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  1. I got paint too Some PS paint for my lexan Beetle shell for my Blitzer and some TS for the charity Blitzer build I'm helping out with. Just waiting on the 2 shells to turn up now. Also waiting on a Sports Tuned motor, steel pinion and DT02 turnbuckle set for the Blitzer...some nice updates to document in my build thread
  2. No adapter needed for the 540. You'll need a 32 DP 18 tooth pinion...then watch it fly 😁
  3. Thanks for the reply to my thread, your enthusiasm is infectious! I love my little Grasshopper, have a soft spot for them since it was my first 'proper' RC (think I've mentioned that a few times lol). The Ampro stuff is really interesting, I'd consider getting another Hopper to start playing about with but I think the shipping to the UK is a bit of a killer. I'm a design engineer by trade so I maybe should start designing and printing my own bits really lol. We'll see what happens there! I also fancy dropping a Beetle shell on to the Hopper chassis. I was chatting to someone on the Grasshopper/Hornet Facebook group which got me excited about doing that...too many options and not enough time or money! I think the Grasshopper should have always been green from the start, never mind these special editions lol.
  4. Not much to report, just swapped the motors round. Now got a Torque Tuned in the Blitzer and the stock 540 silver can in the Hopper. I'll probably get something a bit more fruity for the Blitzer moving forward. Next changes for the Blitzer will be a Kamtech lexan shell for running so I don't mess up the kit body. Also got another body work project coming up for a charity Blitzer build. More on that in a couple of weeks 👍 I'm also looking at a turnbuckle kit so I can play around with the chassis but not made any moves on that yet. As for the Grasshopper, only thing I've done is charged the battery and give it a run. Kind of miss the Torque Tuned, it's not quite as wild now lol. Still fun though and it can of course run in the dark 😜
  5. I kind of like it like that, lots of character
  6. I'm a fan of the Hopper. Doesn't need to be messed about with too much, just enjoy! Your green one looks like it's been well used, love it!
  7. More updates... So I started on trying to create the patina look on the shell. Gave it a rub with some 400 grit wet and dry and got the rusty spots coming through. Quite pleased with how it turned out. After going over the whole body I gave the details a going over picking out the handles and window frames in black and aluminium then the tail lights in red. Also added the lights, number plates and a few of the decals...oh yeah and Barry the driver. Had to get a couple of snaps with the Hopper. Think they look good together 😊 Finally, had a bit of a run with it this afternoon. Switched the front tyres back to the kit ones, mostly because they look better as the Schumacher tyres are a little wide for the Blitzer wheels. Still need to add some of the small chrome bits such as the VW badge and mirrors and then a little more paint detail. Needs a faster motor so think I'll swap motors with the Grasshopper as that has a Torque Tuned. Loving it how it's come together.
  8. I was doing exactly the same on my Blitzer shell last night lol. I was sat at the dining room table cursing the crappy light from the downlighters and my crap eyesight! I'll post pics later
  9. Is it weird that I'm mildly disappointed that this wasn't an actual Tamiya model of the solar system?
  10. Lol I know the STW thread you mean, I think I've posted on there myself 😜 I've fitted Vee4's on the back of my Blitzer but ended up in a discussion with a couple of guys in the Facebook group saying they're not ideal on the back as the side knobs dig in and cause grip roll. I've only run them once on loose asphalt and they weren't any better than the stock tyres. I'm going to take them off when the family go out and I can chuck them in a pan lol
  11. Bit of an update. Had a few test runs and came to the conclusion I might need to do something with the tyres to improve grip. Ordered some Schumacher Vee truck tyres after reading various reviews. Fitted them up with the Vee 2 up front and the Vee 4 at the rear. Seems like I've got that wrong after a bit of discussion on the Blitzer Facebook group so I may need to revisit that. The tyre descriptions read (to me at least) that the Vee2 is a front specific tyre however it's been suggested that they're actually better out back. If you're on here guys, I'm going to get round to swapping them round once I've finished the body. So on to that... I've mentioned before that I'm interested in a kind of patina'd paint finish. First thing to do was to lay down a coating of brown. I'll look up the code if anyone is interested After this I laid down some white primer. The nose cone didn't get the brown base as I'm working to the assumption that a full size car would most likely have a glass fibre nose so therefore wouldn't rust through. Maybe a bit of a pointless detail but never mind lol. After the primer, I dropped on the 'coral blue' top coat. Loving the colour! That's as far as I've got. Next stage is to start sanding to get some of that brown and primer to come through. It might work, if it looks crap then I'll just repaint. Also painted Barry the driver, I'll get some pics of him in my next update 😁 First attempt at anything like this so I'm bound to be doing something wrong...it's all learning to though!
  12. Fitted some Schumacher Vee tyres to my Blitzer Beetle and took it for a spin...literally lol. I need to spend some time just getting the chassis set up right and learning how to drive it! Starting to prep the shell for paint and assembled the driver figure. Hopefully throw some paint at it in the next day or so. Also gave my Grasshopper a loving pat on the roof to let it know it's not been forgotten
  13. I thought it was just my age being the reason I find these modern bodies horrible Like everything, at the sharp end of competition aesthetics are very much in the back seat compared to uncompromising performance. Just look at F1!
  14. So, a couple of weeks ago I managed to get hold of a Blitzer Beetle. Been wanting one for ages as I think I've already said I'm a fan of old Volkswagens (users to spend nearly every summer weekend at a show about 15 or so years ago!) and this Blitzer appealed due it looking more of a driver than a Scorcher (not to mention much cheaper!) So the box sat there tempting me for a few days before I finally got chance to get stuck in! That was enough for the first session. Managed to get a couple of hours or so in. Next stage was getting the dampers built up. Really enjoyed this build. Nothing complicated or too fiddly. Had to get a pic with the Hopper lol I've got a paint job in mind and have the paint waiting but I do like the black. Not so keen on the knit lines etc in the moulding so it will get paint. Not so keen on the box art graphics either. Patina cars and classic race liveries are what I like. More on that in subsequent posts though. Last night I got everything up and running. Threw a pack in and went for a shakedown run. Overall lots of fun potential but I think new tyres for the loose surface will be needed. Garden running is a bit of a push for this one given its size compared to the Grasshopper. Any recommendations on tyres for loose gravel? Also if anyone has any tips on suspension set up then that would be great. Coming from a Grasshopper this is like an F1 car 😜 Next step is the fun bit, paint and body 😁
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