day. Seems the commodity price of ABS is set to double so I'm sure we'll see further price increases on new kits. Something to do with oil production being reduced to keep the prices high as the demand for fuels has reduced dramatically due to Covid. Nothing like more doom & gloom huh but I guess this kind of thing happens all the time with commodity prices fluctuating (seen the same thing with steel quite regularly over the years)
  6. Yes, I realise they use different materials (ABS, Nylon 6 etc.) so should have perhaps made that clear. There's no such thing as a 'standard' ABS though. Like anything there are lots of different suppliers who have lots of different blends/modifiers. By law you have to mark plastic parts with the material code but it won't tell you the exact material only the type as it's part of legislation for disposal amongst other things. For example it's tell you its ABS but it won't tell you who made it. Anyway, without getting all material science-y the VQS does seem pretty expensive!
  7. Does anyone know what blend of material Tamiya use for their injection mouldings? Keep seeing the comment 'Tamiya needs to use better plastics' so just interested to know a little more about what that actually means. Injection moulding is a very complicated business indeed. I've worked for the last 15 years in a design role working on vehicle interiors that use injection moulded plastic parts. Material selection is very tricky indeed as you're trying to balance costs & mould process time as well as all the design requirements. I'd be really interested in Tamiya's processes for material selection & design but for obvious reasons us Jo public will never know! Comparing the materials/processes between the Chinese makers & Tamiya would be very interesting indeed! I've had some experience with Chinese injection moulders and what they can do for the money is very, very impressive
  8. I was lucky in having parents that supported me in whatever I was doing. Started with RC cars and then mountain bikes (back in the late 80's/early 90's). My Dad would give up his Sunday mornings to take me to the odd local race. Now I'm middle aged with a house and a family my RC cars (only got a 3) sit on the top of my desk quite happily (mrs krusty...not sure she'd like being called that :-P) is fine with it (so she says, I think she just puts up with it), the kids love it and my folks, well I don't think they have even noticed the appearance of a Grasshopper (my 1st hobby RC that me and my Dad built, this one is a re-re, not the original) sitting on a shelf in the corner of the kitchen. I don't think I'd get away with many more cars in that space so if I want another it'll have to be 'one out, one in' I'm more self conscious of the neighbours when I'm having a cheeky drive in the back lane behind my house :-P
  9. Been a little while since I last posted. Got the Kyosho Beetle running thanks to a Hobbywing 1060 and a HPI Firebolt 15T brushed motor. End result is quite satisfying. It's great fun to drive. Unfortunately the Blitzer had to give up it's receiver and tranny but never mind. Here she is on my 'test track' after her maiden run. As I've said, great car to drive! Got some new bits ordered including 2 sets of wheels and a new body & factory decals. Both sets of wheels are the 2.2" Turbo Scorpion wheels, one in white and one in satin chrome. Threw some Schumacher tyres on the white set which will be the main runners. I love how these things look. Maybe less 'scale' looking but I don't care 😜 Now toying with selling my Blitzer as I really fancy a Turbo Optima...turning into a bit of a Kyosho fan boy 😁 Grasshopper is still running...I have a Sport Tuned motor to try out when I get round to it...
  10. Avante Optima Mid (the variant doesn't especially matter to me!) Turbo Optima Marui Ninja I always wanted a PB Maxima, if I remember the one in the ad in Radio Race Car was orange...I loved that thing lol
  11. That looks stunning Love the Kyosho wheels, I have a spare set to try and fit on my Grasshopper when I finally get round to it! Always had a soft spot for the Wild One too. In the spirit of the thread I'd have to say my Blitzer Beetle. I don't have a massive collection and neither do I intend to. I bought the Blitzer as a typical lockdown purchase being fond of all things Volkswagen. I gave it a patina style paint job which I recreated on another Blitzer for a charity auction. That was a cool thing to get involved in so for that reason I'm now attached to the Blitzer despite playing with the idea of selling it as I find my Kysosho Beetle more fun Think I need to get it running again and take it out for a blast lol
  12. Yes, buy one. Next In all seriousness, I've posted a few times on here about the Kysosho Beetle (which is basically a Scorpion). The reason being, I really like it, it's a great vehicle. Nicely engineered and fun to drive.
  13. Yes, it's all about balance in terms of vehicle dynamics. Generally you want to keep all the heavy bits of a vehicle in between the wheels (although I guess Porsche have done a decent job of creating a sports car with the engine hanging out the back!) Big powerful Audis as an example have always been known to be a bit understeery due to the heavy lump of an engine overhanging the front wheels. Still, I've not driven a rear motor Optima (really tempted to buy one since there's no sign of a Mid rere ever appearing)) and it's been 30 years since I owned a Mid Custom Special so probably not that qualified to comment! I did study vehicle handling at uni and work vehicle engineering now though so have some insights!)
  14. Krustybus

    Kyosho beetle

    A few of these popping up now. Half wish I'd held out and bought a new one rather than a 'pre-loved' one lol That said, I still have a body to paint, just not sure what colour Enjoy the build, from messing about with mine they're nice to put together
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