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  1. Can someone point me to some wheel & shock options for the King Cab? I don't know what size wheels fit (my tires are good), and what the proper replacement shock length would be for front and back.. Any links to products would be great. TIA
  2. Wound up going with the Sport Tuned RS 540 Tamiya motor & have the diff adjusted properly.. Loads of fun now & even get some wheelie action.
  3. Yikes was definitely running on some grass for a good bit 😖...spur/pinion spacing is good. May be time for a new motor and go easy on the grass. As long as the battery/esc/motor setup is compatible it must be that.
  4. In my king cab I'm running a hobby wing 1060 esc, Apex 540 17t motor, thorp diff, with a venom 5000mah battery 7.2v... motor starts smoking after running all out... happened on another motor also Is it too much battery? Diff is set pretty tight, not too much slip.
  5. What size dampers should I be looking for to replace mine? I saw something that said 91mm for Kingcab but I don’t know it that’s correct.
  6. OK need some help here on my differential adjustment...when I go in reverse and hit the throttle hard, it slips. Is this normal or should it be popping a wheelie? If it's popping wheelies is that too tight?
  7. RCC (Radio Controlled Customs) made that kit..I reached out to the guy but he never got back to me. Your build looks awesome! Where did you get those wheels & tires? That’s what I need!
  8. well if the thorp goes up in flames I have 2 stealth rc10s.... just need to get a mounting kit
  9. Thanks highflyer....thorp diff wasn't as "plug and play" as I expected.. it was super noisy and slippy on the first couple of tries.. Had to tweak it a couple of times, add some more ball diff grease and it finally seems to be good now. I thought maybe the motor and new battery were too much for it but I think its good now. we'll see after a some more runtime on it
  10. Done..for now...color not at all what I expected. I was using duratrax candy red but it was translucent. So I backed it up with black and got this. I actually found some original decals so I may attempt the box art at some point..thorp diff dialed in..25T Reedy stock motor and a 5000mah 6cell...this thing rips!s Still looking for nice wheel/tire combo but for now I’m happy. Have some pro-lines coming for the front. Waiting on the ampro battery bracket setup too. Spent way too much on this but it was worth it!
  11. Good luck Rhino..I’m almost there..waiting on some stuff to come in. Painting the body is my biggest challenge. I wish I had some original decals, but since I don’t I kinda have to to my own thumbing which is also fun.
  12. Thorp Diff and screw kit are in! Diff is perfect and lubed..is there anything else I need to know before dropping these parts in?
  13. Thorp Diff is in from cty300! Just FYI he accepted my bid of $150 for it in case you were considering it. Also got my screws from RCScrewz. Well worth it if you’re missing some. Just note that certain parts like shock tower collars aren’t included.
  14. Also wondering what kind of issues others have run into after restoring and running? Any parts breaking that I should look to grab while I can still find them? Can ampro print any plastic part from the kit?
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