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  1. I found this a few weeks ago when I got my Bear Hawk out of the loft after 25 years! Still had a brand new set of tyres in it for the Hawk.
  2. Well, looks as if my Bear Hawk is a bit of a classic. So I’m definitely going to buy a new car to use. I’m out of touch with modern cars so can anybody recommend one to me, similar to the Bear Hawk. Thanks 😀 Graham
  3. I think I’ll save the tyres. What other rims and tyres would fit? I’m so out of touch with rc I’m amazed at the cars I’ve seen this week on this site! Just out of interest, how much is this car and the tyres worth? like I said it’s been in my loft for 25+ years and I haven’t kept up with rc at all. I’ve had that much fun these last few days I’m thinking of buying something new to use.
  4. Yeah, supposed to be blue but red is my favourite colour! will do, good on grass too. 😀
  5. Hi all, This is my first post here. Due to the lockdown I started tidying up my loft. In one of the boxes was my Bear Hawk, it’s been in there since about 1994!! It is in good condition. I stripped it down and gave it a clean. Charged the battery up and it worked faultlessly. been having great fun in the garden with it. It was my first rc car and I only used it for a couple of months back then. I’ve really been missing out on a good hobby I think! Tyres are worn out but I’ve got a new set spare.
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